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A study of friendship between the characters of Huckleberry Finn and Jim in Mark Twain’s the adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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The thesis writer decides to analyze Mark Twain?s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and chooses the title “A Study of Friendship Between the Characters of Huckleberry Finn and Jim” because the writer is interested in the significance of Huckleberry?s and Jim?s friendship that leads Huck and Jim to their maturity. The writer is curious to find out the Characteristics of the relationship between Huckleberry Finn and Jim, and how their relationship gives significance to their life. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze Huckleberry Finn?s and Jim?s attitude towards their friendship and to discuss the significance of Huckleberry?s and Jim?s friendship which leads Huck and Jim to maturity and understanding of the real friendship. In analyzing the topic the thesis writer uses the theory of characterization, conflict, setting, and friendship as her tools. Huckleberry Finn has an ambivalent attitude towards Jim and the blacks in general. On the one hand, he accepts the Blacks and on the other he also rejects the Blacks. His attitude of rejecting the Blacks is the result of the society?s influence, his friend Tom, and his father Pap Finn who treat the Blacks as a part of property, not as human being. His friendship with Jim opens his mind about the Blacks. Huck finally accepts Jim as his friend after sharing several valuable experiences with Jim. The significance of friendship is proved when Huck

Keyword : american, fiction, twain, mark, adventures, huckleberry, finn

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A study of the main character’s way in solving his conflicts along his pilgrimage in John Bunyan’s the pligrim’s progress

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The Pilgrim’s Progress is an allegorical novel written by John Bunyan. The study of Bunyan?s The Pilgrim’s Progress is intended to analyze what conflicts Christian has to face and how he struggles to solve the conflict. Christian, the main character in the story, is described as a person who has a heavy burden upon his back. From reading a Book, he is convinced that the city where he lives is going to be burned with fire from heaven. He knows nothing to do until he meets Evangelist, a man who tells Christian that he has to make a pilgrimage in order to lighten his burden. In his pilgrimage, he meets many obstacles that obstruct him from reaching his goal. He cannot avoid the conflicts but he tries to solve them. That is why, the thesis writer is interested in discussing the way he solve the conflicts. In analyzing the novel, the thesis writer applies the literary approach of characterization and of conflict. From the analysis, the thesis writer finds out that the way Christian solves the conflicts is by keeping his view to his goal that is the Celestial City. His way to solve the conflicts shows his consistency. Through this study, the writer also wants to prove that Christian is a social man. He sometimes weak, thus he needs help from others. The writer also finds out that all of Christian?s sufferings brings happiness at the end. He is able to enter the Celestial City.

Keyword : bunyan, john, englis, fiction, progress, pilgrim, character

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The study of the main character’s development from immaturity to maturity in crane’s the red badge of courage

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Stephen Crane, who is an impressionist, naturalist and realist writer, without any experience in war, wrote his masterpiece The Red Badge of Courage. This novel talks about an immature young man, Henry Fleming, who becomes mature after he experiences war. The thesis writer is interested to know how the main character develops from immaturity to maturity. That is why the thesis writer wants to show that Henry Fleming experiences a development from immaturity to maturity based on his experience in war. In discussing the character development, the thesis writer divides the analysis into three parts. First, the thesis writer discusses Henry?s character in the beginning when he joins the war. Second, the thesis writer discusses the process of the development of Henry?s character and finally, the thesis writer discusses Henry?s character after he experiences war. In the analysis, the thesis writer shows Henry?s character development when he has to face the war in being inexperience. His being inexperience in war caused him to experience many shameful things as a soldier. The thesis writer analyzes the development in Henry?s character through his thought, speech and behavior before and after he becomes mature. He uses some theories such as characterization, setting, conflict and also psychological theories on immaturity and maturity. In the conclusion, the thesis writer finds out that Henry?s experience in war happens because of his wrong image of war. He thinks that war is something glorious and bloody conflict and he can become a hero easily without any experience in war. Because of that, he has to face many problems during the war. Henry becomes mature after he experiences a process that gives him the ability to overcome his problems. His maturity and his self-realization, finally enables him to accept himself for what he is, including his mistakes as well as his good and heroic deeds.

Keyword : american, fiction, crane, stephen, red, badge, immaturity, maturity

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A study of village virus in gopher prairie of Sinclair Lewis’ main street

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The main concern of the analysis is the Village Virus that runs down in a small Mid-West town called Gopher Prairie, reflected through its inhabitants, in the second period of the twentieth century. Actually, it was Sinclair Lewis, the author, himself who named ?the decease as village virus, and as a matter of fact, he once intended to entitle the novel The Village Virus instead of Main Street. The virus is said to be a kind of deadly virus that dehumanises living people into living dead persons whose life are monotonous, boring, and dull. However, the center of analysis will be concentrated on revealing what actually this Village Virus can be, and it will be analysed through the causes and effects of this Village Virus that lives within the life of the society of Gopher Prairie. Then, in order to make a clear description on the virus, the writer will also try to find out how the process of infecting a new person to become a living dead person. Next, the writer is going to use Carol Kennicott, the main female character, as the main proof of the living virus since previousIy she has her life thriving and after she gets infected, her life becomes as dull as the life of the rest inhabitants of Gopher Prairie. In order to accomplish these, the writer uses library research to find any data or criticisms related to the novel and to the topic; furthermore, the writer is going to utilize best literary theory, namely characterization, so that the reader would be able to see clearly what make such society like Gopher Prairie?s get so infected. Besides, there is the theory of conflict that will

Keyword : fiction, american, main street, study

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A study of the narrator’s character development as seen in V.S Naipul’s the enigma of arrival

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This thesis is about the narrator?s character development in V.S Naipaul?s The Enigma of Arrival. In this particular novel, the narrator of the novel moves from his homeland, Trinidad, to England. He carries within him an idealism toward English buildings and the concept of being a writer. In England, he undergoes experiences that finally make him develop into a realistic person. Thus, the thesis writer would like to find out about the way the narrator develops, and the factors that make him develop. In order to analyze the process of development and to support her analysis, the thesis writer uses Post-colonial theory, psychological theory on traits, and literary theories namely character, characterization, and setting. In the end, she concludes that the narrator is able to develop into a realistic person because of the setting. His experience in Wiltshire leads him to an acceptance toward things and people as what and who they are. Moreover, he accepts and admits his past without trying to hide it and even makes his past as the subject of his writings. Therefore, he develops into a realistic person in England.

Keyword : naipul, vidiadhar, surajprasad, trinidad and tobago, fiction, english, narrator

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A study of the main male characters efforts to attain self-actualization as seen in Edith Wharton’s the age of innocence and ethan frome

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This thesis primarily deals with the efforts of New land Archer as the main male character in Edith Wharton?s The Age of Innocence and Ethan Frome, the main male character in Edith Wharton?s Ethan Frome, to attain their self-actualization. In analyzing them, I see that they have needs as described by Maslow in his theory of human needs, which place sself-actualization as the highest need. Although they are depicted as men who are in great efforts to exert for their self-actualization, they encounter the same result: they fizzle out in actualizing their individual human potential. For these reasons, I would like to know why the two main male characters fail in achieving their self-actualization. To conduct the analysis, I use literary theories, namely the theory of characterization to analyze the main male characters? attitudes towards the place where they live and also their reactions towards the conflicts that come to them, and also the theory of conflict to find out the obstacles that the two main male characters have to face in attaining their self-actualization. In addition, I also use Maslow?s theory to reveal the needs that the main male characters have to fulfill before they come up to their self-actualization. In the analysis, I analyze each main male character?s efforts to attain self-actualization. Firstly, I analyze the attitudes of the main male characters towards the place where they live. Here, I see that the ability of the main male characters to adjust themselves to the place they live drive them away from self-actualization. Furthermore, I analyze the conflicts that the main male characters have to face and their reactions towards the conflicts. Here, I see that their reactions towards the conflicts also drive them away from their self-actualization. Finally, I conclude that Newland Archer fails to achieve his self-actualization because he cannot adjust himself to the place where he lives. I also conclude that Ethan Frome fails to achieve his self-actualization because he is a dependent person who cannot do anything without the support of other people.

Keyword : american, fiction, wharton, edith, ethan frome, the age of innocence

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A Study of existentialism as seen through Dr. Bernard Rieux and father paneloux in Albert Camus’ The Plague

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The novel that I chose to analyze in this thesis is The Plague (La Peste, 1947). It concerns with major things in Existentialism. The writer decides to choose this topic because there are only few students who use Existentialism as their study and hope this thesis will help other students to know more about Existentialism. The writer uses Nietzsche’s, Sartre’s, Albert Camus’, and Kierkegaard’s Existentialism to support this thesis. As an existentialist, Camus expresses his idea in his work that he does not believe in the existence of God. In the analysis, the writer compares both Dr. Rieux’s and Father Paneloux’s Reaction Toward The Plague. In The Plague, it seems that God does not do anything to help to overcome the plague disease at Oran town. That is why, Rieux as a human being starts trying to help Oran people as a doctor by giving medical treatment and finally he becomes the saviour even it is too late. On the other hand, Father Paneloux as a priest he helps Oran people by giving a sermon and praying to God. Even at the end of the story he cannot survive. Dr. Rieux’s reaction shows that he considers using his own ability as solution but Paneloux uses his relationship with God as Kierkegaard’s idea. Finally, the writer could find out that Camus uses Rieux as his main character that represents his Atheist Existentialism that man as the centre of everything in man’s life and Paneloux as Theist Existentialism considers that God as the centre of life. Both of the characters’ actions show something typical of Existentialism.

Keyword : camus. albert, plague, french, fiction

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Magdalena and Susannah’s sexual wound and their struggle to achive sexual healing as seen in Alice Walker’s by the light of my father’s smile

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In Patriarchal society female s sexuality has been socially constructed Women are demanded to be submissive and not sexually active. or else they will be condemned. The main female characters of Alice Walker?s By The Light Of My Farther’s Smile, Magdalena and Susannah, also endure the same predicament in dealing with their sexuality. Considering that aspect this thesis examines in what way the patriarchal domination causes both main female characters? sexual wound and the main female characters` struggle to achieve the sexual healing as well as the signficance of the struggle. In order to accomplish the analysis, several theories are used. As a primary tool. literary theories. namely characterization and conflict, are used to reveal the main female characters? characteristics and conflict Moreover. the theory of black feminism and the Literary criticism are used as the secondary tool in analyzing the struggle of the main female characters. By using the theories mentioned above. I am able to reveal that because of their different characteristics. Magdalena and Susannah endure the sexual wound differently. Throughout the analysis. it is found out that despite their different endurance, Magdalena and Susannah must face an equal result from the father?s beating. i.e. Sexual wound. Yet, as Alice Walker?s main female characters, Magdalena and Susannah are not submissively accepting the domination, so they fight against it. Later on, it is perceived that Magdalena and Susannah must undergo different stages to achieve their sexual healing because of their different personality, as well as their different endurance. At the end, their struggle helps themselves to heal their sexual wound Nevertheless, it is also found out that the struggle also has some signficances upon both main female characters as the oppressed, and the father as the oppressor. For Magdalena and Susannah, the struggle and the achievement of sexual healing facilitate them to forgive their father?s mistake. Moreover both sisters are also able to acknowledge themselves as whole women. On the other hand, for the father, in the afterlife, scrutinizng the daughters? struggle helps the father to acknowledge his daughters? value as whole individuals.

Keyword : american, fiction, walker, alice, sexual

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A study of Isabel archer’s independence in James “the portrait of a lady”

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This Thesis is a study of the main female characters? independence in Henry James? The Portrait of A Lady. The thesis writer wants to find out how far the main female character gets the independence and what kind of independence that she gets. She uses literary approaches for doing the analysis. She uses characterization and setting as the literary devices to show the independence of the main character. She analyzes the main character?s personalities in order to know the main character?s traits before and after her marriage and compares it. She also analyzes other supporting characters? influences, such as : Madame Merle and Gilbert Osmond who play an important role in the main characters life. Besides, she also analyzes the American condition where the main character comes from and shows how it influences much Isabel?s life. She also employs the moral, psychological theories and the meaning of independence itself to examine the stages that Isabel undergoes to get her intention. Finally, from the analysis, the thesis writer concludes that being an independent woman is not as simple as people think and the living condition also plays an important role in determining the way of life.

Keyword : study, english, fiction, portrait of a lady

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A study of newman’s character’s character trait and his obsctacles to his marriage in Hnery James the American

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This thesis is a study of conflict through the main characters in Henry James? The American. The main characters are Christopher Newman who represents the American and the Bellegardes who represent the European. The differences in culture and social background really affect them. Newman falls in love with Claire de Cintre, the Bellegardes? daughter yet, the Bellegardes do not agree with their relationship because of Newman?s occupation and social status. Moreover, Claire?s obedience toward her mother also becomes the difficulty for Newman to unite his love. In this case the thesis writer will use the theory of conflict in order to analyze Newman?s obstacles to his marriage. The Bellegardes do anything to separate Newman and Claire. It makes Newman angry and he wants to take revenge to the Bellegardes. Since Newman has a good character, he changes his decision not to take revenge but later he decides not to take revenge to the Bellegardes. The thesis writer will try to prove that since Newman is a good person, he therefore does not take revenge to the Bellegardes. The thesis writer uses the theory of characterization to reveal his good personalities. Finally, after the thesis writer does her analysis, she concludes that one?s occupation and social status are more important than good personality and love. In addition, a good personality can defeat the feeling of hatred and desire of taking revenge.

Keyword : american, fiction, bjames, henry, american, newman, character

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