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A study on the causes of Richard’s downfall in William Shakespeare’s king Richard II

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The focus of this thesis is the causes of the main character’s downfall. In this case, the thesis writer is discussing the main character’s downfall in the William Shakespeare’s play King Richard II, and the main character in this play is Richard. The main purpose of this thesis is analyzing the causes of Richard’s downfall also analyzing Richard’s downfall and death. In order to analyze the causes of Richard’s downfall the thesis writer is using two kinds of theory. There are theory of conflict, theory of character traits. Besides showing the causes of Richard’s downfall the thesis writer also analyzes the Richard’s downfall by using two literary theories, there are theory of tragedy and theory of tragic hero. Through this analysis, the thesis writer finds out that upon his ascendancy to power at the proper age, Richard immediately tried to wield the great power that goes along with the kingship. Through the exercise of this power, Richard cannot separate himself from the role of king. He becomes arrogant person. Besides, Richard II is a devout believer in the concept of divine right of kings. Because of that concept, sometimes he does what he wants without thinking about the effects first, and does some errors in executing his regal powers. Because of that causes above, finally, Richard has to meet his downfall. Also, in this thesis, the thesis writer shows the readers that Richard begins realize his mistakes. The realization comes tragically too late, as he experiences his downfall and he is murdered. Eventually, the writer comes up with the conclusion that in executing his regal powers, Richard has some causes that lead him to his downfall.

Keyword : study, shakespeare’s, english drama, king richard II

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