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Types of compliment responses used in the TV show ‘Campur-Campur on ANTV based on gender

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This thesis is a sociolinguistic study about the compliment responses that are used in the ‘Campur-Campur’ TV program on ANTV. Through this study, the writer wants to find out what types of the compliment responses that are used on the ‘Campur-Campur’ TV show. Since the partcipants consist of males and females who use different responses, the writer also wants to find out what types of response are preferred by male and female artists in responding the compliments. Then, by comparing their responses, the writer wants to find out whether there are any differences or similarities between male and female artist in responding to the compliments given on that program. The data which have been collected are analyzed based on Herbert?s theory on the types of compliment responses and then the results are shown on a table. At the end of the analysis, a summary table containing the overall findings of this research is used. As a conclusion, the writer finds that male and female are different in responding to the compliments. The types of compliment response that is mostly used by male artists on ‘Campur-Campur’ program is Comment Acceptance while female artists use question type mostly. Finally, as what Holmes has said that gender differences become the main point in the differences in using the language, the writer concludes that gender was also said to be the important factor that influences someone in responding to the compliment responses.

Keyword : sociolinguistics, campur-campur, gender, tv

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/3073/

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