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Defense mechanisms developed by Frank McCourt in order to survive the ordeal of his childhood as seen in Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes

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This thesis is the study of the kinds of defense mechanism developed by Frank McCourt in order to survive the ordeal of his childhood. The background of Frank McCourt?s childhood is Irish society especially Catholic Irish society which influences much to the main character, Frank McCourt himself. In this thesis, I want to reveal, through the analysis, how the main character reacted to his poor condition by developing a defense mechanism. Considering those facts, I want to know what kinds of defense mechanism developed by the main character in order to survive the ordeal of his childhood. In doing the analysis with regard to the aim of the study, I will apply psychological approach namely defense mechanism of the ego from Sigmund Freud. By employing this theory, I come to my findings that McCourt finally able to survive the ordeal of his childhood by employing three kinds of defense mechanisms. Also, besides being able to survive himself from the ordeal of his childhood, McCourt is also able to draw the lesson from the ordeal of his childhood and live to share his story with others.

Keyword : defense mechanism, repression, displacement, intellectualization

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Pemodelan embankment di atas tanah lunak dengan variasi ketebalan

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Penimbunan embankment pada kenyataannya di lapangan seringkali mengalami penurunan, terutama terjadi pada tanah dasar lunak, misalnya tanah lempung. Hal ini dikarenakan tidak dipelajarinya terlebih dahulu spesifikasi tanah dasar tersebut dan tidak diperhitungkannya konsolidasi yang bakal terjadi pada penimbunan embankment tersebut. Skripsi ini merupakan study tahapan penimbunan embankment yang tepat supaya tidak terjadi penurunan pada tanah dasar khususnya tanah lempung. Dimana didalam perhitungan ini selain digunakan data tanah dasar ,tanah asli Surabaya ( yang diperoleh dari laboratorium tanah ) dipakai juga simulasi spesifikasi tanah lempung. Simulasi spesifikasi tanah lempung tersebut dengan memvariasi nilai kohesi ( C ),modulus elastisitas ( E ),dan sudut geser ( O ). Selain itu ketebalan tanah lempung dan kemiringan embankment yang divariasi. Secara umum dari hasil perhitungan menunjukkan bahwa semakin besar nilai C dan E suatu tanah lempung maka ketinggian embankment yang mampu ditahan dan angka keamanannya semakin besar, sedangkan waktu konsolidasi dan penurunan yang terjadi semakin kecil.

Keyword : consolidation, secure factor, displacement

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A Study on Heathcliff’s anxiety and his defense mechanisms as seen in Emily Bronte’s wuthering heights


In this thesis, I discuss the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I choose the work of Emily Bronte for several reasons. Firstly, I choose her because she has a good reputation as a fine author. Secondly, I choose her because she has a unique background that increases my curiosity to make an analysis on her work. Then, my interest in discussing psychological problems encourage me to make an analysis on her novel Wuthering Heights, which has a problematic psychological story. This study deals with the main character?s anxiety, and I am curious to know about the causes of the main character?s anxiety and his defense mechanism as the ways to protect his ego from the unpleasant memory. In the analysis, I use Sigmund Freud?s theory of anxiety and defense mechanism. I also use library research and data collection from the Internet. Then, I use the data collection, combined with Freud?s theory about anxiety for the analysis of the problem. Finally, I find that the main character, Heathcliff, suffers from anxiety because of the painful emotional experience of being rejected by his surroundings. Furthermore, this unpleasant memory leads Heathcliff?s to fear of rejection. When Heathcliff accepts rejection from other people, his ego will undergo from the pressure of the external world and experience fear of rejection. However, Heathcliff will automatically do defense mechanism to satisfy his ego and overcome the fear of rejection.

Keyword : anxiety, fear of rejection, wuthering heights, defense mechanism, ego, compensation, fixation, projection, reaction formation, displacement

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