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Membangun database dengan MYSQL sebagai database server pada website E-Commerce komputeronline.com

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Author : SURYA, ALEX

In the internet era now days, many new websites, such as : commercial website, and overview website, come up and show their existences. Some of them are using database facility with `scripting programming planning? to give advantages for the user who access them. This thesis is about the making of the database using MySQL as the database server, Apache as the web server and PHP4 as the scripting programming language with Linux as the operating system of the server . The database will be implemented in the http://www.komputeronline.com The implementati on is about shopping mall?s facilities ( shopping cart ) for end user and catalog maintenance?s facilities for the administrator . The facilities for the end user in the shopping mall are stuff list based on category and type, search, account status, and at the shopping cart part user can change quantity, or even cancel the ordering. The facilities for the administrator in the catalog maintenance are search user, maintenance user, look at each user?s transactions. look at today?s transaction, and change the status oftransaction from ` pe nd i n g ? to ? shipped ? .In the komputeronline.com?s database which is using MySQL database server, has been done some testing, 17 users which is login at the same time, accessing shopping mall database facilities, and the result are the database server and the PHP4 scripting program can run well without any problems.

Keyword : database design, programming, computer program, mysql server, website

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/5266/

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