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Illocutionary acts produced by fran fine and Maxwell Sheffield in the Nanny

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This study is conducted to reveal the use of illocutionary acts by Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield, also to find the most frequent types used by them in the comedy The Nanny. The basic theory used is Semantics by Hurford and Heasley that divide illocutionary acts into twenty-five types, supported by the theory by Janet Dean Fodor and Adrian Akmajian, Richard Demers, Ann K Falmer, and Robert Harnit. In addition, the writer includes the related study by Debby. The approach of the study is qualitative-descriptive, meaning that the writer studies the words, phrases, and sentences that are spoken by the characters. After analyzing the data, the writer found out that there are sixteen types of illocutionary acts used by Fran Fine, fifteen types of illocutionary acts used by Maxwell Sheffield, and eighteen types of illocutionary acts used by them. Moreover, the types of illocution that is used the most often is admitting, then the second most is the complaining, the third most used is protesting.

Keyword : english, language, discourse, analysis, social, linguistics, sociolinguistics

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/2191/

Topic shift and topic shift markers used by male and female students of Petra Christian University in chatting at the boarding house

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Conversation is a routine activity which occurs in formal and informal situation, such as chatting. In chatting, the participants tend to talk about one topic and then shift and develop it into many new topics or sub-topics and sometimes use markers to mark the shift. The writer interested in analyzing topic shift and topic shift markers because she wanted to know what types of topic shift and topic shift markers that mostly occurred and also the characteristics of male and female students of PCU in applying them. This research might help people in understanding the differences of males and females in applying topical strategies and topic shift markers in chatting in order to prevent misunderstanding or message misinterpretation. The writer employed qualitative approach in this study. The data were obtained through recording the subjects while they were chatting for half an hour for each sex-group. In analyzing the data, the writer firstly transcribed the collected data into written form. Secondly, she identified the topic shift and topic shift markers used by each sex-group. Then, she applied Stenstrom?s theory about topical strategies (1994) and Schiffrin?s theory about discourse markers (1991) in the analysis. After a thorough analysis, the writer found that there were many similarities and differences between male and female students in terms of the topical strategies and topic shift markers that were mostly used by them, the number of occurrences, and also the use of topical strategies and topic shift markers. From the differences, it could be noticed that male students tended to jump form one topic to another and change the topic abruptly, while female students inclined to make link with the previous speaker?s contribution and then talked on a topic which was still related with the previous or current topic. In other word, female students tended to develop the topic progressively and shift the topic gradually. Moreover, male students inclined to interrupt the other participants and overturn previous speaker?s contributions and to make their own point as forcibly as possible or changed and introduced a topic suddenly while female students inclined to add other?s contribution and developed one topic into many sub-topics rather than demolish it.

Keyword : discourse, analysis, student, chatting, petra christian university

A study of code switching in video jockeys’ utterances on Anteve program “MTV Land”

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Nowadays, it is usual that people use more than one language in communicating with others and they tend to switch the language even in a television program. In this case, the writer is interested in analyzing the code switching in the Video Jockeys? utterances on “MTV Land”. This music program has provided code-switching. Therefore, this study analyzes the language used, the reasons, and the types of code-switching in the subjects? utterances. The data were obtained through recording the five episodes of the program. Then, the data were analyzed and classified according to Hudson?s, Wardhaugh?s and Gumperz theories of the code switching. The findings show that the Video Jockeys used E-J code switching more frequently than E-I code switching. Besides, the writer found that there were four functions of code switching on that program. Finally, it is found that Conversational Code Switching is used more frequently since the Video Jockeys only entertained the audience in informal way.

Keyword : discourse, analysis, english, language, social, sosiolinguistic, video, jockeys, anteve, mtv, land

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/2246/

Analisis biaya dengan menggunakan analisis value chain cost driver sebagai alat pengendali biaya dalam rangka menciptakan competitive advantage PT. “X” di Malang

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Dalam lingkungan kompetisi bisnis yang semakin ketat sangat sulit ditemukan suatu badan usaha yang terus-menerus bertahan di posisi atas. Ketatnya persaingan dan dalam menghadapi perdagangan bebas nanti membuat setiap badan usaha berusaha mengikuti perubahan dan perkembangan yang terjadi. Ditambah lagi dengan adanya krisis ekonomi yang terjadi di Indonesia, hal ini menyebabkan Semua badan usaha mengalami kesulitan untuk dapat survive atau bertahan hidup. Oleh karena itu suatu badan usaha harus mampu mencapai efisiensi biaya dan menghasilkan produk dengan kualitas yang baik. PT “X” adalah badan usaha yang bergerak dalam bidang pembuatan keramik dengan berbagai macam model seperti piring, gelas, potry dan yang utama adalah vas bunga. Selma ini PT “X” dalam menganalisis biaya berdasarkan pada biaya tetap, biaya variabel dan biaya manufaktur, sedangkan pengevaluasian kinerja hanya dilakukan dengan membandingkan penerimaan dan pengelwan saja Pengalokasian biaya tersebut belum dapat memberikan informasi mengenai competitive advantage badan usaha. Dalam penelitian ini peneliti akan menganalisis biaya dengan menggunakan analisis value chain yaitu dengan mengelompokkan biaya-biaya dan aktiva tetap di sepanjang jalur value chain berdasarkan pada aktivitas nilai, dimana biaya-biaya ditetapkan pada aktivitas-aktivitas yang memerlukannya, sedangkan aktiva tetap ditetapkan pada aktivitas yang menggunakannya dan ditetapkan berdasarkan nilai buku. Setelah itu diterapkan analisis cost driver secara kualitatif sebagai alat pengendali biaya. Dengan menerapkan analisis value chain dan analisis cost driver secara tepat diharapkan PT `”X ” dapat menekan biaya-biaya yang dikeluarkan dan meniadakan biaya yang tidak memberikan nilai tambah.

Keyword : value, analysis, cost, control, accounting, competitive advantage

Conversation openings used by male and female students of Petra Christian University

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This study investigates ways of conversation opening of male and female students of Petra Christian University and the influence of gender on the choice of way of conversation opening. In order to categorize the types of ways of conversation opening, the writer uses Sacks’ classification which includes Question/Request Information, Greetings, Challenges, Offers, Address another person, Compliments, Invitation, Announcement, and Stereotyped Expression or Topic, and so on. The subjects of this study are 30 male and 30 female students of Petra Christian University and taken randomly without considering their social background, but only their sexes. To collect the data, the writer records the natural conversation in daily interaction. From the analysis, the writer finds that both male and female students almost use all types of way of conversation opening classified by Sacks, but there are differences in term of frequency of each type of way of conversation opening used by male and female. Moreover, there is one type which is used by male, but not by female, that is, challenge. And there are two types which are not used by both male and female students, namely, greeting, and announcement. Meanwhile, the gender differences of the subjects influences the choice of way of conversation opening. In this case, to open conversation, male students have more tendency to maintain social relationship than female students, and show macho connotations of masculinity and toughness, while female students tend to involve personal styles which usually include personal feeling.

Keyword : discourse, analysis, linguistics, sociolinguistics, conversation, student

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/2298/

Analisa tingkat kepuasan pelanggan cake shop di JW Marriot Hotel dan Hyatt Regency Surabaya ditinjau dari kualitas produk dan kualitas jasa

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Author : V, M

Analisa Tingkat Kepuasan Pelanggan Cake Shop Di JW Marriott Hotel Dan Hyatt Regency Surabaya berupaya untuk mengetahui puas tidaknya para pelanggan cake shop Hyatt Regency Surabaya dan JW Marriot terhadap kualitas produk melalui dimensi-dimensi kualitas performance, Type of Features, Durability, Serviceability dan Sensory Characteristic dan kualitas jasa melalui dimensi-dimensi kualitas Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance dan Empathy. Hyatt Regency Surabaya dan JW Marriott adalah dua hotel yang hampir setara antara satu dengan yang lain dalam hal brand hotel yaitu sama-sama terpilih menjadi best mid-market hotel brand in Asia-Pasific menurut Business Travellers readers? poll Oktober 2003, oleh karena itulah penulis ingin melihat tingkat kepuasan pelanggan khususnya di cake shop hotel-hotel tersebut dan keunggulan masing-masing cake shop.

Keyword : consumers satsifaction, jw marriot, produk quality, analysis

An analysis of telephone conversation openings used by Indonesian male and female university students

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Opening a telephone conversation is essential in a non face-to-face interaction especially when it happens between different sex. Many linguists believe that both sexes interact with different strategies. This study analyzed the different opening types, patterns, and length of telephone conversations performed by Indonesian male and female subjects. The data were obtained through recording the subjects while they were talking on the telephone. Then, the data were analyzed by dividing it into four categories and by comparing the categories based on the opening patterns. The finding shows that the opening types and patterns of telephone conversations were more various in mixed-sex conversations. In the length of sequence, the same-sex subjects performed short conversations by using small numbers and frequency of turns. On the other hand, the mixed sex performed longer conversations to open a telephone call.

Keyword : linguistics, discourse, analysis, telephone, conversation, indonesian, university, student

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/2363/

Penerapan analisis value chain sebagai alat analisa untuk mendukung cost reduction dalam menciptakan keunggulan bersaing di PT “X”

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Author : , SONYA

Menurut Michael Porter, Value Chain merupakan suatu alat analisis biaya yang dapat digunakan untuk menganalisis sumber keunggulan bersaing perusahaan yaitu dengan menguraikan aktivitas yang terjadi dalam perusahaan ke dalam aktivitas-aktivitas nilai secara strategis. Dengan analisis value chain akan dilakukan pemisahan biaya dan aktiva tetap pada masing-masing aktivitas nilai. Kemudian dilakukan activity analysis untuk mengetahui aktivitas mana yang merupakan value added activities atau non value added activities. Melalui cara ini perusahaan dapat mengetahui distribusi biaya pada tiap-tiap aktivitas nilai dan dapat mengetahui aktivitas-aktivitas yang dapat menambah nilai (value added) dan yang tidak menambah nilai (nonvalue added). Sehingga dapat dilakukan koordinasi dan optimasi untuk melakukan cost reduction yang pada akhirnya dapat menciptakan keunggulan bersaing. Oleh karena itu permasalahan yang akan dibahas adalah bagaimana penerapan analisis value chain sebagai alat analisa untuk mendukung cost reduction dalam menciptakan keunggulan bersaing di PT. X Jenis penelitian yang dilakukan adalah penelitian deskriptif berupa studi kasus dengan obyek penelitian PT. X yang bergerak dalam industri kapas kesehatan. Sumber data berupa data primer dan data sekunder. Metode pengumpulan data yang dilakukan yaitu berupa wawancara, observasi langsung ke perusahaan, dan studi kepustakaan. Dari hasil analisis, penulis menyimpulkan bahwa pada PT. X terdapat aktivitas yang merupakan nonvalue added yaitu aktivitas moving dan penyimpanan baik bahan baku maupun barang jadi, set up mesin, pemeliharaan. Karena aktivitas-aktivitas ini tidak menambah nilai bagi produk maka aktivitas ini harus direduksi atau dihilangkan.

Keyword : accounting, value, analysis, cost, control, managerial, reduction

Analisis kepadatan traffic data dan efisiensi pada private network PT. Freeport Indonesia

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Analisis jaringan senantiasa perlu dilakukan untuk terus mengevaluasi kinerja dari jaringan. Komponen dalam jaringan seperti bandwidth, protokol, paket data, dan lain-lain merupakan penentu baik atau tidaknya sebuah jaringan. Dalam private network PT. Freeport Indonesia khusus untuk link satelit yang menghubungkan LAN Jakarta dengan LAN Tembagapura dilakukan analisis untuk mengetahui baik atau tidaknya kinerja jaringan melalui penentuan cukup tidaknya penggunaan bandwidth menurut jumlah alokasi yang ada serta baik atau tidaknya aktivitas yang terdapat dalam jaringan. Melalui hasil analisis ditemukan bahwa alokasi yang ada pada private network PT. Freeport Indonesia untuk link satelit antara LAN Jakarta dan LAN Tembagapura masih mencukupi dan kinerja jaringan pun masih dapat dikatakan baik.

Keyword : traffic, bandwidth, analysis, monitoring, network, data

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/2521/

Upaya mencari kemungkinan penyebab loss pada departemen kawat – bagian drawing PT Surabaya Wire

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Produktivitas merupakan salah satu hal yang harus diidentifikasi oleh suatu perusahaan. Dengan mengidentifikasi kemungkinan penyebab ketidakefisienan dalam suatu proses, maka suatu perusahaan dapat memiliki harga yang bersaing di pasar. Di Departemen Kawat – Bagian Drawing, ada beberapa hal yang mempengaruhi Produktivitas. Untuk meningkatkan produktivitas maka perlu dicari kemungkinan penyebab loss. Untuk mengetahui kemungkinan penyebab loss, maka perlu dilakukan berbagai pengamatan, analisa dan percobaan. Setelah melakukan beberapa pengamatan dan penelitian di lapangan, didapatkan bahwa ada beberapa faktor penyebab loss. Jika masing ?masing penyebab loss dapat dikurangi maka dapat meningkatkan produktivitas dan dengan meningkatnya produktivitas maka dapat meningkatkan keuntungan.

Keyword : productivity, analysis, the loss causes

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/1026/

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