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The Effective promotion tools for Maybelline in order to increase the sales

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The Major purpose of this research is to discover what kinds of promotron tools that is effective to deliver the message from company to customers especially in cosmetics industry. Cosmetics business is the growing and profitable industries, with the mushrooming of new cosmetics companies, make the cosmetics market becomes more and more challenging, fast moving, and fierce competition in this field. In order to survive, one of the ways company can do IS by doing some of promotion. The problem is there are so many promotion tools can be used in the market, and many companies spend most of their budget to hold promotron while, the top priorities for business are always the same which are increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve profitability. Besides that, nowadays customers are flooded with information. The increasing amount of product lines, brands, store, shopping mall, and electronic media are also giving opportunities for customer to choose the product they really want. Unfortunately, it can make customers have more difficulty in making decision on buying. Based on this, it?s very important for a company to have correct promotion tools, so that company can arrange the promotion budget more effectively and probably reduce costs.

Keyword : consumer decision making

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The Analysis of factors which influence consumer decision making of buying snack products in Surabaya


This Final Assignment Report examines what factors influence consumer decision making in buying snack products in Surabaya. In the research, the writers employ Factor Analysis as analytical method in order to identify interrelationship among several independent variables so that can be summarized into groups that consist new set of variables. Using quantitative approach involving nominal and interval types of data that are collected through distributing questionnaires covering 250 respondents with sampling method of non – probability convenience quota sampling employing marketing and non marketing factors. After analysis done, it can be concluded that only product taste and price value and promotion from marketing factors and personal – culture, personal needs and status from non marketing factors have considerable effect on consumer decision making in buying snack products.

Keyword : consumer decision making, buying snack products, marketing factors, product taste, price value, promotion, non marketing factors, personal culture, personal needs, status

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