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The confrontation between in the flash and the spirit as seen through John Buchanan and Alma Winemiller in Tennessee William’s summer and smoke

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The center of attention of this thesis is the confrontation between the flesh and the spirit that exist in the play. Here the flesh represents the physical desire of man and the spirit represents religious value. In this case, the thesis writer discusses the confrontation between the flesh and the spirit and the result of the confrontation as seen in each of the major characters, John Buchanan and Alma Winemiller in Tennessee Williams?s play, Summer and Smoke. God creates human consisting of flesh and spirit. In the beginning of the play, John Buchanan?s character the flesh is more dominant than the spirit, meanwhile in Alma Winemiller?s character; the spirit is more dominant than the flesh. In John Buchanan and Alma Winemiller interact with each other. Besides the fact that John Buchanan and Alma Winemiller interact with each other, this thesis discusses the pressures toward the characters from their fathers and their society as the causes of the confrontation between the flesh and the spirit. In order to analyze this matter, the thesis uses a literary theory as the main tool, which is the theory of conflict. The theory of conflict that is used consists of the conflict which is the psychological conflict. Moreover, the thesis writer also uses the operant conditioning theory of behavior from B.F Skinner as the supporting tool to analyze this thesis.

Keyword : american, drama, summer and smoke, williams, tennessee

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The Failure of the main female character’s efforts to escape from her miserable life in Louisa may alcott’s a long fatal love chase

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This study discusses one of Louisa MayAlcott?s novels entitled A Long Fatal Love Chase. This discussion talks about the failure of the main female character?s efforts to escape from her miserable life. It is focusing on Rosamond?s efforts and failure to escape from her miserable life. I am interested to talk about her efforts and failure in order to find out the ways Rosamond uses to escape from her miserable life and also the reasons that cause her failure to get out from it. In analyzing the novel, I use the literary theories such as the theory of characterization and the theory of conflict. The theory of characterization is useful to analyze Rosamond as the main female character in the novel while the theory of conflict is useful to analyze the inner and the outer conflicts that she faces. Rosamond?s efforts and failure appear because Rosamond wants to get out from her miserable life caused by her grandfather?s lack of affection and Phillip Tempest?s obsessive love. She does not easily give up to her fate. She does a lot of efforts to make her miserable life end. Besides, she also experiences inner conflicts and outer conflicts during her efforts to escape from her miserable life. She experiences her inner conflict when she has to choose between Phillip and De Luneville, while her outer conflict is when she consistently refuses Phillip?s offer to be his wife. Unfortunately, all her efforts are useless. She experiences failure because she is incapable to escape from Phillip?s obsessive love, but she gets her freedom through her death.

Keyword : alcott, louisa, juliany, american, fiction, female, fail

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A study in the symbolic relationship of white jacket and captain Claret in Herman Melville’s white jacket

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In this thesis the writer attempts to center the discussion in the relationship of the two opposing elements that exist in Neversink. a warship. that is sailing on her homeward bound journey. The crew and the officers form the two opposing elements in the frigate. To voice the element of individual, she singles out the narrator of the novel, White Jacket. He is able to represent the opinions and thought of his shipmates, the crew, thoroughly. The element of authority will be represented by the captain, Captain Claret, because he is the person who is responsible in making all the decisions in the frigate and rules over the crew, as well as the officers. The thesis writer wants to find out the ways the relationship of the two elements changes during the journey and what the relationship symbolizes. The writer intends to reveal the relationship between the two elements in the beginning and in the end of the journey, when they have almost reach home. With the help of the definition of important terms, literary criticisms, theory of politics, and literary devices, such as characterization, conflict and symbolism, she will try to analyse the problem. In her analysis, she finds out that at the beginning of the voyage, the arrangement of their mealtime and the depersonalization of the crew symbolizes the abuse of the crew. By arranging the mealtime in such a way, the officers have contributed in the degrading of the crew’s health, therefore abusing their needs as individuals. Another form of the abuse of the individual can be found in the depersonalization of the crew. The officers also deny the expression of their individualism by calling them with nicknames and, even worse, numbers. However, at the end of the journey, the relationship between the elements changes. They reache a new level of relationship caused by their realization of the journey. This is marked by two important incidents. The first one is the captain cancels White Jacket’s punishment. This symbolizes that the officers compromise to the individual by demonstrating lenience toward the crew who persists in his innocence. The other important incident happens when White Jacket falls from the yard-arm and almost kill himself as a result. Only when he rips off his jacket, a symbol of his individualism, is he able to be rescued by his shipmates. At this last and most important incident takes place, White Jacket comes to realise that actually both the individual and the authority are the same at the end of the voyage because they do not know what is waiting for them in their final destination. So, they merge into one and forming the body politic of the frigate.

Keyword : american, fiction, melville, herman, white, jacket

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A study of conflicts which leads the main character, Tommy Wilhelm, to his downfall in Saul bellow’s seize the day

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This thesis is a study of conflicts which leads the main character, Tommy Wilhelm, to his downfall in Saul Bellow?s Seize The Day. It analyzes the process of the male major character?s downfall through his conflicts, In the analysis, the writer uses the library research to find the data. She uses the theory of conflict to analyze his external and internal conflicts in order to learn that his character traits have triggered the conflicts that later bring him to his downfall. From the analysis, the thesis writer finds that Tommy?s failure stems from his character traits that are weaknesses, foolishness, dependence, immature, and indolence. Having those character traits, Tommy gets involved in conflicts with other characters, and also conflict with himself. At the end of this thesis, the thesis writer concludes that Tommy?s downfall is caused by his conflicts with his father and his wife. His partner also plays an important role in his downfall. Tommy?s internal conflicts also influence his downfall for he cannot decide the good way for his life. The downfall can be seen in the end parts of Seize The Day where Tommy was crying on someone funeral after he lost all his hopes. The important point of Seize The Day is the author?s irritation to the readers to appreciate this life and take the opportunity no matter how hard and difficult it would be, as long as it will be good for us. It is not the quantity of life but the quality of life that man should consider and think of.

Keyword : american, fiction, bellow, saul, character, tommy, wilhelm, conflict

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A study of village virus in gopher prairie of Sinclair Lewis’ main street

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The main concern of the analysis is the Village Virus that runs down in a small Mid-West town called Gopher Prairie, reflected through its inhabitants, in the second period of the twentieth century. Actually, it was Sinclair Lewis, the author, himself who named ?the decease as village virus, and as a matter of fact, he once intended to entitle the novel The Village Virus instead of Main Street. The virus is said to be a kind of deadly virus that dehumanises living people into living dead persons whose life are monotonous, boring, and dull. However, the center of analysis will be concentrated on revealing what actually this Village Virus can be, and it will be analysed through the causes and effects of this Village Virus that lives within the life of the society of Gopher Prairie. Then, in order to make a clear description on the virus, the writer will also try to find out how the process of infecting a new person to become a living dead person. Next, the writer is going to use Carol Kennicott, the main female character, as the main proof of the living virus since previousIy she has her life thriving and after she gets infected, her life becomes as dull as the life of the rest inhabitants of Gopher Prairie. In order to accomplish these, the writer uses library research to find any data or criticisms related to the novel and to the topic; furthermore, the writer is going to utilize best literary theory, namely characterization, so that the reader would be able to see clearly what make such society like Gopher Prairie?s get so infected. Besides, there is the theory of conflict that will

Keyword : fiction, american, main street, study

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A study on Linda as Willy’s spouse in Arthur Miller’s death of a salesman

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The thesis , based on Arthur Miller`s Death of a Salesman, is a study on Linda as Willy?s spouse. In this case, Willy Loman is a man of problems that the writer intends to find out what Linda? s roles are respecting the issue. Thus, characterization and conflict as literary approach are utilized. Both of them, focused on Linda?s thought, speech, behaviour, and conflicts, are substantial, sustaining the analysis. As an outcome, the writer notes Linda?s nature and her endeavours to realize a favorable relation between father and son are the intimation of her role in assuaging Willy?s adversities.

Keyword : american, drama, miller, arthur, death, salesman

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The study of the impacts of racism on Roxana and her son as seen in Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson

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This thesis is the study of the impacts of racism on Roxana and her son in Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson. The racism can be found in every place in the world. Although people say that we should respect other person fairly and treat them nicely, people still sometimes feel that a particular race is much better than any other. This kind of attitude will cause bad effects on certain people’s lives. Due to this fact, the thesis writer is curious to know whether there are any impacts of racism on the lives of Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson protagonists, Roxana and her son, and if there are, the thesis writer also wants to know what the impacts are. ‘The purpose of this thesis is to show that there are certain impacts of racism on Roxana and her s o n that bring both of them to sorrow and destruction. To achieve her goal, the thesis writer will use literary approach such as theory of characterization, theory of conflict, theory of setting. The analysis reveals the impacts of racism on Roxana and her son. It is proved that actually the problem about racism can only be solved if people can accept the reality of who they are and can respect each other.

Keyword : american, fiction, twain, mark, impacts, racism

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A study of the main character’s search for god as seen in Tennesse Williams’ the night of the iguana

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Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana, is one of his most powerful and compassionate dramatic experience of tragic meaning of human frailty and hidden strength, especially for the main character, Shannon. The main discussion in this thesis attempts to focus on the main character’s search for God in his life. By using the library research, in order to collect the data, the writer is going to analyze Shannon’s image of God, the influence of the image of God on Shannon’s life, and Shannon’s new understanding of God. Shannon who is raised by his religious and stern mother when he was a child has his own image of God. Because his mother always punished him in the name of God whenever he did something wrong and she also said that he deserves those punishments from God, he begins to have a negative image of God. This negative image affects him and brings to his failures in life, such as: his jobs as a priest and a tour conductor and his relationships with women. However, at the end of the story eventhough Shannon’s first image of God does not change much, through some help from his friend, Hannah, he begins to learn how to accept God and other people.

Keyword : american, drama, study, the night of the iguana

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Silas lapham’s entanglement in greed and pride and the rise of his morality as seen through William Dean Howells’s, the rise of silas lapham

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This tnesis is about Silas Lapham’s Entanglement in Greed and Pride and the Rise of His Morality as Seen Through William Dean Howells’, The Rise of Silas Lapham. The Rise of Silas Lapham is the most important novel William Dean Howells had ever written and this novel is his masterpiece. In writing the novel, Howells shows a true picture of good and evil, foolish and wise, strong and weak, or in other words it represent a true American life. In order to accomplish the objective of this thesis, the thesis writer analyzes Silas Lapham’s entanglement in greed and pride, the factors that make Silas Lapham entangled in greed and pride and how he later rises in his morality. Using library research and literary approach such as characterization and conflict to help her in her analysis, the thesis writer finds out that, at the end, bankruptcy can cause people to become greedy and proud which cause decadence in morality. But Silas realizes his m i s t a k e and leaves behind his greed and pride and rises in his morality.

Keyword : american, fiction, howells. dean, william, silas, lapham

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Personality disorder of george lansing in Thornton Wilder’s the eighth day

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The Eighth Day is a kind of mysterious story about the murder of a character, Breckenridge Lansing that finally leads to the changes of the lives of almost all of the characters in the novel. This becomes the reason why the thesis writer is interested to choose George Lansing, the hidden murderer in the novel, as the character to be analyzed. His personality disorder becomes the issue that the thesis writer wants to discuss because it is related to the case of the murder. Therefore, she questions why George Lansing suffers the personality disorder as seen in his attitude throughout the development of the novel and what the consequences of his personality disorder are. She finds that his family becomes the causes of George?s personality disorder, and it influences George?s character traits into a person with schizotypal personality disorder. Therefore, she needs literary theories like characterization and conflict as the main approach, and also psychological concepts of schizotypal personality disorder and parenthood as the supporting theory. The analysis discusses George?s early character traits, the changes of his character traits as he suffers schizotypal personality disorder, and the consequences of becoming a schizotypal person. He becomes hallucinated and paranoid, depends on others, becomes eccentric or peculiar, and lacks of self confidence. Then, at the end of this analysis the thesis writer concludes that George kills Breckenridge as the ultimate result of his schizotypal personality disorder, which is mostly caused by Breckenridge?s treatment to educate George. Besides, George?s mother and his sisters have also contributed to worsen his psychological problem.

Keyword : american, fiction, wilder, thornton, personality, george, lansing

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