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Politeness strategies produced by Mary and Ted in “There’s something about Mary”

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This study is about Politeness Strategies; strategies that are used to avoid or minimize the threat on the interlocutor?s face. The writer is interested in doing this research because Politeness Strategies are very important in social interaction or daily conversation. In her study, she is curious to find out the Politeness Strategies used by Mary and Ted when they are talking to both male and female interlocutors in the movie There?s Something About Mary. Besides, she also wants to know about the kinds of Politeness Strategies used the most by them. In analyzing the data, she uses the theory of Brown and Levinson. The writer uses the transcriptions of the movie as her data. To analyze the data, the Writer uses descriptive-qualitative approach. After analyzing the data, the writer finds out that both Mary and Ted use all kinds of Politeness Strategies as suggested by Brown and Levinson and they also use Positive Politeness the most to both male and female interlocutors. It shows that both of them try to maintain the close relationships that they have with their friends, male and female. However, Ted uses Positive Politeness more that Mary does. After getting the findings, the writer surprisingly found that the stereotype that women tend to be more polite than men is not true. From the analysis, it can be seen that both Mary and Ted, male and female characters in this movie, use the same numbers of occurrence of Negative Politeness strategies, that is, 14 times to both male and female interlocutors. It means that the occurrence of Negative Politeness that they use is the same. Because Negative Politeness is a formality-oriented and it is used to satisfy the negative face of the hearer, both male and female characters in this movie can be considered as polite; and their degree of politeness is the same.

Keyword : english, language, sosiolinguistics, linguistics, politeness

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A comparative study of the absudity of the characters’ nature, relationship, and attitude toward life as seen in Beckett’s Endgame and ionesco’s The Bald Soprano

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The Theatre of the Absurd with its rejection of dramatic devices has become one of the most prominent twentieth century theatre. This theatre tries to present the absurdity of man?s condition in which man?s life in the world has become senseless and purposeless. Some plays, like Beckett?s Endgame and Ionesco?s The Bald Soprano, also try to express this idea using a distinctively unusual way of discarding dramatic devices. The characters in these two plays become characters that are extraordinarily different from the characters of ordinary literary works. The characters are absurd and hard to understand; yet they bring the most important aspect of presenting the idea of the senselessness of man?s life. Hamm, Clov, Nagg, and Nell in Endgame plus the Smiths and the Martins in The Bald Soprano become the most important aspect in contributing the absurdity to the play. Their nature, their relationship, and their attitude towards life can be examined to see how they express the idea of the senselessness of man?s life. Thus, in these two plays, the characters? nature, relationship, and attitude toward life are examined using comparison and contrast. Comparison and contrast will give clear details of the similarities and differences on how the two plays develop the characters to express the same idea of senselessness of man?s life. The characters in Endgame and in The Bald Soprano, in fact, are presented like the typical characteristics of characters of the Theatre of the Absurd. They are almost unrecognizable for they lose character traits, background, and identity. Their relationships are also absurd because in Endgame, the characters have cruel relationships while in The Bald Soprano, they have comical relationships. The characters? attitudes toward life also have significant contribution in expressing the idea of the senselessness of man?s life. In this case, the characters? attitude toward life in Endgame is pessimistic while in The Bald Soprano is bored stiff or uninterested. With the facts that are found after the comparison and contrast, it becomes obvious that these two works express the same idea of man?s senselessness even though these two works have some differences.

Keyword : endgame, bald, soprano, character, beckett, samuel, barclay, english, drama

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The intended meaning of smurf words in smurf comic strips

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This thesis is a study which uses discourse analysis theory to analyze the coherence on the language used in comic strips. The writer wonders how the readers understand the meaning of `Smurf? in the comic strips which the `Smurf’ words carry different meanings. Besides, the writer also wants to find out what is the intended meaning of `Smurf? in the comic strips. To limit the research activities the writer takes six pieces of comic strips taken from Smurf magazine in May and June edition, 1991, as her data. In analyzing the data the writer did several steps. First, she described the context of situation, by using the theory of Hyme?s Ethnography of Speaking. Second, she described the meaning of each dialogue in each comic strip based on Brown and Yule theories on Coherence concerning the two aspects of recognizing coherent texts, namely; the general socio-cultural knowledge (frame, scripts and schemata) and the inference. Third, she noted down all the intended meaning in `Smuff words that had been underlined. From the analysis, the writer finds out that the word `Smurf? in the comic strips is used to replace different vocabularies. Although the word `Smurf’ is not used to replace particular words, there are some of them have the same meaning, like the words; make, fly, to do and surprise. Finally, the writer finds out that language and culture are interrelated. That?s why to convey the intended message from the comic strip, the readers have to know about social background knowledge and cultural background knowledge used in the comic strip. Since the Smurf comic strips used a lot of `Smurf words, the readers have to interpret the intended meaning by themselves. Without social background knowledge and cultural background knowledge the readers might end with misunderstanding or misinterpretation in reading the comic strip.

Keyword : linguistic, english, language, discourse analysis, smurf

A study of speech function on chatting found in “the joy lucky club”

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Chatting plays an important role in enhancing the social relationship. People realize about it but many of them still think that chatting only carry such functions like imparting and seeking factual information, expressing and finding out emotional attitudes, or socializing. In fact, in chatting people do not only exchange information or express and find out emotional attitudes. In chatting, people may also express and find out intellectual and moral attitudes, or get something done (suasion). In conducting the research on chatting in The Joy Luck Club, particularly taken from American Translation part, the writer tries to answer two questions. First, what kind of speech function is used mostly in the chatting? Second, what is the sub-function used mostly in each speech function? In analyzing the data, she uses the theory of threshold level by van Ek. She uses qualitative approach to describe speech functions and speech sub-functions found in the chatting. The writer finds the mostly used speech function is imparting and seeking factual information with sub-function: reporting as the one mostly used. The second place is occupied by speech function: expressing and finding out intellectual attitudes with sub-function: expressing how certain/uncertain one is of something as the one mostly used. The third place is occupied by speech function: expressing and finding out emotional attitudes with its sub-function: expressing displeasure or dislike. The highest occurrence sub-functions of speech function: expressing and finding out moral attitudes are expressing disapproval and expressing appreciation. The highest occurrence sub-function of speech function: suasion is instructing and directing others to do something. The only used sub-function of speech function socializing is to attract attention. From the six speech functions, only two of them are of highest occurrence in the chatting. One is imparting and seeking factual infomation and the others is expressing and finding out intellectual attitudes.

Keyword : english, language, social, speech, chatting joy, luck, club

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Grammatical errors produced by students of the English department at Petra Christian University in their writing

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This study is about grammatical errors that are produced by “writing 2” students of English Department at Petra Christian University in their mid term exam. The writer realizes that understanding the rules of grammar is very important in order to write well. She is interested in grammatical errors topic because many students still get confused to use the right grammar. In her study, she wants to know what type of errors that the students usually produce and what type of error which is mostly produced by students. The writer limits her research on grammatical errors only, so she does not investigate other errors, such as phonological errors, spelling errors, vocabulary, punctuation and organization. She takes mid term paper of ‘writing 2’ for her data. In analyzing the data, she uses Jack C. Richards?s classification of grammatical errors theory. After doing the analysis, she finds that the types of grammatical errors that are usually produced by ?writing 2? students are Errors in the Production of Verb Groups, especially the use of tense form, Miscellaneous Errors, especially the use of singular form and Errors in the use of Prepositions, especially the use of ?of?. Errors in the Production of Verb Groups is the type of grammatical errors that is mostly produced by the ?writing 2? students of English Department.

Keyword : english, language, grammar, petra christian university, writing, students

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Yeats’s expectations toward women and the conformity of his expextations with the victorian society’s as seen in four of his poems

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“To a Young Beauty”, “On Woman”, “Michael Robartes and the Dancer” ,and “A Prayer for my Daughter” are Yeats?s four poems which are chosen by the thesis witer to be analyzed in this thesis. Generally, these four poems talk about Yeats`s expectations toward women, which then becomes one of the problems discussed in the thesis. To find the expectations, the thesis writer uses literary approach, and the literary theories needed to analyze the poems are the elements of poetry such as allusion, diction, imagery and figurative language that is symbol, metaphor, simile, personification, paradox and metonymy. The other problem discussed is the conformity of Yeats?s expectations with the Victorian society`s. To discuss this, the thesis writer needs the information about Victorian women. As the findings, the thesis writer sees that Yeats expects women to be beautiful; lady-like, which requires courtesy such as being kind; innocent and submissive to men. In addition, women also have to pay attention on their physical appearance and not to their intellectuality. Moreover, the thesis writer also finds out that two of Yeats?s expectations do not conform with the Victorian society?s.

Keyword : english, poetry, yeats, william, butler, victorian, women

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Local and global errors in the journals writen by the first writing class students

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This research is written to reveal local and global errors produced by the first writing class students in their journals. The study of local and global errors is the study on the communicative effect classification. It focuses on distinguishing between errors that seem to cause miscommunication (global) and those that do not (local). This study is conducted with the hope of giving a contribution to second language learners in the process of their second language acquisition. By evaluating the errors produced, this thesis is hoped to be able to help learners to learn when they correct the errors. Students and teachers here are expected to have a better understanding on the importance of making errors. This is a descriptive-qualitative study, as the writer describes and explores the errors without making any generalization from the findings. Here, the writer acts as the key instrument to collect the data. The errors in this study are identified and examined based on standard English grammar by Quirk and Greenbaum. The major theory applied was Politzer and Ramirez’s linguistic category taxonomy to classify the local errors into categories and subcategories, while Dulay and Hurt’s and Hurt and Kiparsky?s classifications of global errors were used to classify and explain the global errors. He found that most errors found in this study were considered local. Only three cases out of 311 errors found in this study were global. The students made almost all the subcategories of local error found in the Politzer and Ramirez’s linguistic category taxonomy. Noun phrase deviation was the most common error. For global errors, the students used wrong sentence connector and missing cues to signal obligatory exceptions of syntactic rules.

Keyword : applied, linguistics, english, language, errors, writing, student, journals

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A study of main character’s efforts in maintaining his virtue in Hnery Fielding’s Tom Jones

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Henry Fielding is famous among the literature society for he has given many contributions to the world of literature through his writing. One of his great contributions is his third novel, The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling. In this novel, Fielding creates the main character, Tom Jones, as a virtuous young man. However, to be a virtuous person and to maintain his virtue are not very easy for Tom because everyday he is surrounded by many wicked people. He has to face so many obstacles in order to maintain his virtue but finally after a long and hard work he is able to do this. Therefore, the thesis writer wants to know how the main character can maintain his virtue. She wants to finds out how the internal and the external factors help him in maintaining his virtue. In the analysis, the thesis writer uses three theories. The first one, she uses the theory of characterization to find out the character traits of Tom Jones. The second theory she uses is the theory of conflict in order to find out how hard Tom struggles in maintaining his virtue. The third theory and also the last theory that is used by the thesis writer in order to do her analysis, is the theory of virtue. This theory helps her to reveal Tom?s virtuous characters. With the help of this three theories, the thesis writer finds out that Tom is able to maintain his virtue for he has good characters. Tom has strong will, which make him does not easily give up when he finds problem. He has a very strong love that becomes his strength to go through his hard time. His feeling of responsibility also takes an important part in helping him to maintain his virtue. Besides those characters, Tom also finds helps in a group of soldiers and the Lieutenant. Through the internal and the external factors, Tom is able to maintain his virtue and live as a virtuous young man. Both of them, the internal and the external factors give their supports so that Tom is able to maintain his virtue. Eventhough, Tom has to face many obstacles, he is able to prove himself that he is able to maintain his virtue. And as a result of his success in maintaining his virtue, Tom Jones becomes a virtuous person and finds his happiness.

Keyword : english, fiction, henry, fielding, tom, jones, character

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A study of Isabel archer’s independence in James “the portrait of a lady”

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This Thesis is a study of the main female characters? independence in Henry James? The Portrait of A Lady. The thesis writer wants to find out how far the main female character gets the independence and what kind of independence that she gets. She uses literary approaches for doing the analysis. She uses characterization and setting as the literary devices to show the independence of the main character. She analyzes the main character?s personalities in order to know the main character?s traits before and after her marriage and compares it. She also analyzes other supporting characters? influences, such as : Madame Merle and Gilbert Osmond who play an important role in the main characters life. Besides, she also analyzes the American condition where the main character comes from and shows how it influences much Isabel?s life. She also employs the moral, psychological theories and the meaning of independence itself to examine the stages that Isabel undergoes to get her intention. Finally, from the analysis, the thesis writer concludes that being an independent woman is not as simple as people think and the living condition also plays an important role in determining the way of life.

Keyword : study, english, fiction, portrait of a lady

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Errors analysis on the usage of the English tenses of the second semester students of the English Departement of Petra Christian University

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Acquiring a second language is not easy, and it also requires a process that takes some time. Moreover, often time, the research done t o reveal of how L2 learners do their acquisition focuses more on the grammar of the target language. Grammar usually related to the form-focus, although nowadays meaning-focus is considered to be more important. Actually, form-focused instruction is necessary, and it can assist interlanguage development. One way to investigate the acquisition of L2 is by analyzing the samples of learners? language. Therefore, I am interested to conduct a research of the errors analysis on English tenses produced by the second semester students of the English Department. The errors that the students make provide the evidence of the system of the language that the students are using (has learned) at a particular point in the course. Also, I want to know which tense(s) that is easier for the students to acquire and which one(s) seems more difficult to acquire. To support my argument theoretically, I make use of Ellis?s theory on errors analysis which includes three main procedure of analyzing errors, that is, the identification, the description, and the explanation of the errors. In addition, I also include the theories on the six tense that I study in this research. In order to elicit the data, I design a proficiency test to figure out the students? accuracy in using the English tenses. From the proficiency test, I know about the typical errors that the students produce in every six tense, such as subject-verb agreement, the wrong use of auxiliary. From the data analysis, I find that the students apparently are able to perform simple future and simple present tense easier than the other tenses. Then, it is present perfect tense that seems to create some difficulties for the students to acquire.

Keyword : english, language, tenses

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