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The hypocrisy as seen in the main character of Sinclair Lewis’s elmer gantry

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This thesis deals with the hypocrisy that is dominantly seen through the main character, Elmer Gantry, in Sinclair Lewis?s Elmer Gantry. Sinclair Lewis is a satirist of the American life and the first American who is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Moreover, his works are done by researches in the reality. The novel, Elmer Gantry, satirizes the condition of religion in America at that time which is full of hypocrisy. Through this thesis, the thesis writer wants to show that there are some internal factors, which are Elmer Gantry?s character trait and his ambitions, and some external factors, which are his mother?s influence and the strict regulation of the church where he works as a preacher that make him to be a hypocrite. Here, the thesis writer uses the definition of hypocrisy and hypocrite and related literary theories of characterization and conflict to analyze the problem. From the analysis, she finds that his worldly habits, his arrogance, and his weak character; his ambitions of being a popular and rich man; his mother?s stronger influence; and the church?s strict regulation which is not suitable to his real self have caused him to be a hypocrite. He pretends to be a good and religious person in front of the people when he becomes a preacher although he keeps doing his preference. Moreover, Elmer Gantry could be said to be not fully aware of his hypocrisy.

Keyword : american, fiction, lewis, harry, sinclair, hypocrisy, elmer, gantry

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The optimism toward death as revealed in walt whitman’s “when lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d”

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Walt Whitman though have been scorned or even ignore, is American’s greatest poet whose appereance is gently common and indifferent to requirenments of routine literary convention. His collection of poems, Leaves of Grass, is nearly simple and about everything. It was published in 1855. Though he publised it himself, it continued to develop and expand paralleling the growth of his own creative live. In “When Lilac Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” Whitman established a modern character of hero whose unlike the past epies, dicover his heroic qualities not in superman characteristic but in their selfhood as common man. The concern if his this thesis is the optimism as revealed in “When Lilac Last in the Dooryard Bloo’d” which is dedicated for the memory of Abraham Lincoln’s death through literary tools namely symbolism and tone. Optimism merely sees an opportunity in any extreme misfortune bringing great loss and sorrows especially death. The poet tried to describe the poem into three significant events, which are the death. The symbols and tone that he used has a clear link between Lincoln and the western star in line with lilac and the time and the time of Lincoln’s death. Whitman wrote it for the death of Abraham Lincoln who died in April, springtime a time of rebirth in nature. Each of spring, the blomming lilac will remind us especially American people not only of the death of Lincoln, but also of the eternal return to life. As Whitman’s believed, the writer also believes that his symbols are neither transcended nor brought to finish and it is growing in meaning, composing the unfolding process of the poem, and making it as what it is. Hence , the major symbols, which are bird, lilac, and star end by letting them, go, ever returning spring-like as they are. The tone is change from the first and second significant events into the third vents. The changes of the speaker’s attitude toward “death” come up to the acceptence. Finally, they writer concludes that Whitman, although tempting to see Lincoln elegy as the marking point of the end of traditional optimismand idealism, provide the acceptance of death, mystical release (outlet) into a fuller understanding of life.

Keyword : american, poetry, whitman, walter, lilacs, dooryard

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Alienation in frost’s north of Boston

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North of Boston is Frost?s second volume of poetry that remarks Frost career as a poet. It has been widely praised by both American and English critics. However, they also give their critics and comments; and many try to observe deeper into the poems in it. W. G. O?Donnell, one of the critics, said that North of Boston reveals the theme of alienation, of man?s isolation from his fellow man. This is quite a surprise for North of Boston that has the power to bring individuals together, contains the theme of alienation. Using literary approach and library research the writer finds that “Mending Wall”, “Home Burial”, “The Black Cottage”, and “A Servant to Servants”, which are the major poems in North of Boston, reveal the theme of alienation. The theme of alienation appears from the diction and setting that Frost used in his poems. In addition, two types of alienation, which are social alienation and self-alienation, are found in the four poems.

Keyword : american, poetry, study, teaching, frost. robert, north of boston

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The study of the main character’s development from immaturity to maturity in crane’s the red badge of courage

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Stephen Crane, who is an impressionist, naturalist and realist writer, without any experience in war, wrote his masterpiece The Red Badge of Courage. This novel talks about an immature young man, Henry Fleming, who becomes mature after he experiences war. The thesis writer is interested to know how the main character develops from immaturity to maturity. That is why the thesis writer wants to show that Henry Fleming experiences a development from immaturity to maturity based on his experience in war. In discussing the character development, the thesis writer divides the analysis into three parts. First, the thesis writer discusses Henry?s character in the beginning when he joins the war. Second, the thesis writer discusses the process of the development of Henry?s character and finally, the thesis writer discusses Henry?s character after he experiences war. In the analysis, the thesis writer shows Henry?s character development when he has to face the war in being inexperience. His being inexperience in war caused him to experience many shameful things as a soldier. The thesis writer analyzes the development in Henry?s character through his thought, speech and behavior before and after he becomes mature. He uses some theories such as characterization, setting, conflict and also psychological theories on immaturity and maturity. In the conclusion, the thesis writer finds out that Henry?s experience in war happens because of his wrong image of war. He thinks that war is something glorious and bloody conflict and he can become a hero easily without any experience in war. Because of that, he has to face many problems during the war. Henry becomes mature after he experiences a process that gives him the ability to overcome his problems. His maturity and his self-realization, finally enables him to accept himself for what he is, including his mistakes as well as his good and heroic deeds.

Keyword : american, fiction, crane, stephen, red, badge, immaturity, maturity

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The speakers’ optimistic attitude towards death in Edgar Allan Poe’s poems, “sonnet to my mother.” “Annabel Lee,” and “for Annie”

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This thesis presents an analysis on the speakers? optimistic attitude towards death as seen through Edgar Allan Poe?s poems, “Sonnet to My Mother, ” Annabel Lee” , and “For Annie.” Edgar Allan Poe inthese poems wants to to reveal the existence of death that cannot be denied. The problem in these three poems is that death brings a separation between the speakers and their lovers. Due to the problem of separation, each of the speakers has an optimistic attitude towards death. The different attitude achieved by the speakers concerning death is related to Edgar Allan Poe?s biography. In order to accomplish the objective of this thesis, I use the theories of figure of speech, concept of attitude, death, and optimism that is related in the analysis. Based on the statement of the problem, the analysis of the thesis is divided into two parts; the speakers` optimistic attitude towards death and the reasons of the speakers` different attitude concerning death based on Edgar Allan Poe?s biography.The first part consists of three sub-titles: the analysis of t h e speaker`s attitude towards death in “Sonnet to My Mother,” the speaker`s attitude towards death in “Annabel Lee, and the last is the speaker?s attitude towards death in “For Annie.I Using some of the literary theories as a method of analysis, I find out that the speakers` attitude towards death is optimistic since each of the speaker believes that death may be able to separate their body but unable to separate their love. They also believe that their lovers always love them as well. Furthermore, by doing a close study on Edgar Allan Poe?s biography and employing the concept of attitude, death, and optimism, it is obvious that the speakers` unusual attitude concerning death is the manifestation of Poe?s personal experience of longing for peace in death.

Keyword : american, poetry, poe, edgar, allan, speakers, annabel, lee, anie

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A study of friendship between the characters of Huckleberry Finn and Jim in Mark Twain’s the adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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The thesis writer decides to analyze Mark Twain?s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and chooses the title “A Study of Friendship Between the Characters of Huckleberry Finn and Jim” because the writer is interested in the significance of Huckleberry?s and Jim?s friendship that leads Huck and Jim to their maturity. The writer is curious to find out the Characteristics of the relationship between Huckleberry Finn and Jim, and how their relationship gives significance to their life. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze Huckleberry Finn?s and Jim?s attitude towards their friendship and to discuss the significance of Huckleberry?s and Jim?s friendship which leads Huck and Jim to maturity and understanding of the real friendship. In analyzing the topic the thesis writer uses the theory of characterization, conflict, setting, and friendship as her tools. Huckleberry Finn has an ambivalent attitude towards Jim and the blacks in general. On the one hand, he accepts the Blacks and on the other he also rejects the Blacks. His attitude of rejecting the Blacks is the result of the society?s influence, his friend Tom, and his father Pap Finn who treat the Blacks as a part of property, not as human being. His friendship with Jim opens his mind about the Blacks. Huck finally accepts Jim as his friend after sharing several valuable experiences with Jim. The significance of friendship is proved when Huck

Keyword : american, fiction, twain, mark, adventures, huckleberry, finn

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Magdalena and Susannah’s sexual wound and their struggle to achive sexual healing as seen in Alice Walker’s by the light of my father’s smile

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In Patriarchal society female s sexuality has been socially constructed Women are demanded to be submissive and not sexually active. or else they will be condemned. The main female characters of Alice Walker?s By The Light Of My Farther’s Smile, Magdalena and Susannah, also endure the same predicament in dealing with their sexuality. Considering that aspect this thesis examines in what way the patriarchal domination causes both main female characters? sexual wound and the main female characters` struggle to achieve the sexual healing as well as the signficance of the struggle. In order to accomplish the analysis, several theories are used. As a primary tool. literary theories. namely characterization and conflict, are used to reveal the main female characters? characteristics and conflict Moreover. the theory of black feminism and the Literary criticism are used as the secondary tool in analyzing the struggle of the main female characters. By using the theories mentioned above. I am able to reveal that because of their different characteristics. Magdalena and Susannah endure the sexual wound differently. Throughout the analysis. it is found out that despite their different endurance, Magdalena and Susannah must face an equal result from the father?s beating. i.e. Sexual wound. Yet, as Alice Walker?s main female characters, Magdalena and Susannah are not submissively accepting the domination, so they fight against it. Later on, it is perceived that Magdalena and Susannah must undergo different stages to achieve their sexual healing because of their different personality, as well as their different endurance. At the end, their struggle helps themselves to heal their sexual wound Nevertheless, it is also found out that the struggle also has some signficances upon both main female characters as the oppressed, and the father as the oppressor. For Magdalena and Susannah, the struggle and the achievement of sexual healing facilitate them to forgive their father?s mistake. Moreover both sisters are also able to acknowledge themselves as whole women. On the other hand, for the father, in the afterlife, scrutinizng the daughters? struggle helps the father to acknowledge his daughters? value as whole individuals.

Keyword : american, fiction, walker, alice, sexual

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Chris christopherson’s escape from reality in eugene o’neill’s Anna Christie

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This thesis discusses about Chris Christopherson?s escape from reality in Eugene O?Neill?s Anna Christie. Eugene O?Neill is regarded as an autobiographical author and his life is also reflected in Anna Christie. During his life, he once escapes from reality and he expresses it in Anna Christie. Considering the main character?s problem, Chris Christopherson`s escape from reality, I am wondering to know his reasons to escape from reality and the consequences of his action that he takes. Also, I want to know his way to escape. From my discussion, I want to reveal his reasons, the consequences, and the ways of his escape from reality. To analyse my topic I apply literary approach that is psychoanalytic theory. The basic principle of psychoanalysis is tracing back someone?s past. By using it, I find out that his past greatly influences his personality. His childhood is gloomy for him and he thinks that the sea is the source of his sufferings. This thought develops until he becomes an adult and finally leads him into an escape action. He escapes from reality for several times. The point is he tries to escape from the sea because in his view sea life is very bad and only brings pain. However, his view is completely wrong. He can have a wrong perception about the sea because his system of personality is unable to work harmoniously. His id is mostly dominant in his mind, so he cannot think rationally. As a result, he always blames the sea for the hardships that he had to face. In addition, he even does not find happiness during his escape. His escape brings agony either to his life or other characters? lives.

Keyword : american, drama, o’neill, eugene, anna, christie

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Emily Dickinson’s ideas about death as seen in her eight poems about death

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The thesis writer chooses to analyze the ideas of death because death happens in everyday life, and although there are many studies and beliefs about death, still there are questions left unanswered. The writer is curious to know Emily Dickinson?s ideas about death by analyzing eight of her poems about death. To analyze, the writer uses literary approach and literary devices such as allusion, diction, tone and the figures of speech. Among the figures of speech, the writer uses metaphor, simile, personification, synecdoche, metonymy, symbol, paradox and irony. The thesis discusses the ideas about death in Emily Dickinson?s poems “Dying! Dying in the night!”, “Tie the Strings to my Life, My Lord”, “I heard a fly buzz when I died”, “Because I could not stop for Death”, “This quiet Dust was Gentlemen and Ladies”, “Death is the supple suitor”, “As from the earth the light balloon” and “Death is like the insect”. Each poem is assumed to have some ideas about death. These ideas could be general or new. Based on the analysis, the writer finds that the general idea about death in Emily Dickinson?s poems is that death changes everything into dust. After that, all have no activities. Besides, for the Christians, death is the time to go to the Father?s mansion that Jesus has prepared and it also means immortality. For doubting people, death is terrifying. For them, life after death is mysterious. Also, death itself can be simply the end of life, when human beings become quiet dust and go through everlasting coldness. Meanwhile, one of the new ideas about death which Emily Dickinson shares in eight of her poems about death is, death is kind and civil as a gentleman, and he personally goes toward everybody in a romantic and gentle way as a man courting a woman. Besides, death is also seen as a joyful releasement from life. With a strong faith in God, death is not frightening. It can be seen as a leisurely journey.

Keyword : american, poetry, dickinson, emily, death

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The dreams of the main characters in fight stories in Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio and efforts of their realization

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This thesis is written to analyze the idea of having dreams in human interaction as social being from the eight characters in Winesburg, Ohio Written by Sherwood Anderson. By discussing these characters in this book, the thesis writer observes that all the eight characters have dreams. Therefore, the thesis writer wants to find what their dreams are and how they meet their failure. In order to achieve the purpose in studying the topic, the thesis writer uses literary approach and uses literary tools: characterization and conflict. In the analysis, the thesis writer explains the dream of each character. The thesis writer sees that all characters do efforts in getting what they want; yet they fail. Besides the character traits, their failure is also caused by the people surrounding them, including their own family. Therefore, the analysis is focused on the process how the characters meet their failure. Their failure later lcads them to isolation and loneliness. The thesis writer finds out that some have to suppress their dream, and others have to give up their dream. In short, they have to compromise and adjust to the reality as their lives continue.

Keyword : anderson, sherwood, winesburg, ohio, story, american, realization

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