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A study of the revelation of themes in Anthony torllope’s the last chronicle of barset

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Anthony Trollope was the third major mid -century writer who was also known as a moralist writer of the nineteenth century. He gained his reputation because of the quality of his writing was amazing. He wrote fifty novels and among all, The Last Chronicle of Barset is the finest novel that was written by Anthony Trollope. This novel is the last sequel of the Barsethire series. In this fabulous novel, Trollope poured out his own youth experience into the four stories of the novel. The world admits that this novel is a masterpiece. There are six prominent themes that can be found out in this fabulous novel, they are: love, pride, power, disgrace, obedience, and honesty. The study to reveal the theme is very much interesting because the moral value that the author put on it can also be seen. Hence, the analysis on this novel through the study of the themes of the four stories is very significant in order to find out how the six themes can be revealed. In answering to the problem of this thesis, the purpose of doing this study is to reveal the themes by using the help of two literary devices, which are: characterization and conflict. Furthermore, these six themes are the themes that unify the four stories into a novel. These two literary devices are indeed two appropriate tools to discover the six themes because in every major characters? attitude throughout the stories reveal the six themes of the novel, also their conflict whether inner or outer are also very helpful in analyzing the themes of love, pride, power, disgrace, obedience, and honesty.

Keyword : english, fiction, study, teaching, trollope, anthony, the last chronicle of barset

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A Study of power’s dilemma in choosing the right person as her husband in Thomas Hardy’s A Laodicean

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A Laodicean is one of Thomas Hardy?s novels that tell about a competition between George Somerset and Captain De Stancy to gain Paula Power?s love. The writer has one problem to analyze, that is, what is the dilemma faced by Paula Power to come to the decision of marrying either one of the gentlemen? Through her analysis the writer wants to find out the dilemma faced by Paula Power to come to the decision of marrying either one of the gentlemen. To be able to understand Paula Power and her dilemma, the writer conducts library research in order to get data and criticism about the novel and analyze the novel. The writer uses the theories of characterization and conflict to analyze the dilemma faced by Paula Power. Through her analysis in chapter III, the writer finds out the dilemma faced by Paula Power. Paula Power faces two gentlemen who fall in love with her; both gentlemen have their own superiorities which influence Paula Power to come to the decision. The good personality – clever, generous and honest -of George Somerset and their constant meetings nurture their feeling so that they fall in love each other. Yet the appearance of Captain De Stancy who also falls in love toward her makes her face dilemma because Captain De Stancy has a noble title that Paula Power expects to have, though he is surrounded by some bad people of bad conducts. Captain De Stancy and Paula Power are once close to marry; finally, true love wins, she prefers George Somerset to Captain De Stancy.

Keyword : english, fiction, hardy, thomas, laodicean

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The effects of chastity and charity to the characters in two different settings in Henry Fielding’s Joseph Andrews

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Author : CIA, YENNI

This thesis is written to analyze the idea of the effects of chastity and charity to the characters in Joseph Andrews, written by Henry Fielding. By discussing the effects to the characters in this book, the thesis writer observes that that the characters that live in the country have chastity and charity, while the characters that live in town do not have chastity and charity. Therefore, the thesis writer wants to find the effects of chastity and charity to the characters in two different settings. In order to achieve the purpose in studying the topic, the thesis writer uses literary approach and literary tools : theme, characterization and setting. In the analysis, the thesis writer explains that the characters, who have chastity and charity tend to have a happier life than the characters, who do not have. Then, the thesis writer comes to know that setting has a great effect on the characters. Through this analysis, it is found that country is preferable than a town and that chastity and charity are needed in this life.

Keyword : english, fiction, fielding, henry, joseph, andrews, chastity, charity

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The ambition of olive chancellor as the main character in Henry James’ The Bostonians

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This thesis deals with Olive Chancellor?s ambition to fight for women?s rights as seen in Henry James? The Bostonians. As a leading character in the novel, Olive has a desire to see equal rights and better treatment for women in society. Being a follower of women?s rights movement, Olive wants to be able to voice the rights for women in Boston society. But, she does not have a courage to speak in front of the public. Besides, it is not an easy thing to be able to make a change in the life of women by herself. That is why, I am curious to analyze Olive?s reasons to achieve her ambition in order to voice the rights for women in Boston society and how she can achieve her ambition in voicing the rights for women. In order to reveal the reasons I use the literary approach such as characterization and conflict, to know Olive?s characteristic and the opposition she has with Basil Ransom and Mrs.Bunage related to her ambition. Olive?s achievement is gained through the gifted speech of her new friend, Verena Tarrant. Analyzing the topic, I also use the theory of characterization to reveal Olive?s character traits that drive her to have the ambition. Then, applying the theory of conflict, I expose the opposition between Olive and Basil Ransom and the opposition between Olive and Mrs.Burrage. Throughout the analysis, I find out that Olive has to face struggles with Basil in achieving her ambition about the rights for women through Verena. Besides that, Olive and Basil try to win each other?s influence over Verena. The struggle between Olive and Mrs.Burrage occurs in trying to control Verena?s life for each other?s purpose and belief. With Olive?s persistence and Verena?s gifted speech, Olive?s achievement in voicing the rights for women in Boston society comes true. Verena helps Olive to voice her ambition in women?s meetings and conventions. As a whole, Olive is able to fulfill her ambition in voicing the rights for women in Boston society through her great efforts with Verena?s gifted speech.

Keyword : fiction, bostonians

Personality disorder of george lansing in Thornton Wilder’s the eighth day

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The Eighth Day is a kind of mysterious story about the murder of a character, Breckenridge Lansing that finally leads to the changes of the lives of almost all of the characters in the novel. This becomes the reason why the thesis writer is interested to choose George Lansing, the hidden murderer in the novel, as the character to be analyzed. His personality disorder becomes the issue that the thesis writer wants to discuss because it is related to the case of the murder. Therefore, she questions why George Lansing suffers the personality disorder as seen in his attitude throughout the development of the novel and what the consequences of his personality disorder are. She finds that his family becomes the causes of George?s personality disorder, and it influences George?s character traits into a person with schizotypal personality disorder. Therefore, she needs literary theories like characterization and conflict as the main approach, and also psychological concepts of schizotypal personality disorder and parenthood as the supporting theory. The analysis discusses George?s early character traits, the changes of his character traits as he suffers schizotypal personality disorder, and the consequences of becoming a schizotypal person. He becomes hallucinated and paranoid, depends on others, becomes eccentric or peculiar, and lacks of self confidence. Then, at the end of this analysis the thesis writer concludes that George kills Breckenridge as the ultimate result of his schizotypal personality disorder, which is mostly caused by Breckenridge?s treatment to educate George. Besides, George?s mother and his sisters have also contributed to worsen his psychological problem.

Keyword : american, fiction, wilder, thornton, personality, george, lansing

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A Psychoanalytic study of ursula Brangwen in D.H. Lawrence the rainbow

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The thesis discusses the character development of Ursula Brangwen, which is manifested in the form of some psychological disorder. For the purpose of t h i s study, the thesis writer applies the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud to understand the reasons behind the main character’s personality and attitude. One of the most striking things of her behavior is her psychosexual perversion. The novel illustrates Ursula’s childhood, whereby she experiences a very shocking rejection from her father, and the hurt remains within her, leading her to some psychological disorder. She gets involved in the same-sex relationship, she thinks that s h e c a n find the kind of life she desires, but she turns out to be wrong. Finally, she realizes that she h a s made a big mistake. From the analysis, the thesis writer may conclude that one’s past childhood may have a big influence on shaping one’s behavior.

Keyword : english, fiction, david, herbert, lawrence, rainbow

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Jo Armitage’s failure in her efforts to escape from her sufferngs in Penelope Mortimer’s The Pumpkin Eater

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Author : SRI, YUYUN

This thesis discusses one of Penelope Mortimer?s novels, The Pumpkin Eater. The discussion talks about a housewife, Jo Armitage, who has married four times and in her fourth marriage she experiences the feeling of sufferings mostly caused by her husband?s betrayal. Beside that, Jo?s own personality and the interfere of other characters like Bob and Giles also causes JO?S sufferings. The efforts that Jo has done to escape from her sufferings and her failure to escape are the main points that I want to find out in my discussion. Literary devices, characterization and conflicts, are used to help me in analyzing the main female character?s life. Moreover, I also include some psychological theories such as alcoholism and emotional support to explain more about the main female character?s efforts and failure. They are used as additional tools that can help me to analyze the main female character more deeply. Through the conflicts; it is found out that Jo has struggled to free herself from her sufferings. Through the characterization and other psychological theories; it is found out that at last the main female character fails to escape from her sufferings. It is concluded that Jo Armitage?s failure to escape from her sufferings happens because of her inability to cope with her problems which makes her suffer. She also fails to escape from her sufferings because of the repression of other characters, Jake, Bob and Giles.

Keyword : english, fiction, penlope, mortimer, pumpkin, eater, sufferings, efforts, failure

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Inferiority complex as seen in Mary Thorne in Anthony trollope’s doctor Thorne

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The main discussion of this thesis is the psychological problem namely inferiority complex found in Mary Thorne, the main female character in Anthony Trollope?s Doctor Thorne. The thesis writer finds that Mary has some symptoms of psychological problem in her character traits, she, therefore, wants to analyze Mary?s psychological problem. The statement of this study is to find out the possibility of Mary?s psychological problem. as well as the causes behind her psychological problem. The purpose of this study is to prove that Mary has psychological problem namely inferiority complex as seen from her character traits and also to trace the possible causes of her inferiority complex. With the help of psychological theory of inferiority complex, the thesis writer tries to analyze psychological problem depicted in the novel. The analysis clarifies that inferiority complex is caused by some complicated causes. It may stem from childhood, which is stimulated by some environmental influences. In the case of Mary Thorne, her inferiority complex is much influenced by her family background and community. Significantly, Mary?s inferiority complex starts firstly from the rejection toward her birth. She begins to have inferior feelings yet she still realizes that she is worthy as God?s creature. Mary, then, experiences community?s disapprovals regarding her low birth. Those community?s disapprovals establish Mary?s inferiority complex in which she cannot overcome her inferior feelings anymore. Therefore, Mary Thorne becomes a submissive girl. In addition of her submissive attitude, Mary Thorne becomes over sensitive and seclusive. Her inferior feeling is actually understandable. However, it becomes problem when her inferior feelings change into inferiority complex in which she has exaggerated feeling of inferiority. As a result, Mary?s inferiority complex gives some significant impacts upon her character traits and leads her to behavioral disorder. The thesis writer finally concludes that all of Mary`s character traits are the portrayal of Mary?s inferiority complex.

Keyword : english, fiction, trollope, anthony, thorne, inferiority

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A study the main female character’s search for self-identity which reveals elements of feminism in edith Wharton’s the Buccaneers

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The main theme of this thesis is the search for self-identity, which reveals elements of feminism in Edith Wharton?s novel, The Buccaneers. My analysis focuses on the main female character, Annabel St. George. How Annabel resolves her conflicts with her husband and her mother-in-law appear to have elements of feminism, which she demands to be treated as an equal to her husband. In the 1 century, women frequently faced injustice, not only in the field of education, but also their dependence on marriage laws. Their lack of opportunity in job and education placed women in a subordinate social position. There are two problems statement. First is, whether Annabel?s courage in breaking the rule has something to do with her search for self-identity. Second is, what gave Annabel the courage to violate the particular norm? Those problems lead to the feminist action. The purpose of the study is to examine more deeply Annabel?s courage to fight against 19 th century English norms. Annabel has found her self-identity when finally she dares to speak up against her husband and her mother-in-law. Her courage is apparent to be a feminist action. The literary tools that I use to analyze this thesis are data based on library research, they include: feminist theories, the psychological concept of self-identity, literary tools such as characterization and conflicts. My analysis begins when Annabel goes to London where she marries a duke of Tintagel. I give a brief background of Annabel?s life before she goes to London, so that the readers can see how Annabel?s character develop from a childish, immature girl into an independent and smart woman. My analysis ends when Annabel gets divorce from her husband and decides to be with Guy Thwarte. The conclusion is Annabel?s courage to violate the norm is related to her search for self-identity. Annabel?s search for self-identity and her courage reveal elements of feminism.

Keyword : fiction, buccanner, female

Existentialism as seen through mersault in camus’ the stranger

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The Stranger by Camus has a complexity that deals with worthy values about life: philosophy, psychology and religion. The writer is interested most in the philosophical aspect in The Stranger because knowing that expressing his ideas, Camus has a certain pattern of philosophical thought that is existentialism. It can be found through the characterization of Mersault, the main character in the novel. The writer will analyze his speech and conduct to find the elements of existentialism. She tries to find four elements of existentialism: atheism, freedom of choice, responsibility and anxiety of death. Mersault’s speech and conduct show these four elements of existentialism. Finally, Mersault is a person who refuses to believe in God, whatever the risk is, always uses his freedom of choice in his conduct and he responsible for that. It shows that Mersault always sure of himself and he does not need any guide. He does everything according to his own consideration but he also respects other’s opinion and decision. In this way, Mersault feels less anxiety and happy with his life even when facing death.

Keyword : camus, albert, french, fiction, existentialism

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