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Sistem pengendalian stuffle, loss process dan finished product di departemen kawat-seksi drawing PT. Surabaya Wire

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Sistem Pengendalian Stuffle, Loss Process dan Finished Product di Departemen Kawat – Seksi Drawing PT. Surabaya Wire merupakan prosedur dan instruksi kerja untuk mengendalikan jumlah stok Stuffle Wire Rod, stok Stuffle Bahan Tarik Ulang, besar loss process dan stok Kawat Paku. Sistem ini dibuat agar ketidaksesuaian data yang terjadi antara stok buku dan stok lapangan di Departemen Kawat – seksi Drawing dapat diminimalkan. Analisa yang dilakukan terhadap sistem menemukan dua penyebab utama dari ketidaksesuaian data antara stok buku dan stok lapangan. Penyebab-penyebab utama tersebut adalah program komputer yang tidak mendukung aktivitas proses produksi dan human error. Setelah dilakukan perbaikan pada program komputer serta implementasi beberapa prosedur dan instruksi kerja didapatkan hasil stock opname yang akurat pada akhir tahun.

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Analisa penyebab utama change order pada proyek konstruksi gedung T Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya

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Perubahan permintaan terhadap jalannya suatu proyek masa penandatanganan suatu dokumen kontrak Proyek Konstruksi yang didokumentasikan sebagai Change Order merupakan hal yang berpotensi untuk menimbulkan masalah yang mengganggu dan menimbulkan biaya bagi owner dan kontraktor (Thomas dan Napolitan, 1995). Setiap kasus dalam Change Order dapat menyebabkan perselisihan dan tuntutan yang tidak terelakkan (Cox, 1997). Maka suatu penelitian / analisa yang dilakukan melalui studi literatur dan interview yang dapat menimbulkan Change Order pada Proyek Konstruksi Gedung T Universitas Kristen Petra yang dibahas dalam Tugas Akhir ini diharapkan dapat mengetahui penyebab-penyebab utama tersebut, sehingga dengan demikian dapat meminimalkan adanya Change Order pada Proyek Konstruksi Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya pada masa yang akan datang. Penelitian yang telah dilakukan dalam Tugas Akhir ini menunjukkan bahwa faktor “Penambahan ruang lingkup” dan “Detail yang tidak jelas” merupakan dua hal yang mayoritas yang menyebabkan timbulnya Change Order pada Proyek Konstruksi Gedung T Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya

Keyword : changes, change order, causes, construction

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The Causes and effects of Pip’s ambition to be a gentleman as seen in Charles Dickens’ great expectations

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This thesis is a study on the causes and effects of Pip?s ambition as seen in Charles Dickens? Great Expectation. Pip has an ambition to become a gentleman. Thus, the thesis writer is curious to know what are the causes of Pip?s ambition and also what are the effects that ambition brings to him. The purpose of this thesis is to find out the reasons of Pip?s ambition and also what are the effects that ambition brings to him. To achieve her goal, the thesis writer uses literary approach such as characterization and conflict. In order to support the analysis the thesis writer also use the concept of gentleman in Victorian period and the concept of ambition to give clear perspectives about condition at that time. There are three causes that makes Pip has an ambition to be a gentleman, first is because of his poverty in his childhood, second is because of the treatment of Miss Havisham and Estella, and the third is because his love toward Estella. Pip?s ambition has two effects there are negative effect, his snobbishness and also the positive effect, his realization. Finally, Pip realizes that he cannot buy everything with money and what he has done all this time is wrong. Pip?s realization makes him become a real gentleman in his life, because becoming a real gentleman does not depend on how much money that someone have but more than how he or she behaves in the society.

Keyword : causes, effect, ambition, gentleman

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A Study on Francis Dolarhyde’s mental illness in Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon

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In the novel of Thomas Harris?s Red Dragon, Francis Dolarhyde suffers from mental illness. That is why, the thesis writer is interested in studying his mental illness. His mental illness becomes the issue that the thesis writer wants to analyze. The thesis writer wants to know the symptoms, causes, and effect of his mental illness. The thesis writer finds that Francis has false belief that he is the dragon and hears voices. She also finds that the family and society are the causes of his mental illness. As a result of his mental illness, he decides to suicide and doing destructive behaviors. In order to examine Francis Dolarhyde?s mental illness, the thesis writer uses psychological approach and theory is the theory of schizophrenia as the only theory in this thesis and it will be divided into types and symptoms, causes and effect of schizophrenia. The analysis is done by analyzing the symptoms, causes and effect of Francis Dolarhyde?s mental illness. Then, the thesis writer gives conclusion that Francis? mental illness is concluded as paranoid schizophrenia.

Keyword : symptoms, causes, effect of mental illness

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A Study of the causes and effects of the unhappy marriage of constance reid as the main female character as seen in D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover

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In this thesis, I am interested to know why Constance Reid feels unhappy with her marriage and what the effects of the unhappy marriage on her life are. The purpose of the study is to analyze the main causes of Constance?s unhappy marriage and its effects to her. I want to show and prove that the unhappy marriage finally affect Constance mentally and physically as seen in D. H. Lawrence?s Lady Chatterley?s Lover. In analyzing the matter, I use the literary approach namely theory of characterization and theory of conflicts, supported by the concept of marital life, and psychological concepts namely the concept of daydreaming and the concept of depression. In the analysis, I discuss some causes of the unhappy marriage such as Clifford?s impotency, Constance?s communication problem with Clifford, and Constance?s lack of intimacy and affection. Then, in the end Constance?s unhappy marriage affects her psychologically for she experiences a state of daydreaming and she suffers from an acute depression, also, in the end she has an affair with her secret lover, Oliver Mellors. Finally, I come up with the conclusion that Constance cannot cope with her husband?s physical and emotional paralysis, because as a young normal married woman she finds that she must fulfill her own needs at a very basic level, and when that needs are not fulfilled, it affects her psychologically and in the end she has an affair with another man. She cannot reach a happy marriage because her defective relationship with her husband can no longer be reconciled.

Keyword : unhappy marriage, causes, effects

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A Study of Etsuko’s sadism in Yukio Mishima’s Thirst For Love

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Thirst for Love is a novel about love in which one of the main characters, Etsuko, has psychological problem, namely sadism. Etsuko, who has sadism, is a character that gives impact toward people around her. Her sadism becomes the issue that the thesis writer wants to discuss. Therefore, this thesis is a study of the symptoms that make Etsuko suffer sadism and the causes of Etsuko?s sadism. In order to examine the causes of Etsuko?s sadism and the symptoms, the thesis writer needs the psychological approach by using the theory of sadism. The thesis writer needs the definition of sadism, the theory of symptoms of sadism, and the theory of the causes of sadism. The analysis is done first by studying the symptoms of Etsuko?s sadism and then continued by analyzing the causes of her sadism.

Keyword : symptom, causes, sadism

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A Study of the causes and effects of Hamlet’s depression in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

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Hamlet is a kind of tragic story about a young prince, who has a lot of problems that makes his mind, is full of confusion, doubt and uncertainty. His inability to face reality and his weaknesses seem overwhelm him. Therefore, he experiences depression since he is also unable to cope with it. His psychological problem, depression, becomes the issue that the thesis writer wants to discuss. Therefore, the thesis writer questions why Hamlet gets depression and what the effects of his depression are as seen in his behavior. So, the thesis writer is going to reveal why Hamlet experiences depression and to analyze the effects of depression in his behaviors. Hence, the writer thinks that literary approach as the main tool, namely theory of characterization and conflict, to find out the characters of Hamlet and psychological concept of depression to go further into Hamlet?s state of psychology. The writer finds that Hamlet?s anguish upon his father?s death becomes one of the causes of his depression. He is depressed for he cannot believe his father that he admires about leaves him so soon and thus Hamlet loses his future orientation. Besides, his disappointment upon his mother?s unfaithfulness and his worthlessness feeling as he fails to carry out his father?s message generates him to fall into depression. He regrets for letting unfairness happens in Denmark. As a result of his depression, he tends to be self-blaming for not being able to solve his problems and to be hesitant in taking action and he chooses to run away to avoid burden.

Keyword : shakespeare, hamlet, depression, causes, effects

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A Study on the main character’s Anxiety in Ann Widdecombe’s “An Act of Treachery”

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An Act of Treachery is a novel created by one of British modern writers namely Ann Widdecombe. Although she is best known as a member of the Parliament, but she is concerned about many issues. An Act of Treachery is her third novel set during the Second World War. This novel is dealing with the role of the family. Thus, I am interested to take its dominant theme about the relationship between parents and children. There are some different parenting styles used by parent. Surely each style brings effect to children. However, in my analysis, I will only focus on Catherine as the main character who experiences psychological problem because of her authoritarian parents. In short, authoritarian parents described as people who tell “you must do it because I say so” become the main cause of Catherine’s anxiety. Therefore, I want to find the family values that exactly cause Catherine’s psychological problem and the ways she overcome her problems. To meet my aim, I need the description of anxiety, authoritarian parenting style and its effects. In addition, I use psychological approach with the help of the theory of defense mechanisms in order to analyze Catherine’s ways to deal with her psychological problems. Catherine uses compensation, fantasy, and displacement as her defense mechanism to cope with her uncomfortable condition. However, these mechanisms have ruined her and create another new problem. Besides, Catherine’s way to cope with her psychological problems is considered as “an act of treachery”. She is called a traitor because of her love to an enemy to shift her needs of her parents’ affection. Thus, I am really interested in finding the effects of her ineffective defense mechanisms to her life. I need the description of depression that will help me to achieve my purpose. Through this analysis, we will learn and understand that authoritarian parenting style will give bad effects to children and may lead to rebel. Unfortunately, most parents are using this style because of their high expectations and their excessive love to their children. This is an up to date topic because the issue naturally happens to every family. It can be a picture to help parents to maintain an ideal way of communication with their children.

Keyword : causes, ways, effects, anxiety

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