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Local and global errors in the journals writen by the first writing class students

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This research is written to reveal local and global errors produced by the first writing class students in their journals. The study of local and global errors is the study on the communicative effect classification. It focuses on distinguishing between errors that seem to cause miscommunication (global) and those that do not (local). This study is conducted with the hope of giving a contribution to second language learners in the process of their second language acquisition. By evaluating the errors produced, this thesis is hoped to be able to help learners to learn when they correct the errors. Students and teachers here are expected to have a better understanding on the importance of making errors. This is a descriptive-qualitative study, as the writer describes and explores the errors without making any generalization from the findings. Here, the writer acts as the key instrument to collect the data. The errors in this study are identified and examined based on standard English grammar by Quirk and Greenbaum. The major theory applied was Politzer and Ramirez’s linguistic category taxonomy to classify the local errors into categories and subcategories, while Dulay and Hurt’s and Hurt and Kiparsky?s classifications of global errors were used to classify and explain the global errors. He found that most errors found in this study were considered local. Only three cases out of 311 errors found in this study were global. The students made almost all the subcategories of local error found in the Politzer and Ramirez’s linguistic category taxonomy. Noun phrase deviation was the most common error. For global errors, the students used wrong sentence connector and missing cues to signal obligatory exceptions of syntactic rules.

Keyword : applied, linguistics, english, language, errors, writing, student, journals

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Stylistics features in the utterances of the “radio presenter” and the callers of the “english around the world” show by EBS radio station 101.25 FM Surabaya

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Author : HUANG, FIE

This thesis is an analysis of Stylistics features in the utterances of Retha as the “Radio Jockey” and the callers in the “English around the world” show by EBS radio station. The writer chooses this topic because she would like to research the language styles by Retha and the callers in the conversation of each fragment and also she would like to know what kinds of feature occurred in the utterances since English has been an important language today and everything has been dealing to English. Moreover; this show, played by EBS required and obligated the callers to speak English if they were interested in speaking and practicing English. In analyzing the data, the writer uses the basic understanding theory of Functional Stylistics by Jan and Jiri. The writer used qualitative descriptive approach in analyzing the data and she generalized for the finding. After analyzing the data, the writer found that the language styles in each fragment are short, repetitive, substandard form, informal and code-mixing feature. The writer assumed that these features might be influenced by the limitation of time, the psychological pressure, the economical factors, and many others.

Keyword : applied, liguistics, language, english, semiotics. style, ebs, surabaya, radio, presenter

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/2287/

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