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How ABC Company survive against the bombastic of Chinese product and globalization entering Indonesia textile market

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The writer uses internal and external data in order to support the analysis of textile branding in Indonesia. Moreover the writer also did several interviews with Mr. Goenawan as President Director in ABC Company, Mr. Bytago as Director in ABC Company, and Mr.Tejo as man manager division in Matahari Department Store. Beside that, the writer did survey about branding by reading articles, cases, questioner, and various secondary data to support the branding analysis. The writer uses quantitative analysis approach as the research method in this report. The tight competition makes each company have to think about something unique about them to make they can survive because they have strength that other can follow. Price, place, product development, and advertising are easy to copy but brand is a totally different story. ABC Company is one of the textile companies which absorb this . . condition very well. In order to win the tight competition, ABC Company chooses to build brand by improving quality and design rather than joining the price war. However building a brand is not an easy task. Not only, huge budget, consistent advertisement and promotion are required to create a high level of awareness and strong brands, but also consistency in quality, value for money, competitive and keeping promises are necessary.

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