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A phonological study of simplication in child language in bahasa Indonesia produced by one-and-a-half-year-old Indonesian girl

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This study is about “A Phonological Study Of Simplification In Child Language In Bahasa Indonesia Produced By And A Half Year Old Indonesian Girl” In this study, the writer is interested to analyze the characteristics of Simplification of a child?s speech. As a subject, the writer analyzes her own cousin, Femy. In collecting the data, the writer meets the subject three times a week for approximately six months It begins from June up to December 2001. During the process of data collection, the writer takes a note all the subject?s speech and sometimes shows some picturesin order to get more data. Later on, the writer analyzes all of the data based on Clark and Clark?s theory about some characteristics of simplification in child language. Those characteristics are: 1) omission of final sound, 2) reduction of consonant cluster, 3) omission of unstressed syllable, and 4) reduplication of syllable. Additionally, the writer also uses Ingram?s theory to analyze and explain other characteristics that can not be includedin the Clark and Clark?s theory In this research, the writer also uses one additional Characteristic from Rini’s research (2000). Finally, the result showsthat all four characteristicsin Clark and Clark?s theory occur in the data, especially for reduction of consonant cluster which occursthe most in the data. Later on, there are three other characteristics occur in the data, such ax omission of initial sound (like in Rini’s table) substitution, and assimilation Ingram?s theory Additionally, especially at the end of the research, the writer finds that substitution processes occur the most in the data notreduction of consonant cluster. Those are the characteristics that are found in the data. It shows that the subject observed has all four characteristics of simplification, substitution. assimilation, and omission of initial sound found in Rini?s research, but not for other characteristics (reversion of vowels or consonants, characteristics of suffixes, and characteristics in English songs or phrases) that occur in Filip?s speech, the subject observed by Rini.

Keyword : language, acquisition, indosenesia, girl, bahasa indonesia, phonological

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Analisis perbandingan kinerja keuangan dan return saham perusahaan perbankan sebelum dan sesudah mengalami merger dan akuisisi

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Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah membandingkan kinerja keuangan bank dan return saham pada Bursa Efek Jakarta sebelum dan sesudah merger dan akuisisi. Kinerja keuangan bank diukur dengan menggunakan Penambahan Nilai Ekonomis. Sampel dari industri perbankan yang terdaftar di Bursa Efek Jakarta dari tahun 1999-2002. Kami menggunakan uji-t berpasangan dalam analisis ini. Hasil empirik dari uji-t berpasangan menunjukkan kinerja keuangan bank sesudah merger dan akuisisi tidak lebih baik dari sebelumnya, dan juga pada return saham.

Keyword : merger, acquisition, bank, financial performance, economic value

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Perbedaan profitabilitas sebelum dan sesudah akuisisi untuk badan usaha go-public di Bursa Efek Surabaya yang melakukan akuisisi tahun 1997

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Keyword : going public, acquisition, merger, profitability

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Sistem kendali dan akuisisi data melalui SMS dan web internet

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Pengendalian dan akuisisi data atau yang lebih dikenal dengan SCADA adalah sistem yang banyak digunakan pada dewasa ini. Sayangnya, pengendalian dan akuisisi data ini pada umumnya terikat pada lokasi yang sama dan tidak dapat berpindah-pindah. Dalam tugas akhir ini dibahas tentang sistem pengendalian dan akuisisi data menggunakan teknologi telepon selular short message service dan internet yang akan menggunakan communication port dan parallel port sebagai input output server. Program dalam tugas akhir ini menggunakan Linux sebagai operating system dan modul demo yang terdiri dari rangkaian kontrol on-off dan saklar. Dalam pengujian berhasil digunakan untuk mengendalikan lampu AC 220V serta mengakuisisi data melalui sebuah saklar.

Keyword : supervisory, acquisition, linux, sms, internet, web

Phonological processes of the first language acquisition done by a two-year-old Indonesian child

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This research is a case study on child?s language acquisition. The main focus of this study is on the analysis of phonological process of the words produced by a two-year-old Indonesian child. Realizing that there are a number of different theories of child?s language acquisition, it is interesting to know how the theory of phonological process proposed by David Ingram in general helps the Indonesian child to understand the language; and which phonological process mostly occur in his speech. This thesis presents further evidence and example of phonological process which involves substitution, assimilation, and syllable structure process. The data of an Indonesian child aged two years old is analyzed based on each process. The result of the research indicates that what described in Ingram?s phonological process theory also occurs in the subject?s speech such as substitution, assimilation and syllable structure process; and some of them are quite favored by the subject, as in stopping, fronting, substitution of retroflex, substitution of alveolar, deletion of unstressed syllable and reduplication. However, some of the phonological processes are absent in the subject?s speech such as gliding, vowel neutralization, vocalization, voicing, and labial assimilation. As the conclusion is drawn, the result of the study from the phonological process the subject is going through has proven that the subject already acquired most of the consonants and all the vowels in his first language. Phonological process by David Ingram has universal significance in some processes, which are extremely common across all languages and all children. The subject shows no uniqueness in acquiring his language. In fact, he follows the general phonological process as the other children do.

Keyword : psycholinguistics, language, acquisition, linguistics, child, phonological

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Acquisition of Indonesian affixes produced by a three-year-old Indonesian girl and a three-year-old Indonesian boy

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This study is about the acquisition of Indonesian affixes produced by a three-year-old Indonesian girl and a three-year-old Indonesian boy. The Indonesian affixes discussed here is dealing with the acquisition of Indonesian affixes, particularly prefix, sufffix and combination of prefix and suffix. The writer tries to find what Indonesian affixes produced by both subjects within the four-month-period of observation. The writer is encouraged to do the comparison between Indonesian grammatical acquisition produced by a three-year-old Indonesian girl and a three-year-old Indonesian boy for the reason that there is assumption that girls are `smarter? or faster than boys in language development. By doing so, thus the writer tries to find whether there are any differences or not on their acquisition on Indonesian affixes. The result of this study reveals that during the four-month-period of observation, there are some differences on their acquisition on Indonesian affixes as only the female subject who can acquire more complex affixes, or combination of prefix and suffix such as affix (di-i), (di-kan), and (ke-an).

Keyword : language, acquisition, indonesian, girl, boy, affixes

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A case study on the Indonesian language description in the language acquisition of a two-year old child’s utterances

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The writer of this research is curious to know the Indonesian language description of a two-year old child?s utterances, and intends to find out what kinds of functions that she produces, kinds of utterances, how the subject uses her utterances. The writer of this research uses the theory of Language acquisition, in this case language development by Brown (1973). To identify the functions of the utterances that are produced by the subject, the writer uses the theory from Halliday; while the theory by Tarigan is used for classifying the kinds of utterances produced by the subject of this research. To show the development of the pattern from two-word to three-word utterances of the subject, the writer uses the theory of semantic relation discussed by Purwo (1990). Since this research is a case study, the writer uses a qualitative approach, and it is considered as a descriptive study. While the data is taken from fourteen-day observation of a two-year old child. The result shows that the theory of language acquisition development by Brown and the functions of language by Halliday, are in line with the subject?s utterance development. According to Brown?s theory, the two-year old child produces one-word to two-word utterances as the dominant structure, but it is possible for the child to produce longer than two-word utterances. This process also happens in the subject?s utterances. Whereas the functions of utterances produced by the subject are instrumental, regulatory, interactions, heuristic, representational, and imaginative. Besides, the kinds of utterances produced by the subject are imperative, interrogative, negative, request, complains, greeting, call, and exclamation.

Keyword : language, acquisition, indonesian. children, utterances

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A comparison on the children aged three’s and five performances in doing a sentence repetition test

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Author : , NOVIANI

This study is a comparative study on children aged three?s and five`s performances in doing a sentence repetition test. The research focuses on children aged three and five, because by the age of three the child has been able to express something not only in the form of simple sentences but also in the form of complex and compound sentences, and at the age of five the child has acquired simple, complex, and compound sentences. The test in this study is used to see the children?s competence in repeating sentences, of which the patterns they have already known and used in their utterances. This research wants to find out the kind of repetition the child would say in applying the model sentences and the kinds of changes that the children make in their repetition of the model sentence. Then, the differences and similarities between the two children in repeating sentences in the sentence repetition test are identified. The theories and study that are used in this study are the theory of first language acquisition from Lightbown (1993), Yule?s theory on the developmental stage of children syntactic acquisition (1996), Brown?s theory on language testing (1994), a sample of a sentence repetition test from Weir`s theory (1993), theory on standard Indonesian grammar, and Dardjowidjojo?s study on Indonesian children language acquisition (2000). The research uses a sentence repetition test, which is made in Indonesian by the writer based on Indonesian structure considering the children?s structure system and vocabulary, as the instrument for collecting data from two subjects, a three-year-old child and a five-year-old child. In the test, the children are required to repeat twenty-four sentences, which consist of various types: declarative, imperative, interrogative, and negative sentences, also of various lengths and complexity: simple, complex, and compound sentences. They have to repeat each sentence exactly as it is heard once, and it is recorded once on a tape. The result of the data analysis shows that both of them repeat the simple sentences well and make changes to some complex and compound sentences. Besides making changes of addition, deletion, substitution, and re-arrangement, they also make pattern changes to some sentences and change the meaning of the sentence in which they make changes. Their differences are particularly on the lexical items that are changed. Finally, it is concluded that the performances in repeating sentences of a three-year-old child and a five-year-old child in this study is more or less the same, as there are only insignificant differences between the children in repeating sentences on the sentence repetition test.

Keyword : language, acquisition, sociolinguistics, children

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A study of language functions used by a teacher teaching an autistic child

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Author : DEWI, RATNA

This study tries to find out the most common types of the linguistic functions in the utterances of a teacher teaching an autistic child and also the reasons behind their common use. The source of the data of this study is the spontaneous utterances produced by a teacher while teaching an autistic child in the classroom situation. The writer uses the quantitative and qualitative approaches in doing this study. The subject of this study is a teacher named Topik. He has been teaching in ‘Cakra’ Autisme Terapi, which is located at Sri Ikana no.56, for almost three years. In analyzing the data, the basic theory, which the writer used, were Van Ek and Alexander?s theory of language functions As an analysis of language functions in the utterances of a teacher in one of autistic schools in Surabaya, this thesis is chiefly concerned with forms in Bahasa Indonesia forms. From the analysis it has been found that there are single function and double function that occur in the teaching process. Single function is characterized by one purpose only. Every utterance that is produced by the teacher has only one function. Double function is characterized by two purposes. While the teacher teaches the student, he does not only have main purpose but also intended purpose.

Keyword : autistic, children, language, acquisition, psycholinguistics, teacher, cakra terapi, surabaya

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Analisa perbandingan rasio keuangan perusahaan yang melakukan “Established Firm” roll-up initial public offering dan “Poof” roll-up initial public offering

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Roll-up Initial Public Offering adalah teknik yang sedang popular untuk mendorong pertumbuhan yang cepat. Teknik ini didesain bagi perusahaan-perusahaan swasta berskala kecil hingga medium-size dalam karakter industri yang berskala lokal dan memiliki peluang besar untuk melakukan akuisisi dimasa depan. Roll-up merupakan alat atau kendaraan yang paling ideal untuk menggabungkan perusahaan-perusahaan yang termasuk highly-fragmented industries, dalam usaha untuk menciptakan suatu sinergi demi peningkatan pendapatan dan penurunan biaya-biaya operasi. Melalui roll-up IPO, perusahaan yang bersangkutan diharapkan akan memiliki likuiditas, profitabilitas, pengelolaan aktiva, dan struktur modal yang lebih baik secara keseluruhan. Pengukuran kinerja keuangan perusahaan yang melakukan “Poof” roll-up IPO dan “Established Firm” roll-up IPO dapat diukur dengan mnggunakan rasio-rasio likuiditas, solvabilitas, aktivitas, dan profitabilitas. Hasil penelitian ini menghasilkan kesimpulan bahwa secara umum kinerja keuangan perusahan yang melakukan “Poof” roll-up IPO maupun “Established Firm” roll-up IPO tidak mengalami perbedaan yang signifikan, demikian juga dengan financial growth pada perusahaan yang melakukan “Poof” roll-up IPO maupun “Established Firm” roll-up IPO.

Keyword : roll-up initial public offering, acquisition, financial performance, financial growth

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