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The Implementation of the “6AS” concept in managing integrated brand management in consumer-electronic business in East Kalimantan


This research explains about how to implement the “6AS” concept (analysis, awareness, acceptability, affordability, availability, and assimilability) in the brand management endeavor in its relation to strategic management concept, which is renowned as Integrated Brand Strategy. The writer uses a qualitative analysis through-out the research by conducting observations, interview>, and by collecting data and theories from literature and internet. The analysis is meant to generate a solution to mediocrity in brand management conduct in consumer-electronic industry, especially in East Kalimantan. Firstly, the research discuss about the role of brand management in strategic management. Then, the writer explains about the implementation of the “6AS” in all strategic layers of management, in accordance with the Integrated Brand Strategy in the aspect of People, Process, and Tools. Finally, the writer goes into the specific area (East Kalimantan), whose position in strategic layers is at the business and functional level, and discusses the implementation of “6AS” in the field.

Keyword : analysis, awareness, acceptability, affordability, availability, assimilability, integrated brand management, strategic management

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/1094/

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