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The Theme of loneliness as seen through the characters: Oliver Twist, Fagin and Nancy in dickens’ Oliver Twist

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Considering one?s nature as social being, a person needs others to socialize. Finding oneself among the other fellow beings is the most scaring thing in life. However, one should be careful since the problem of loneliness arises in the world. Loneliness becomes a serious problem since some people do not know how to handle it and they take the negative ways to overcome it. This study attempts to analyze the problem of loneliness, which is presented in Charles Dickens? Oliver Twist. In this novel, loneliness is an important subject to discuss. Three characters: Oliver, Fagin and Nancy are chosen to represent the lonely figures in their loneliness is the purpose of this study. The thesis writer uses library research to concept of characterization as the literary device to find how the characters become lonely. To analyze how they deal with their loneliness, the thesis writer will use the psychological theory on loneliness, and finally the thesis writer will find out the outcome of their efforts in conquering their loneliness. Finally she finds out that only Oliver Twist could deal with his loneliness so that in the end he lives happily.

Keyword : english, fiction, study, teaching, oliver twist

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Taboo words produced by male and female characters in the movie boys don’t cry

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Generally, taboo words are words which were ‘not only considered inappropriate for certain context, but were also forbidden in most communicative events’ (Trudgill, 1974:29-3 1 ) However, regardless the fact that taboo words were condemned to use, their presence was undeniable, and it did, in fact, exist in our community. The traditional conception said that females were forbidden to use it for any reasons, while males had their freedom because of the context of masculinity involved. Since the condition became more flexible toward males and females, the pressure got more relaxed. Therefore, the writer was curious to know the kinds of taboo words that males and females used, their tabooed subjects, and their primary purpose to use it. The data was taken from the movie Boys don?t cry, and the approach used was a qualitative-descriptive approach. On the other hand, the theories used to analyze the data were divided into two main theories and one supporting theory. The main theories were taken from the combination between Liedlich and Wardhaugh?s theory about the classification of taboo words and Liedlich?s theory of the purpose. Meanwhile, Hymes? theory about the factors exist in communicative events was also taken to support the analysis of the user?s purpose in using taboo words. The final result of this study was that the taboo word that was often used by both males and females was fuck, and they shared the same tabooed subject, which was Sex. The purpose was quite different. While males used taboo words for the purpose of identification, females used them to provide catharsis.

Keyword : english, language, social aspects, linguistics, slang, taboo, male, female, movie

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A strudy of Jim’s Psychological problems in Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim

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Lord Jim is basically a novel in which the central character has some psychological problems. Joseph Conrad?s Lord Jim presents the main character, Jim, as a man who has a dream to be a hero. Jim is trying hard to realize his dream; however, he meets his failures which are caused by his psychological problems in reaching the dream. This thesis examines what Jim?s psychological problems are and how Jim solves his psychological problems. In order to examine Jim?s psychological problems and the way out, the thesis writer bases her study on the literary theories, such as characterization and conflicts, as well as psychological theory, that is anxieties, and the definition of dream. Jim?s anxieties are the obstacles in reaching his dream to be a hero. Besides, his guilty feeling haunts Jim. Jim fails twice, but at last he can realize his dream although it is like a glimpse in his life. At the end, Jim faces a trouble. He indirectly kills his only best friend he ever has. Jim finally overcomes his anxieties bravely when he faces his death in order to be a good man who is responsible for what he has done. At the end of the analysis, the thesis writer concludes that Jim meets some incidents that actually can help him to realize his dream to be a hero. Although he fails twice, he can reach his dreams when he is in Patusan village. However, because of the death of his best friend, Jim?s guilty feeling haunts him, he chooses to die as repentance for his guilt. From the analysis, the thesis

Keyword : conrad, joseph, english, fiction, lord, jim

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A study of the effects of Bella’s mercenary attitude and her change in Charles Dickens’s our mutual friend

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This thesis is a study of the Effects of Bella?s Mercenary Attitude arid Her Change in Charles Dickens Our mutual friend Bella, the main character, is obsessed by wealth and luxurious life. Therefore, she wants to marry a man that she has never met before. First, I show what kind of attitude Bella has toward money and luxurious life. Then, I show how Bella changes in her attitude. I want to discuss Bclla?s attitude towards money before and after her change and to analyze the process of her change. I apply literary approach in doing the analysis. I use characterization, conflict, and setting as the literary devices, and I emphasize the knowledge of Victorian society, particularly on the social class and pcople?s way in valuing money as background knowledge. In the analysis, I find out that the main character, Bella Wilfer, has ndergone a big change after she witnesses that money can change a kind person into a rude one. Before the change she loves money and luxury very much and after the change she is no longer obsessed by money and luxurious life. Finally, she can value the bad and good sites of money.

Keyword : charles, dickens, english, fiction, bella

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A psychoanalysis study of othello’s search for selfesteem that ends in his downfall in Shakespeare’s othello

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The thesis deals with Shakespeare?s drama, Othello. In the thesis, the writer learns that Othello is a tragic hero who is trapped in a situation of struggle. It is the struggle of Othello as a Moor mercenary soldier who lives in the middle of racist white society in order to get self-esteem. Here, the thesis writer wants to know Othello?s struggle in getting his self-esteem, which leads to his downfall. The purpose of writing this thesis is to show Othello?s struggle in getting his self-esteem, which leads to his downfall. The writer uses the psychoanalysis in the interaction among the id, the ego, and the superego as the theory in analyzing it. Thus, the thesis writer concludes that all of the struggles, which are done by Othello, are the realization of the interaction among the id, the ego, and the superego of Othello?s personality in order to seek self-esteem. In the first struggle for self-esteem, Othello?s struggle to win the war in order to win the trust and the acknowledgment from his white society is successfully done and he can get his self-esteem by being promoted as the general in Venetian army. In the second struggle in order to win the acknowledgment on his marriage with white Desdemona, Othello can also get his self-esteem by marrying white Venetian lady, Desdemona. Unfortunately, in maintaining the marriage, Othello fails. He kills his wife to get his self-esteem but finally he ends up committing suicide because he finds out that the accusation of the betrayal toward his wife is not right at all.

Keyword : english, drama, shakespeare’s, william, othello, psychoanalysis

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The Analysis of transition signals in the English Departement students writing 3 at Petra Christian University

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Students at the English Department are supposed to master English language since the Department uses English as the medium of teaching and learning to study English literature. Therefore, they are also supposed to be competence in communicating ideas well through written language. In communicating ideas through an essay, the students should make the writing coherence so that the message conveyed is transferred well to the readers. For that reason, being coherent is important for students of writing in producing their essay. One of the techniques used to achieve coherence in writing is applying transition signals. While, according to Coffey in Communication Through Writing transition signals are important since they will give the readers to comprehend the core of the text. This present study emphasizes on the use of transition signals that leads to text comprehension. The problem which the writer investigates is how the students use the transition signals to maintain the writing coherence in the essays writing of the Students Writing III at the English Department of Petra Christian University. In her research, she uses theory of Margaret Pogemiller Coffey about transition signals and the theory about coherence by Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue, Moreover, she uses Fransica’s thesis about An Analysis of the Coherence on Classified Advertisement in Jakarta Post, and Amelia?s thesis which dealt with A Study of Cohesion in Lateral-Quarterly PBE Magazine. The approach of this study is qualitative descriptive because the data is in the form of words rather than numbers. Furthermore, the writer collects the data from the assignment produced by the students of Writing III at the English Department of Petra Christian University. The data are obtained by collecting 5 essays in one occasion, randomly, in order to avoid subjectivity. After that, the Writer investigating those data based on the research questions. From the data analysis, the writer finds that there are 10 types of transition signals which are used in the essays of Writing III?s students. There is 1 type which is not used by the student. Furthermore, the writer finds that most of the use of transition signals in the students? essay is correct. It takes 93.19% which is correct and 6.81% is not correct.

Keyword : english, language, rhetoric, transition, writing

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Functions, forms, and types of adjectives in kids-products advertisement in family circle magazine

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This thesis is an analysis of adjectives in kids-products advertisements on Family Circle magazine. The writer chooses this topic because she thinks that adjectives may be applied in various ways as seen in the advertisements, to serve the needs of language users in communication This condition encourages her to observe further about functions of adjectives, forms of adjectives, and types of adjectives in those advertisement. To analyze the data, the writer uses theory from Quirk et al(1987) and Murphy (1 987). Then, for the concept of advertisement, she uses theory from Lane and Russell (2001), and also Bovee and Arens (1986). In getting the data, the writer identifies kids-products advertisements which were printed on Family Circle magazine. She uses all kids-products advertisements. Then, she identifies the adjectives in those advertisements as the data to be observed. Next, after analyzing the data the writer found that most adjectives have attributive functions, positive degrees, and opinion styles. The other function which is used is predicative. The writer also found comparative adjectives in a very limited amount. Last, she finds four fact adjectives out of ninety one adjectives. Finally, the writer conclude that adjectives should be applied in kids-products advertisements to give clear pictures.

Keyword : english, language. grammar, discourse, analysis, advertise, magazine

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A Study on communication strategies used by speaking IIIE students of English Department in Petra Christian University in conversation

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This study is about the communication strategies used by the students of speaking IIIE in Faculty of Letters. The writer analyses the types of communication strategies used by the students, and also the types of communication strategies used most by the students. The writer does this study based on the theory of communication strateges by William Littlewood. Littlewood said that when the people find difficulties in expressing their ideas, they use utterance called communication strategies. The writer does this study by observing the class and recording the entire sentence produced by the students. The data with communication strategies wiIl be analysed based on the types and characteristics of communication strategies. The result of this study reveals that the students did almost all the types communication strategies, except paraphrasing. The writer found that most communication strategies used by the students are using approximation strategies, and the combination of switching to native language strategy and seeking help strategy

Keyword : english, language, speaking, student, conversation

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Illocutionary acts produced by fran fine and Maxwell Sheffield in the Nanny

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This study is conducted to reveal the use of illocutionary acts by Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield, also to find the most frequent types used by them in the comedy The Nanny. The basic theory used is Semantics by Hurford and Heasley that divide illocutionary acts into twenty-five types, supported by the theory by Janet Dean Fodor and Adrian Akmajian, Richard Demers, Ann K Falmer, and Robert Harnit. In addition, the writer includes the related study by Debby. The approach of the study is qualitative-descriptive, meaning that the writer studies the words, phrases, and sentences that are spoken by the characters. After analyzing the data, the writer found out that there are sixteen types of illocutionary acts used by Fran Fine, fifteen types of illocutionary acts used by Maxwell Sheffield, and eighteen types of illocutionary acts used by them. Moreover, the types of illocution that is used the most often is admitting, then the second most is the complaining, the third most used is protesting.

Keyword : english, language, discourse, analysis, social, linguistics, sociolinguistics

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The Failure of the marriage between Dorothea Brooke and Edward Casaubon in George Eliot’s middlemarch

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This paper deals with marriage failure found in George Eliot?s novel Middlemarch, seen through Dorothea Brooke and Edward Casaubon. The thesis writer is interested in finding the factors that cause their marriage to fail. She assumes that the failure is caused by both Dorothea and Mr. Casaubon. Therefore, the thesis writer needs to divide the factors into two groups; the factors that cause the failure of the marriage from Dorothea?s side as well as from Mr. Casaubon?s side. From the author?s characterization, which reveals Dorothea and Mr. Casaubon?s attitudes, the thesis writer finds out the causes of the failure. Besides, the description of Victorian women and marriage helps the thesis writer understand the causes of the failure. The thesis writer concludes that Dorothea and Mr. Casaubon fail in their marriage because of some factors such their character traits, the absence of love and the difference of age. The fact that Dorothea has been disillusioned about her husband and marriage makes her unhappy with her marriage.

Keyword : eliot, george, english, fiction, middlemarch, marriage,

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