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Opening and closing used by the pager operators and message senders

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This study analyzed the language used by the pager operators and the message senders in opening and closing the conversation. The conversation happened because the message senders wanted to deliver the message to the owner of pager machine through the operators. The writer developed her idea into two main parts: the classification of each Opening and Closing sequences and signals from the three companies and identification of the most frequenly used pattern of Opening and Closing used by pager operators and message senders small tape-recorder was used to record the respondents? conversation and also interviewing the officer who is in charged to control the operator?s work. The data were taken from three pager-operating companies in Surabaya in a form of Indonesian language and about ten conversations for each company. Furthermore, in analyzing the data, the basic theory, which the writer used, was Schegloff Telephone Conversation Theory (1968) especially about Opening and Closing signals theory. In the analysis, the writer will transcribe the data first, then identify and classify the opening and closing based on the theory she used and the company they belong to. Next, she will identify the pattern of opening and closing which mostly used in the conversation. At the end, to simplify the reader in understanding the finding, she put the findings into some Pie charts mostly applied a form of Finally, this study found that in the opening signals those three companies. “S-I + Greeting” in answering the summons, used Company?s name or operators? ID number to identify themselves and operators always greet first rather than the message senders in a Greeting part. In addition, for the closing signals result, the writer found that it was the operator who did the pre- close first by uttering the utterance to deliver the message or just repeating the message. Moreover, in a closing part, those three companies utilized thanking adjacency pair most to close the conversation and the rest could be in the form of Greeting or both.

Keyword : linguistic, discourse, analysis, operator, pager

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