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A Study of Barbara’s shattered idealism as seen in George Bernard Shaw’s Major Barbara

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The topic of the thesis is a study of Barbara?s shattered idealism. The writer?s aim to write the thesis is to figure out the causes and effects of Barbara?s shattered idealism. To collect the important data, the writer uses Major Barbara as the main tool for the analysis. In order to analyze the play, the writer applies literary approach utilizing the theory of characterization and conflict. The characterization tool is used to find out Barbara?s idealism and her character traits. The theory of conflict used in the analysis is the internal conflict to achieve the purpose of the study to figure out the main characters effort when Barbara struggles within herself and against her father?s idealism. In the finding, the writer finds out Barbara?s idealism. She carries a mission of life to save people souls. She dedicates herself to Salvation Army, a religious institution, to serve people. However, her idealism is shattered when her father, Undershaft, shows her unpleasant truth that she cannot save people while they are hungry. In conclusion, Barbara finally understands and accepts her father?s disagreement. She does not neglect her purpose to save people souls. She continues her mission to people bodily full but spiritually hungry.

Keyword : disillusion, idealism

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