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Inhumanity as the reflection of evil inherent in human nature that lead to destruction as seen in Henry Jame’s the wings of the dove


This thesis deals with a psychological and philosophical study on a novel entitled The Wings of the Dove by Henry James. The Wings of the Dove is a psychological novel about human action and behavior, which reflects an idea of human?s wretchedness. The story is about a conspiracy of love manipulation held by two lovers, named Kate Croy and Merton Densher, against their dying friend, Milly Theale in order to gain her fortune and at the end to smoothen their love affair that is delayed by poverty. Evil inherent in human nature is an idea that many great thinkers, such as Sigmund Freud and William James, believed, in describing human?s wretchedness. This idea can also be found in the novel, which is specifically showed in Kate and Densher?s inhumane conduct. Therefore, in the thesis, the writer discusses the existence of the evil within those characters, with the specification on the motive and consequence of the inhumane conduct of conspiracy. In order to accomplish the analysis, the writer uses literary approach, which are characterization and conflict, to portray the character traits of the three main characters and their conflicts dealing with the cross love affair they have. The writer also uses some psychological and philosophical theories in order to show how human?s wretchedness and evil are revealed in the characters of Kate and Densher. The analysis then shows how actually the inhumane conducts can be avoided, but in The Wings of the Dove, besides being driven by the environment and condition, Kate and Densher are also motivated mostly by their desire and passion that make them neglect their reason and humanity. The analysis also proves how once evil lives within someone, it will never bring him to happiness but instead, to destruction. At the end, the thesis concludes that the destruction that Kate and Densher have at the end of the novel comes as the consequence of their evil side.

Keyword : Inhumanity reflection evil inherent human nature lead destruction seen henry jame’s wings dove

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/740/


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