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Quality system improvement of decoration to despatch department PT. Doulton

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Now quality become very important in competition to get customer. In order to always give best quality to the customer, PT. Doulton use quality system in its production processes. This report is about evaluation and improvement of the current quality system. There are some problem in the current quality system, such as what priority to reduce defect and what customer need. What unknown requirements that needed by customer. Between company perception and customer perception about quality of products is different or not. How company can fullfill the customer requirements in its production processes. How to improve quality control to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. First step to improve the current quality system is to use ‘pareto/SPC, and have been found that biggest causes of pitcher (too bad quality of product) and second (2 nd class of quality) is not the same. Then, to know priority which kind of defect more important to reduce first will be used QFD methods, the QFD methods also will get the voice of the customer, its important rating and also how the company can fullfill the voice of the customer (The Technical Requirements). The result from QFD the highest ‘voice of customer’ is ‘perfection of ceramic body shape/no body fault’ and the most important ‘technical requirements’ is ‘do quality control in all production processes’.

Keyword : statistical process control, quality function deployment

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/678/


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