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A study of the main character’s search for god as seen in Tennesse Williams’ the night of the iguana

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Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana, is one of his most powerful and compassionate dramatic experience of tragic meaning of human frailty and hidden strength, especially for the main character, Shannon. The main discussion in this thesis attempts to focus on the main character’s search for God in his life. By using the library research, in order to collect the data, the writer is going to analyze Shannon’s image of God, the influence of the image of God on Shannon’s life, and Shannon’s new understanding of God. Shannon who is raised by his religious and stern mother when he was a child has his own image of God. Because his mother always punished him in the name of God whenever he did something wrong and she also said that he deserves those punishments from God, he begins to have a negative image of God. This negative image affects him and brings to his failures in life, such as: his jobs as a priest and a tour conductor and his relationships with women. However, at the end of the story eventhough Shannon’s first image of God does not change much, through some help from his friend, Hannah, he begins to learn how to accept God and other people.

Keyword : american, drama, study, the night of the iguana

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/671/


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