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A Study on Yury Zhivago’s defense mechanism in escaping from being a victim of the revolution in Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago

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Doctor Zhivago, Noble Prize winner for literature in 1958, is Boris Pasternak’s greatest work which takes a century of Russian tremendous historical change including World War I, the two revolutions of 1917, and the Civil War as the background. Yury Zhivago, the main male character in this novel, because of his profession as a doctor has to join the Russian revolution. Experiencing the horrors, bloodshed, poverty, starvation, and isolation caused by the revolution, Yury, then, enters into a conflict with the Russian revolution which victimizes him. He, furthermore, tries to insulate his private life from the chaos and violence of the revolution. This attempt reflects the theory of defense mechanism. Defense mechanism refers to unconscious process to defend oneself against anxiety. In this thesis, the problems that the writer will analyze are how Yury Zhivago becomes a victim of the revolution, and how he uses defense mechanism to help him escape from it. In order to analyze this thesis, the writer will do some library research to collect other data such as the criticism of Doctor Zhivago, and the biography of Boris Pasternak. To support the analysis, the writer will use literary approach, namely conflict, to show how Yury becomes a victim of the revolution. Besides, the writer also uses psychological theory, namely defense mechanism, to reveal Yury’s defense mechanism in escaping from being a victim of the revolution. The analysis, then, will show that the revolution victimizes Yury by isolating him from his dear ones, encircling him with poverty and starvation, and throwing him into savagery. The analysis, furthermore, reveals Yury’s defense mechanism which are rationalization, repression, displacement, overcompensation, and sublimation. In the end, it can be concluded that Yury Zhivago in order to escape from being a victim of the revolution, employs some defense mechanisms. Those mechanisms, however, do not help much for his anxiety toward the revolution remains until the end of his life. Thus, he dies in despair with none of his beloved near him.

Keyword : novel, revolution, defense mechanism, russian historical, victim, civil war, world war, russian revolution

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Defense mechanisms developed by Frank McCourt in order to survive the ordeal of his childhood as seen in Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes

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This thesis is the study of the kinds of defense mechanism developed by Frank McCourt in order to survive the ordeal of his childhood. The background of Frank McCourt?s childhood is Irish society especially Catholic Irish society which influences much to the main character, Frank McCourt himself. In this thesis, I want to reveal, through the analysis, how the main character reacted to his poor condition by developing a defense mechanism. Considering those facts, I want to know what kinds of defense mechanism developed by the main character in order to survive the ordeal of his childhood. In doing the analysis with regard to the aim of the study, I will apply psychological approach namely defense mechanism of the ego from Sigmund Freud. By employing this theory, I come to my findings that McCourt finally able to survive the ordeal of his childhood by employing three kinds of defense mechanisms. Also, besides being able to survive himself from the ordeal of his childhood, McCourt is also able to draw the lesson from the ordeal of his childhood and live to share his story with others.

Keyword : defense mechanism, repression, displacement, intellectualization

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A Study on main characters’ defense mechanism as seen in edward albee’s the death of bessie smith

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Edward Albee is well known as American writer. According to him, the theatre is the mechanism for truth. Its method may be oblique, but it is ultimately concerned with the need to identify and embrace the real and the truth.(Bigsby, 1967, p.258). Theatre is a place to express the reality of life and dramatize the reality of man?s condition as their need to get self-congratulation and reassurance and presenting a false picture of man to man. In this thesis, I discuss The Death of Bessie Smith, one of Albee?s plays as my primary source. In this play, Edward Albee attempts to show how the unfulfilled needs of human beings influence their attitudes that give suffer to other. It expresses the reality of man?s condition as their effort to get self-reassurance and present a false picture of man to man. In this play, four main characters namely Father, Nurse, Orderly and Intern cannot fulfill their needs because of their inability to accept the reality. In this study I will analyze their unfulfilled needs and their defense mechanism with some psychological theories to support my analysis. Finally, it can be seen through the analysis that the main character?s unfulfilled needs due to their false attitudes in facing their lives. The defense mechanisms serve as a means to compensate their unfulfilled need.

Keyword : defense mechanism

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A Study on the main character’s schizophrenia in Dostoyevsky’s The Double

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Human psyche, according to Freud, is compared to an iceberg. It means that only the smallest portion of human mind that can be seen on the surface. Inside human psyche, it is indeed hiding a thousand of unsolved mysteries. This can be seen in this short novel of Dostoyevsky, The Double, which uncovered those secret sides of human being. This short work conveys a character with a psychological disorder. This character which is known as Mr. Goldyadkin seems to be divided into two. He sees himself in double light. The other ‘ iddyadkin owns a perfect resemblance but different in personality. Fortunate./, the appearance of the other is not factual but appears only in Mr. Goldyadkin’s disintegrated mind. Thus, I assume this problem as schizophrenia. Inspired by his problematic condition, I am interested in analyzing the symptoms of schizophrenia that appears in Mr. Goldyadkin as well as the trigger of his mental disorder. To meet my aim, I use psychological approach with the help of schizophrenia concept and theory of defense mechanism in order to analyze Mr. Goldyadkin’s behaviour and speech to prove the symptoms and the causes of schizophrenia. In Mr. Goldyadkin’s behaviour, delusion and hallucination can be considered to be the symptoms which commonly appear in paranoid schizophrenia. Along with his delusion and hallucination behaviour, Mr. Goldyadkin also oftentimes finds communication problem in his conversation. In addition, the trigger or Mr. Goldyadkin’s schizophrenia stems from Mr. Goldyadkin’s inferiority feeling and society’s rejection toward him. Ir order to cope with this uncomfortable condition, Mr. Goldyadkin applies p r ojection and fantasy as his defense mechanism. However, these mechanisms di not help him to get away from those feeling. On the contrary, these mechanisms tl.rn him into a schizophrenic.

Keyword : schizophrenia, defense mechanism, projection, fantasy,

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A Study on Heathcliff’s anxiety and his defense mechanisms as seen in Emily Bronte’s wuthering heights


In this thesis, I discuss the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I choose the work of Emily Bronte for several reasons. Firstly, I choose her because she has a good reputation as a fine author. Secondly, I choose her because she has a unique background that increases my curiosity to make an analysis on her work. Then, my interest in discussing psychological problems encourage me to make an analysis on her novel Wuthering Heights, which has a problematic psychological story. This study deals with the main character?s anxiety, and I am curious to know about the causes of the main character?s anxiety and his defense mechanism as the ways to protect his ego from the unpleasant memory. In the analysis, I use Sigmund Freud?s theory of anxiety and defense mechanism. I also use library research and data collection from the Internet. Then, I use the data collection, combined with Freud?s theory about anxiety for the analysis of the problem. Finally, I find that the main character, Heathcliff, suffers from anxiety because of the painful emotional experience of being rejected by his surroundings. Furthermore, this unpleasant memory leads Heathcliff?s to fear of rejection. When Heathcliff accepts rejection from other people, his ego will undergo from the pressure of the external world and experience fear of rejection. However, Heathcliff will automatically do defense mechanism to satisfy his ego and overcome the fear of rejection.

Keyword : anxiety, fear of rejection, wuthering heights, defense mechanism, ego, compensation, fixation, projection, reaction formation, displacement

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A Study on Beth Haxton’s psychological problems and the ways she deals with them in Lurlene McDaniel’s novel , The Girl Death Left Behind

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Author : , OLIVIA

This thesis mainly deals with Beth Haxton?s psychological problems and the ways she deals with her psychological problems. The thesis writer sees that the main female character in Lurlene McDaniel?s The Girl Death Left Behind, Beth Haxton, has experienced painful or tragic event in her life. As a result, it leads her to have her psychological problems. She also tries to handle her psychological problems. Unconsciously, she has built a defense mechanism, which is called repression, in order to escape from the pain. Therefore, this thesis aims to find out Beth?s psychological problems and the ways she deals with them. To reach the purpose of this study, the thesis writer use psychological approach, mainly the theory of anxiety, theory of depression and theory of defense mechanism especially repression in order to help the thesis writer recognize the ways Beth deals with her psychological problems. Finally, the thesis writer finds the psychological problems that are suffered by Beth are anxiety and depression. Then, she can deal with her psychological problems by using repression.

Keyword : psychological problems, anxiety, depression, defense mechanism, repression

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