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A study on quentin’s martial failure in Arthur Miller’s after the fall

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After the Fall is a play by Arthur Miller in which the main character, Quentin, has experienced failure in his two marriages. These failures bring him pain and trauma to have commitment with others again. For this reason, I am encouraged to find out the cause of the main character?s failure in his two marriages and also how he deals with his failure. Related to this, I will analyze the causes of his failures. In analyzing the topic, I use literary approach. The literary theory that I am going to use is the theory of conflict. Besides, I also use the definition of failure and the explanation about the differences between men and women. By using this theory and definitions I analyze that the causes of Quentin?s failure in his two marriages are his own confusion of what he should be and of how he should relate to his wives. He fails because he is not sure about himself and does not understand himself. And to understand himself, he tries to find out the meaning of his past and its meaning for his future as he reviews his marriages and other major experiences in his life until he is able to decide that he wants to have commitment again. In conclusion, failure is normal because everybody will experience it. It depends on how each person determines to overcome the failure itself.

Keyword : american, drama, study, teaching, arthur miller’s after the fall

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