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Grammatical and lexical cohesive devices used in advertorials taken from Indonesian newspapers

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This study is about grammatical and lexical cohesive devices that are used in advertorials in the Indonesian newspapers. The writer realizes that writing advertorial in very limited space need cohesive devices to make it efficient yet detailed and understandable for the readers as the prospective consumer. This study is conducted in order to give more reference to the students of English Department majoring in linguistics, especially who is interested on cohesive devices, and with the hope that they to be able to produce efficient and clear ideas or information. It is not only for them but also for the advertising agency to realize the importance of cohesive devices. This is a descriptive-qualitative study, as the writer describes and explores the cohesive devices without making any generalization from the findings. In this study, the writer acts as the key instrument to collect the data. The cohesive devices in this study are identified and classified based on Halliday and Hasan?s Cohesion in English and Keraf?s Tata Bahasa Indonesia. He found that of the grammatical cohesive devices; additive conjunction, were found the most, and of the lexical cohesive device; repetition-wholly repeated were found the most. By this study, the strategy to create an efficient and effective writing is revealed.

Keyword : grammatical, lexical, cohesive devices, indonesian newspapers


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