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The Grammatical structure of the register of football commentators

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Register is a language variation that is related to the language of groups of people with common interests, jobs, or situations. In sports, there is a certain style of register that is produced by sport commentators. One of the sports that has unique characteristics of register is football. The language of football commentators, which is a play-by-play commentary, often occurs in the form of telegraphic speech, that is consisting a lot of syntactic reduction and inversion. Thus, it is interesting to find out the grammatical structure produced by football commentators, and the reason why they use that kind of grammatical structure. According to Janet Holmes (1992), a play-by-play description used by sport announcers will not cause the lost of meaning and the reference of the speech is not ambiguous since the addressee can see it in the picture shown. In the analysis of the grammatical structure of football commentators, the writer uses the generative transformational grammar, because it can describe more effectively the process and the relations between sentences that are inverted, substituted, or deleted. This study uses qualitative approach in order to find out the characteristics of the register of football commentators, and the reasons why they have the characteristics. The data are in the form of commentary of one football match between AS Roma and AC Parma on 17 June 2001. The writer will then make the transcription of the commentary and analyse the grammatical structure, then put it in the tables. The writer will then try to interpret the reasons why football commentators use that kind of grammatical structure based on Holmes theory that football commentators often use the syntactic reduction, syntactic inversion, and heavy noun modification forms. It is because they have to speak quickly, accurately, and interestingly.

Keyword : grammar, structure, register, football, commentators, syntax

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