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Cognitive and associative meanings analysis of body care advertisement on tv commercial

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This tudy is basically an analysis of the utterances of Body Care advertisements. In this study, the writer looks for the associative items or phrases of the utterances and finds both their cognitive and associative meanings in order to reveal the interpretation meanings of the utterances. This study is descriptive research because its purpose wasn?t to prove any hypotesis. Rather, it was to describes cognitive and associative meanings. The main instrument is the writer herself. The source of data was taken from the utterances of Body Care advertisements in commercial TV that are using Bahasa Indonesia. The writer takes some of existing data of the utterance from four television stations. They are RCTI, SCTV, Indosiar and Anteve. For her analysis, first she organizes the utterances by giving numbers. Next, she proceeds to identifying the cognitive and associative meanings. The writer can identify the interpretationmeanings of the utterances through the cognitive and associative meanings. Finally, the writer of this study concludes that in oeder to understand the speaker and interlocutor should understand the two types of meanings revealed in the asssociative lexical items, which are the cognitive and associative meanings of the associative lexical.

Keyword : cognitive,associative, body care, advertisement

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/2031/

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