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The study of the impacts of racism on Roxana and her son as seen in Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson

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This thesis is the study of the impacts of racism on Roxana and her son in Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson. The racism can be found in every place in the world. Although people say that we should respect other person fairly and treat them nicely, people still sometimes feel that a particular race is much better than any other. This kind of attitude will cause bad effects on certain people’s lives. Due to this fact, the thesis writer is curious to know whether there are any impacts of racism on the lives of Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson protagonists, Roxana and her son, and if there are, the thesis writer also wants to know what the impacts are. ‘The purpose of this thesis is to show that there are certain impacts of racism on Roxana and her s o n that bring both of them to sorrow and destruction. To achieve her goal, the thesis writer will use literary approach such as theory of characterization, theory of conflict, theory of setting. The analysis reveals the impacts of racism on Roxana and her son. It is proved that actually the problem about racism can only be solved if people can accept the reality of who they are and can respect each other.

Keyword : american, fiction, twain, mark, impacts, racism

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A study of the main character’s search for god as seen in Tennesse Williams’ the night of the iguana

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Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana, is one of his most powerful and compassionate dramatic experience of tragic meaning of human frailty and hidden strength, especially for the main character, Shannon. The main discussion in this thesis attempts to focus on the main character’s search for God in his life. By using the library research, in order to collect the data, the writer is going to analyze Shannon’s image of God, the influence of the image of God on Shannon’s life, and Shannon’s new understanding of God. Shannon who is raised by his religious and stern mother when he was a child has his own image of God. Because his mother always punished him in the name of God whenever he did something wrong and she also said that he deserves those punishments from God, he begins to have a negative image of God. This negative image affects him and brings to his failures in life, such as: his jobs as a priest and a tour conductor and his relationships with women. However, at the end of the story eventhough Shannon’s first image of God does not change much, through some help from his friend, Hannah, he begins to learn how to accept God and other people.

Keyword : american, drama, study, the night of the iguana

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Silas lapham’s entanglement in greed and pride and the rise of his morality as seen through William Dean Howells’s, the rise of silas lapham

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This tnesis is about Silas Lapham’s Entanglement in Greed and Pride and the Rise of His Morality as Seen Through William Dean Howells’, The Rise of Silas Lapham. The Rise of Silas Lapham is the most important novel William Dean Howells had ever written and this novel is his masterpiece. In writing the novel, Howells shows a true picture of good and evil, foolish and wise, strong and weak, or in other words it represent a true American life. In order to accomplish the objective of this thesis, the thesis writer analyzes Silas Lapham’s entanglement in greed and pride, the factors that make Silas Lapham entangled in greed and pride and how he later rises in his morality. Using library research and literary approach such as characterization and conflict to help her in her analysis, the thesis writer finds out that, at the end, bankruptcy can cause people to become greedy and proud which cause decadence in morality. But Silas realizes his m i s t a k e and leaves behind his greed and pride and rises in his morality.

Keyword : american, fiction, howells. dean, william, silas, lapham

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Personality disorder of george lansing in Thornton Wilder’s the eighth day

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The Eighth Day is a kind of mysterious story about the murder of a character, Breckenridge Lansing that finally leads to the changes of the lives of almost all of the characters in the novel. This becomes the reason why the thesis writer is interested to choose George Lansing, the hidden murderer in the novel, as the character to be analyzed. His personality disorder becomes the issue that the thesis writer wants to discuss because it is related to the case of the murder. Therefore, she questions why George Lansing suffers the personality disorder as seen in his attitude throughout the development of the novel and what the consequences of his personality disorder are. She finds that his family becomes the causes of George?s personality disorder, and it influences George?s character traits into a person with schizotypal personality disorder. Therefore, she needs literary theories like characterization and conflict as the main approach, and also psychological concepts of schizotypal personality disorder and parenthood as the supporting theory. The analysis discusses George?s early character traits, the changes of his character traits as he suffers schizotypal personality disorder, and the consequences of becoming a schizotypal person. He becomes hallucinated and paranoid, depends on others, becomes eccentric or peculiar, and lacks of self confidence. Then, at the end of this analysis the thesis writer concludes that George kills Breckenridge as the ultimate result of his schizotypal personality disorder, which is mostly caused by Breckenridge?s treatment to educate George. Besides, George?s mother and his sisters have also contributed to worsen his psychological problem.

Keyword : american, fiction, wilder, thornton, personality, george, lansing

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A study of conflicting values in the divers matrimony which lead them to a marriage disintegration in Scott Fitzgerald’s tender is the night

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The main discussion of this thesis attempts to focus on the key relationship involves a unity into harmony, at least for a time, of two figures who reflect basically opposed value systems and styles of life. The main characters Dick Diver and Nicole Warren, stand for Fitzgerald?s effort as a writer to reconcile the ideal with the real, in the marriage institution. Nevertheless, after conjoining in the bond of matrimony, the two main characters, Dick and Nicole undergo conflicting values in their marital life. Due to the lasting matrimonial frictions, both of them suffer the consequences. The objective of the study is to trace what cause Dick and Nicole have conflicting values and how the Divers? conflicting values influence their marriage. The thesis writer aims to reveal what cause Dick and Nicole experience conflicting values, as well as to examine the effects of the conflicting values in the Divers? matrimonial life. With the help of psychological theory of marriage, literary devices of characterization, conflict and literary criticism on the subject, the thesis writer tries to analyze the subject on her discussion. The analysis clarifies that the conflicting values originally derive from their different familial, economical and educational backgrounds which simultaneously also shape their distinguishing values. Significantly, the failure of values adjustment and life-style adaptation between the spouse cause them to endure prolonged turnmoil. They inevitably begin resisting one another and pulling apart until the glowing world created from their union has been split in two. A disintegrated marital stage results at final.

Keyword : american, fiction, study, teaching, scott, fitzgerald’s, tender is the night

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The absurdity of an American family as seen from Edward Albee’s the American Dream

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This thesis deals with the absurdity of an American family as seen from Edward Albee?s The American Dream The American family in this play is unusual or absurd and Albee uses it as a picture of the American family in 1960s. In this thesis, the writer wants to show, through the analysis, in what way this family can be said as an absurd family. In order to accomplish this, the writer uses literary approach in employing the literary tools, such as theme, character, conflict, and language. In the analysis, the writer is going to reveal the absurdity of an American family in this play by analyzing the absurdity of the family life. She also wants to find out the meaning behind the absurdity of the family life. Finally, the writer finds out that this family has an absurd way of life that can be seen from the marriage relationship of Mommy and Daddy and the relationship between parents and children. This family can be said as an absurd family since their way of life deals with power, money, prestige, primacy, and satisfaction. For this family, these values are more important than the real human values. It means, this family chooses exchanged values instead of old values, which they have had before, to be their way of life.

Keyword : albee, edward, american, dream, drama, family

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A study of newman’s character’s character trait and his obsctacles to his marriage in Hnery James the American

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This thesis is a study of conflict through the main characters in Henry James? The American. The main characters are Christopher Newman who represents the American and the Bellegardes who represent the European. The differences in culture and social background really affect them. Newman falls in love with Claire de Cintre, the Bellegardes? daughter yet, the Bellegardes do not agree with their relationship because of Newman?s occupation and social status. Moreover, Claire?s obedience toward her mother also becomes the difficulty for Newman to unite his love. In this case the thesis writer will use the theory of conflict in order to analyze Newman?s obstacles to his marriage. The Bellegardes do anything to separate Newman and Claire. It makes Newman angry and he wants to take revenge to the Bellegardes. Since Newman has a good character, he changes his decision not to take revenge but later he decides not to take revenge to the Bellegardes. The thesis writer will try to prove that since Newman is a good person, he therefore does not take revenge to the Bellegardes. The thesis writer uses the theory of characterization to reveal his good personalities. Finally, after the thesis writer does her analysis, she concludes that one?s occupation and social status are more important than good personality and love. In addition, a good personality can defeat the feeling of hatred and desire of taking revenge.

Keyword : american, fiction, bjames, henry, american, newman, character

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A study on quentin’s martial failure in Arthur Miller’s after the fall

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After the Fall is a play by Arthur Miller in which the main character, Quentin, has experienced failure in his two marriages. These failures bring him pain and trauma to have commitment with others again. For this reason, I am encouraged to find out the cause of the main character?s failure in his two marriages and also how he deals with his failure. Related to this, I will analyze the causes of his failures. In analyzing the topic, I use literary approach. The literary theory that I am going to use is the theory of conflict. Besides, I also use the definition of failure and the explanation about the differences between men and women. By using this theory and definitions I analyze that the causes of Quentin?s failure in his two marriages are his own confusion of what he should be and of how he should relate to his wives. He fails because he is not sure about himself and does not understand himself. And to understand himself, he tries to find out the meaning of his past and its meaning for his future as he reviews his marriages and other major experiences in his life until he is able to decide that he wants to have commitment again. In conclusion, failure is normal because everybody will experience it. It depends on how each person determines to overcome the failure itself.

Keyword : american, drama, study, teaching, arthur miller’s after the fall

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The hypocrisy as seen in the main character of Sinclair Lewis’s elmer gantry

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This thesis deals with the hypocrisy that is dominantly seen through the main character, Elmer Gantry, in Sinclair Lewis?s Elmer Gantry. Sinclair Lewis is a satirist of the American life and the first American who is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Moreover, his works are done by researches in the reality. The novel, Elmer Gantry, satirizes the condition of religion in America at that time which is full of hypocrisy. Through this thesis, the thesis writer wants to show that there are some internal factors, which are Elmer Gantry?s character trait and his ambitions, and some external factors, which are his mother?s influence and the strict regulation of the church where he works as a preacher that make him to be a hypocrite. Here, the thesis writer uses the definition of hypocrisy and hypocrite and related literary theories of characterization and conflict to analyze the problem. From the analysis, she finds that his worldly habits, his arrogance, and his weak character; his ambitions of being a popular and rich man; his mother?s stronger influence; and the church?s strict regulation which is not suitable to his real self have caused him to be a hypocrite. He pretends to be a good and religious person in front of the people when he becomes a preacher although he keeps doing his preference. Moreover, Elmer Gantry could be said to be not fully aware of his hypocrisy.

Keyword : american, fiction, lewis, harry, sinclair, hypocrisy, elmer, gantry

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The optimism toward death as revealed in walt whitman’s “when lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d”

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Author : , APRIATI

Walt Whitman though have been scorned or even ignore, is American’s greatest poet whose appereance is gently common and indifferent to requirenments of routine literary convention. His collection of poems, Leaves of Grass, is nearly simple and about everything. It was published in 1855. Though he publised it himself, it continued to develop and expand paralleling the growth of his own creative live. In “When Lilac Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” Whitman established a modern character of hero whose unlike the past epies, dicover his heroic qualities not in superman characteristic but in their selfhood as common man. The concern if his this thesis is the optimism as revealed in “When Lilac Last in the Dooryard Bloo’d” which is dedicated for the memory of Abraham Lincoln’s death through literary tools namely symbolism and tone. Optimism merely sees an opportunity in any extreme misfortune bringing great loss and sorrows especially death. The poet tried to describe the poem into three significant events, which are the death. The symbols and tone that he used has a clear link between Lincoln and the western star in line with lilac and the time and the time of Lincoln’s death. Whitman wrote it for the death of Abraham Lincoln who died in April, springtime a time of rebirth in nature. Each of spring, the blomming lilac will remind us especially American people not only of the death of Lincoln, but also of the eternal return to life. As Whitman’s believed, the writer also believes that his symbols are neither transcended nor brought to finish and it is growing in meaning, composing the unfolding process of the poem, and making it as what it is. Hence , the major symbols, which are bird, lilac, and star end by letting them, go, ever returning spring-like as they are. The tone is change from the first and second significant events into the third vents. The changes of the speaker’s attitude toward “death” come up to the acceptence. Finally, they writer concludes that Whitman, although tempting to see Lincoln elegy as the marking point of the end of traditional optimismand idealism, provide the acceptance of death, mystical release (outlet) into a fuller understanding of life.

Keyword : american, poetry, whitman, walter, lilacs, dooryard

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