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A strudy of Jim’s Psychological problems in Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim

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Lord Jim is basically a novel in which the central character has some psychological problems. Joseph Conrad?s Lord Jim presents the main character, Jim, as a man who has a dream to be a hero. Jim is trying hard to realize his dream; however, he meets his failures which are caused by his psychological problems in reaching the dream. This thesis examines what Jim?s psychological problems are and how Jim solves his psychological problems. In order to examine Jim?s psychological problems and the way out, the thesis writer bases her study on the literary theories, such as characterization and conflicts, as well as psychological theory, that is anxieties, and the definition of dream. Jim?s anxieties are the obstacles in reaching his dream to be a hero. Besides, his guilty feeling haunts Jim. Jim fails twice, but at last he can realize his dream although it is like a glimpse in his life. At the end, Jim faces a trouble. He indirectly kills his only best friend he ever has. Jim finally overcomes his anxieties bravely when he faces his death in order to be a good man who is responsible for what he has done. At the end of the analysis, the thesis writer concludes that Jim meets some incidents that actually can help him to realize his dream to be a hero. Although he fails twice, he can reach his dreams when he is in Patusan village. However, because of the death of his best friend, Jim?s guilty feeling haunts him, he chooses to die as repentance for his guilt. From the analysis, the thesis

Keyword : conrad, joseph, english, fiction, lord, jim

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A comparative study of the main characters’ successful grips of their obstacles as seen in Robert Louis Stevenson’s kidnapped and treasure island

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Both Jim, in Treasure Island and David Balfour, in Kidnapped have come into contact with their first sensation of adventures. Unfortunately, since both of them are raised in a secluded world, both of them are ignorant about the other things in life. Nevertheless, during their adventures, Jim and David are able to overcome their adversaries and obstacles and finally manage to stay alive and obtain the goals. Using all of their abilities, both Jim and David are able to cope their obstacles and adversaries that hinder their ways to the fortunes. Due to this complexity, the writer of this thesis seeks to analyze how Jim and David are able to overcome their adversaries and obstacles and ultimately, attain their goals in the end of their escapade despite the fact that they have little experiences. To analysis the characters? ability, the writer of this thesis uses the theory of literature and psychology. Since both Jim and David have their own characteristics and inner will to attain their goals; therefore it is possible that, in overcoming their obstacles, Jim and David also have different ways or different ideas on how to deal with their obstacles and adversaries. The way Jim overcomes the problem may differ from the way David overcomes his. Therefore, one effective way to understand Jim and David?s ability in dealing with their obstacles and adversaries is by comparing their ways in overcoming the obstacles. Since through comparison, the difference and the similarities of their ways of dealing with their obstacles and adversaries can be clearly seen. Consequently, Jim and David?s lack of experience do not deter their abilities and motivation since despite their inexperience, they are still able to overcome their tribulations and ultimately, reach their aspirations. Moreover, Jim and David may have been longing for their goals ever since they are aware of them, but they also desire to prove their abilities in dealing with their problems. Therefore, by the time they reach their goals, they have achieved not only the goals themselves, but also their desire. As Carl Rogers once says, “from beginning, each of us has the tendency or the potential to reach a meaningful destiny” (McMahon 502). Likewise, Jim and David too, have reached what they desire, have created their own destiny also have attained their goals by the end of their escapades.

Keyword : english, fiction, stevenson, robert, louis, kinapped, treasure, island, character

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Suicide motive of ethan allen hawley in John Steinbeck’s the winter of our discontent

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This thesis in about the analysis of Ethan Allan Hawley’s motive to commit suicide in John Steinbeck’s The Winter of Our Discontent. The Winter of Our Discontent portrays the dark picture of American people during Depression era. Ethan Allen Hawley becomes the main character of the novel that commits suicide in the end of story. Related to this topic, the thesis writer curious to know Ethan’s motive to commit suicide. She is also going to reveal the factors that are able to lead Ethan to commit suicide. In analyzing the work, the thesis writer uses literary approach as the main tool and the thesis writer also uses psychology theories and ccncept of social pressure to analyze the work. In the analysis, Ethan lives under the pressure of his society. This pressure changes Ethan’s way of life and his honest belief. He becomes a cruel person. Furthermore, Ethan is alienated by his surroundings and he also alienates himself from his surroundings. Ethan is mentally led into depression. This depression goes from bad to worse and it finally becomes hard to be overcome. At last, the thesis writers finds out that Ethan’s decision to commit suicide is motivated by his depression.

Keyword : american, fiction, steinbeck, john, suicide, motive

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A study of young Martin Chuzzlewit’s realization of his character flaws that leads him to happiness in Charles Dickens’ Martin Chuzzlewit

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Martin Chuzzlewit is a novel by Charles Dickens, which claims selfishness as the theme Martin Chuzzlewit is not only Dickens? best comic novel but also the greatest work of comic genius in the whole of English Literature. The main character is young Martin Chuzzlewit, a grandson of the very wealthy old Martin Chuzzlewit. The thesis writer wants to find out whether selfishness, obstinacy, and arrogance are his flaws that later on lead to his failure, and also what influences young Martin to realize his flaws. ln analyzing this novel, the thesis writer wants to prove that selfishness, obsinacy, and arrogance are his flaws that later on lead to his failure. And also the thesis writer finds out that the influences that make young Martin realize his flaws are Mark Tapley?s selflessness and faithfulness and also his experiences in America. In analyzing these problems, the writer will use library research and literary approach with characterization and conflict as the devices. Based on the result of the analysis, it is concluded that the things that make young Martin realize his selfishness, obstinacy. and arrogance are the selflessness and faithfulness of Mark Tapley and their experiences in America; and the reasons that cause the failure of young Martin?s hopes are his selfishness and materialism which then lead him to the failure in understanding other people.

Keyword : english, fiction, martin chuzzlewit, study

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The Social interactions of the main character in the concentration camp in Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s one day in the life Ivan Denisovich

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn?s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich had been banned in the Stalin?s era, but still it was successfully used as a tool to criticize the Russian government at that time, and that is the reason for the thesis writer to put his interest on this matter. The main character?s ordinary lifestyle and the cruel and inhuman concentration camp lifestyle were contrasted to each other when he had to enter the concentration camp. Here, Shukov, the main character, faced two types of community to live with, the non-prisoners and the other prisoners. The analysis is on how Shukov dealt with his social interactions problems. That is why, the analysis was done by using the sociological theory as the supporting theory, and the literary theory as the main theory (characterization and setting). Besides, library and Internet also become the truthful sources in providing the valid details. Through the analysis, it could be seen that Shukov is able to interact socially with his new community, and this fact is followed with the truth that there are some strange results in comparison between Shukov?s interactions with the non-prisoners and the other prisoners of the concentration camp. The positive interactions happen more when he dealt with the other prisoners. However, when he dealt with the non-prisoners the negative interactions were mostly be the ones that took place instead, and the neutral interactions happened in both conditions for they brought direct advantages to Shukov. Therefore, the social interaction of Shukov with his new community is indeed affected by the character traits of the characters who are involved, the setting, and also the differences that existed inside themselves. Besides, the physical and the social setting also affected the existence of the social-interaction of the main character.

Keyword : russian, fiction, solzhenilsyn, alexander, social, interaction, character

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A study in the symbolic relationship of white jacket and captain Claret in Herman Melville’s white jacket

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In this thesis the writer attempts to center the discussion in the relationship of the two opposing elements that exist in Neversink. a warship. that is sailing on her homeward bound journey. The crew and the officers form the two opposing elements in the frigate. To voice the element of individual, she singles out the narrator of the novel, White Jacket. He is able to represent the opinions and thought of his shipmates, the crew, thoroughly. The element of authority will be represented by the captain, Captain Claret, because he is the person who is responsible in making all the decisions in the frigate and rules over the crew, as well as the officers. The thesis writer wants to find out the ways the relationship of the two elements changes during the journey and what the relationship symbolizes. The writer intends to reveal the relationship between the two elements in the beginning and in the end of the journey, when they have almost reach home. With the help of the definition of important terms, literary criticisms, theory of politics, and literary devices, such as characterization, conflict and symbolism, she will try to analyse the problem. In her analysis, she finds out that at the beginning of the voyage, the arrangement of their mealtime and the depersonalization of the crew symbolizes the abuse of the crew. By arranging the mealtime in such a way, the officers have contributed in the degrading of the crew’s health, therefore abusing their needs as individuals. Another form of the abuse of the individual can be found in the depersonalization of the crew. The officers also deny the expression of their individualism by calling them with nicknames and, even worse, numbers. However, at the end of the journey, the relationship between the elements changes. They reache a new level of relationship caused by their realization of the journey. This is marked by two important incidents. The first one is the captain cancels White Jacket’s punishment. This symbolizes that the officers compromise to the individual by demonstrating lenience toward the crew who persists in his innocence. The other important incident happens when White Jacket falls from the yard-arm and almost kill himself as a result. Only when he rips off his jacket, a symbol of his individualism, is he able to be rescued by his shipmates. At this last and most important incident takes place, White Jacket comes to realise that actually both the individual and the authority are the same at the end of the voyage because they do not know what is waiting for them in their final destination. So, they merge into one and forming the body politic of the frigate.

Keyword : american, fiction, melville, herman, white, jacket

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A study of main character’s efforts in maintaining his virtue in Hnery Fielding’s Tom Jones

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Henry Fielding is famous among the literature society for he has given many contributions to the world of literature through his writing. One of his great contributions is his third novel, The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling. In this novel, Fielding creates the main character, Tom Jones, as a virtuous young man. However, to be a virtuous person and to maintain his virtue are not very easy for Tom because everyday he is surrounded by many wicked people. He has to face so many obstacles in order to maintain his virtue but finally after a long and hard work he is able to do this. Therefore, the thesis writer wants to know how the main character can maintain his virtue. She wants to finds out how the internal and the external factors help him in maintaining his virtue. In the analysis, the thesis writer uses three theories. The first one, she uses the theory of characterization to find out the character traits of Tom Jones. The second theory she uses is the theory of conflict in order to find out how hard Tom struggles in maintaining his virtue. The third theory and also the last theory that is used by the thesis writer in order to do her analysis, is the theory of virtue. This theory helps her to reveal Tom?s virtuous characters. With the help of this three theories, the thesis writer finds out that Tom is able to maintain his virtue for he has good characters. Tom has strong will, which make him does not easily give up when he finds problem. He has a very strong love that becomes his strength to go through his hard time. His feeling of responsibility also takes an important part in helping him to maintain his virtue. Besides those characters, Tom also finds helps in a group of soldiers and the Lieutenant. Through the internal and the external factors, Tom is able to maintain his virtue and live as a virtuous young man. Both of them, the internal and the external factors give their supports so that Tom is able to maintain his virtue. Eventhough, Tom has to face many obstacles, he is able to prove himself that he is able to maintain his virtue. And as a result of his success in maintaining his virtue, Tom Jones becomes a virtuous person and finds his happiness.

Keyword : english, fiction, henry, fielding, tom, jones, character

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The Failure of the main female character’s efforts to escape from her miserable life in Louisa may alcott’s a long fatal love chase

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This study discusses one of Louisa MayAlcott?s novels entitled A Long Fatal Love Chase. This discussion talks about the failure of the main female character?s efforts to escape from her miserable life. It is focusing on Rosamond?s efforts and failure to escape from her miserable life. I am interested to talk about her efforts and failure in order to find out the ways Rosamond uses to escape from her miserable life and also the reasons that cause her failure to get out from it. In analyzing the novel, I use the literary theories such as the theory of characterization and the theory of conflict. The theory of characterization is useful to analyze Rosamond as the main female character in the novel while the theory of conflict is useful to analyze the inner and the outer conflicts that she faces. Rosamond?s efforts and failure appear because Rosamond wants to get out from her miserable life caused by her grandfather?s lack of affection and Phillip Tempest?s obsessive love. She does not easily give up to her fate. She does a lot of efforts to make her miserable life end. Besides, she also experiences inner conflicts and outer conflicts during her efforts to escape from her miserable life. She experiences her inner conflict when she has to choose between Phillip and De Luneville, while her outer conflict is when she consistently refuses Phillip?s offer to be his wife. Unfortunately, all her efforts are useless. She experiences failure because she is incapable to escape from Phillip?s obsessive love, but she gets her freedom through her death.

Keyword : alcott, louisa, juliany, american, fiction, female, fail

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A study of conflicting values in the divers matrimony which lead them to a marriage disintegration in Scott Fitzgerald’s tender is the night

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The main discussion of this thesis attempts to focus on the key relationship involves a unity into harmony, at least for a time, of two figures who reflect basically opposed value systems and styles of life. The main characters Dick Diver and Nicole Warren, stand for Fitzgerald?s effort as a writer to reconcile the ideal with the real, in the marriage institution. Nevertheless, after conjoining in the bond of matrimony, the two main characters, Dick and Nicole undergo conflicting values in their marital life. Due to the lasting matrimonial frictions, both of them suffer the consequences. The objective of the study is to trace what cause Dick and Nicole have conflicting values and how the Divers? conflicting values influence their marriage. The thesis writer aims to reveal what cause Dick and Nicole experience conflicting values, as well as to examine the effects of the conflicting values in the Divers? matrimonial life. With the help of psychological theory of marriage, literary devices of characterization, conflict and literary criticism on the subject, the thesis writer tries to analyze the subject on her discussion. The analysis clarifies that the conflicting values originally derive from their different familial, economical and educational backgrounds which simultaneously also shape their distinguishing values. Significantly, the failure of values adjustment and life-style adaptation between the spouse cause them to endure prolonged turnmoil. They inevitably begin resisting one another and pulling apart until the glowing world created from their union has been split in two. A disintegrated marital stage results at final.

Keyword : american, fiction, study, teaching, scott, fitzgerald’s, tender is the night

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A Study on the main character’s process of character development in E.M. Forster’s howard end

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In this world, people are born differently, Each person is unique. Yet, in order to survive in this world, people need others. E.M. Forster expresses this idea in his novel, Howards End. Howards End is written based on human relation in daily life. In Howards End, Forster uses Margaret Schlegel, the main character, to reveal his message. Margaret is a woman who considers her action is always right. Yet, after experiencing many incidents, Margaret understands that people have strength as well as weaknesses, and she wants to develop her characters. Therefore, in her study of E.M. Forster?s Howards End, the thesis writer focuses on the process of the main character, Margaret Schlegel, in developing her character. In this thesis, the writer is curious to know the process of Margaret?s character development. She wants to prove that Margaret?s characters develop after she has faced many difficulties in her life as the consequence of her attitude. The writer analyzes Margaret?s character traits and conflicts, and how she develops her characters. In doing this analysis, the writer uses literary theories, which includes characterization and conflict. Margaret, the main character of this story, is born as a tough girl and does not want to hear others? opinion. She takes an action based on her feeling and her emotion. Getting involved with Henry Wilcox, an elderly man who becomes Margaret?s husband later, drives her into many difficulties which lead her to realize her flaws. Leonard Bast, a poor man, has to face a sorrow life. He has to accept his fate to die. Helen Schlegel, Margaret?s sister, has left Margaret because she cannot stand with her sister?s attitude. Those incidents makes Margaret wants to change her characters. Margaret finally knows that she cannot judge others based on her own point of view, and she needs to consider others? opinion. She knows that she cannot keep her thoughts because there are many people around her who may not be able to accept her ideas. She also learns to forgive other?s mistakes, and to accept other people?s weakness and strength.

Keyword : english, fiction, character, forster

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