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Analyzing the influence of sevice quality towards customer loyalty in Dynasty Restaurant

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This research is written to analyze about how the service quality in Dynasty Restaurant in Amsterdam influences the customer loyalty. It is important to analyze this case because nowadays there are so many competitors in hospitality industry, especially in the Restaurant industry. The writers want to examine if the service quality does exist to influence the customers? loyalty. In the first part, the writers will introduce about this thesis. It includes background of the study, the problems statement, the purpose of the research and the limitation of the research. In the second part, the writers will introduce about service quality, and customers loyalty. This part will provide all the literature review of service quality, customer loyalty, and the relationship between service quality and customers loyalty. In the third part, the writers will explain about the research method. It includes the types of research, data types and data sources, method and procedures of data collection, data analysis technique and the research schedule. In the fourth part, the writers will explain briefly the background of Dynasty Restaurant. It covers the story of Dynasty Restaurant, the founder, and the organization chart. In the fifth part, the writers will analyze the data which include descriptive analysis, frequency analysis, service quality mean analysis, cross tabulation analysis, and guest book analysis. In the sixth part, the writers will make the conclusions of this research and give some recommendations about the service quality in Dynasty Restaurant.

Keyword : service quality, customer loyalty, dynasty restaurant

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Analisa pengaruh tangible aspect terhadap loyalitas konsumen di Hugo’s Cafe Surabaya

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Masalah kualitas dalam era globalisasi tidak terlepas dari masalah kepuasan konsumen. Kualitas mendorong konsumen untuk menjalin hubungan yang kuat dengan perusahaan. Dalam jangka panjang ikatan seperti itu memungkinkan perusahaan untuk memahami harapan serta kebutuhan konsumen dan selanjutnya dapat meningkatkan kualitas pelayanannya. Pengalaman menyenangkan dari pelayan jasa yang diberikan oleh suatu perusahaan akan selalu diingat oleh konsumen, sehingga diharapkan dapat menumbuhkan loyalitas konsumen pada perusahaan. Prasarana yang berkaitan dengan pelayanan terhadap konsumen juga harus diperhatikan oleh manajemen perusahaan. Prasarana ini berupa hal-hal yang terlihat (tangible). Hugo?s Cafe Surabaya didirikan dengan maksud untuk tempat berkumpul para Clubbing di Surabaya sudah sangat banyak sekali, akan tetapi Hugo?s Cafe tetap optimis untuk bersaing dengan tempat lain. Dari permasalahan diatas maka penulisan ini akan mengambil element-element layanan berupa tangible aspect dari Hugo?s Cafe yang diterapkan ditengah-tengah persaingan dalam menarik dan mempertahankan konsumen.

Keyword : tangible, customer loyalty

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The Analysis of customer preference factors that influence the satisfaction

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Author : C, CLAUDIA

Every company in every sector in this world is struggling to keep their existence and leading in the market including keeping the market notice them, satisfied toward the usage their product and then hopefully become loyal toward the brand. This research would like to inform the factors among elements of customers? preferences to hair extension and their influences to customers? satisfaction. By involving 370 hair extension customers, the collecting data is accomplished using questionnaire. The data are processed by using factor analysis and advanced by multiple linier regression models. The result is that, there are three factors among elements of customers? preferences to hair extension, they are, products characteristics, service, and products variance. Therefore, from those three factors only two factors of customer preferences are influencing the customer satisfaction significantly; they are products characteristics and service. It can be seen by using t test that have significant value less than 5%. Yet, the product variance factor does not influence customer satisfaction significantly. It can be seen by using t test that has significant value more than 5%.

Keyword : customer preference, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, product characteristic, service

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A Study on the service value, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and company?s revenue growth as a chain relationship in PT.IMSI: the service Profit Chain model approach

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Honda is one of car global brand as it is being produced in Japan. Therefore as Honda Company has made its way to global enrichment, it produces Honda cars not only in Japan. Currently PT. IMSI is a car distributor (main dealer) in East Java, Bali and Lombok. PT. IMSI is a potential company, it has its strengths in some parts but also there were some problems appear in the company. This FAR was focusing in the service value, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and companies? revenue growth as a chain relationship in the Service Profit Chain model approach as currently service is a crucial part in the business era. The results of the research show the relationship between service value, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty was associated positively. However, there was no association between customer loyalty and revenue growth after all. Based on the problems appeared in the company and the findings, management of IMSI could develop its business performances by developing company?s competitive strategy and management philosophy on the basis of this analysis.

Keyword : service profit chain, service value, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, revenue growth

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Pengaruh financial benefit, social benefit dan structural ties terhadap customer loyalty di De Boliva Ice Cream Gubeng Surabaya

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Dengan semakin berkembangnya bisnis kafe ini akan memberikan alternatif pada konsumen untuk memilih tempat pembelian yang paling ideal guna memenuhi kebutuhannya. Agar perusahaan mampu bersaing dan tetap bertahan, maka pihak manajemen perlu melakukan pendekatan dan penelitian, khususnya yang berhubungan dengan perilaku konsumen. Strategi yang digunakan oleh perusahaan bisnis ini dalam meningkatkan hubungannya dengan pelanggan adalah dengan membangun suatu ikatan khusus melalui Relationship Marketing. Untuk itu pihak manajemen De Boliva ice cream Surabaya perlu memberikan perhatian masalah-masalah dalam membangun hubungan yang baik terhadap kesetiaan konsumen dalam pembelian produk tersebut. Hasil analisis didapat financial benefit, social benefit dan structural ties mempunyai pengaruh yang signifikan terhadap customer loyalty di De Boliva Ice Cream Surabaya dengan nilai F hitung lebih besar daripada F tabel.

Keyword : financial benefit, social benefit, structural ties, customer loyalty, de boliva ice cream gubeng surabaya

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How to improve the image of Indonesia in order to ensure The Netherlands tourists that Indonesia is still eligible for leisure attraction

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Indonesian tourism was chosen to be the topic that could be interesting to be analyzed as in the late years; the country image has been decreasing due to bombing issues, terrorism issues and economic crisis. Besides, based on the data that the writer had obtained, the numbers of Dutch tourists were decreasing slightly higher than the other European countries. Some research, including primary and secondary research, had been done to reach the most accurate result. The aim of the research is to show whether or not any relation between the decrease on numbers of Dutch tourists and the negative issues towards Indonesia. The result showed that most of the respondents who had never been to Indonesia were less interested to visit Indonesia due to the negative image that the country possessed. Realizing this finding, the writer had some suggestions which were related to building new positioning and renewing marketing strategy to establish positive image and attract more Dutch tourist or even international tourist visiting Indonesia in future years.

Keyword : image management, customer satisfaction, segmenting, targeting, positioning, customer loyalty

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Analyzing customer loyalty through relationship marketing in restaurant Lucky City Hoofddorp-Netherlands

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This thesis is written by the writers as the requirement to finish the writer?s study in Hotel Management of Petra Christian University, Indonesia and Christelijke Hogeschool Noord Nederland. The first part of this thesis will give some information and description about The “Lucky City” Restaurant in Hoofddorp-Noord Nederland. The second part of this thesis will contain a qualitative research that the writers have done, which will be started by reviewing the literature. The literature review will explain and describe about what relationship marketing is, what customer loyalty is, who are your customers, how to make a good relation with the customers through relationship marketing, how relationship marketing influence customer loyalty, and how to measure customer loyalty. The qualitative research will contain of observation to the market, interview with sources of information, in this case is the owner from the restaurant “Lucky City” in Hoofddorp and also the writers will give questionnaires to the customer that is related. The third part of this thesis will contain the main idea from this thesis; this part will try to show us how to reach customer loyalty through relationship marketing. The fourth part of this thesis will contain the customer analysis. And the last part of this thesis will be the conclusion from the whole research and observation from the writers within 10 months working in “Lucky City” restaurant in Hoofddorp. The writers decided to choose this topic because the writers thought that this case is relevant with the current condition and situation, because most of the customers in restaurant “Lucky City” are existing customers. The writers hope that this thesis will give some help and information about relationship marketing to get customer loyalty.

Keyword : restaurant, customer loyalty

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The Relationship of direct – moderated variables and customer satisfaction to customer loyalty in real estate industry of PT Ciputra Surya Tbk (Citraraya Surabaya)


This research is analyzing the relationship of Direct – Moderated Variables and Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty level of a brand in the real estate industry. The population of the research is the customer of PT Ciputra Surya Tbk. The analysis tool is regression model of SPSS version 12.0. The result is there is significant relationship among those variables, and the Direct – Moderated variables are having stronger relationship to Customer Loyalty rather than Customer Satisfaction itself.

Keyword : customer loyalty, direct variables, moderated variables, customer satisfaction, pt ciputra surya tbk (citraraya surabaya)

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Pengaruh program relationship marketing yang terdiri dari customer service, loyalty program, dan community building terhadap loyalitas pelanggan Sogo Department Store Plasa Tunjungan 4 di Surabaya

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Penelitian ini disusun untuk mengetahui pengaruh program Relationship Marketing yang terdiri dari Customer Service, Loyalty Program, dan Community Building terhadap Loyalitas pelanggan SOGO Department Store Plasa Tunjungan 4 di Surabaya. Sampel yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah sebesar jumlah sampel yang ada yaitu sebanyak 200 orang. Tahap analisis data menggunakan model regresi berganda seri program SPSS versi 11.50. Dari hasil analisa regresi, penulis menemukan bahwa secara serempak ada pengaruh yang signifikan antara variabel Customer Service, Loyalty Program, dan Community Building terhadap loyalitas pelanggan SOGO Department Store Plasa Tunjungan 4 di Surabaya. Selain itu variabel yang paling berpengaruh terhadap loyalitas pelanggan SOGO Di Surabaya adalah customer service.

Keyword : retail, relationship marketing, customer service, loyalty program, community building, customer loyalty

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