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A Study of the ironocal ways of life seen through the two central characters, the priest and the lieutenant of police in green’s the power and the glory

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The two leading characters of The Power and the Glory, the priest and the lieutenant are built upon the contrast to each other. It is because in describing the deficiencies of one man, Graham Greene also creates the virtues of the other. Yet, this thesis is a study on the two major characters? way of life to show that the differences of their ways of life are ironical for each suggests what the other should be. In doing the analysis the writer will do a literary approach by applying theory of characterization and irony. Thereupon, the writer finds out that as the final representative of God in a province cleared of priests, the priest does not show a good Christian character. He does his priest duty without deep feeling. He is also a drunken `whiskey? priest and a fornicator who has fathered a child. On the other hand, the lieutenant is endowed by moral characters for he is without sympathy to the weaknesses of `flesh?. He devotes his life to the governor he served and he also feels the responsibility to the poor and helpless people around him. Finally, in spite of the fact that he is an atheist, he needs God to fill the feeling of emptiness in his heart. Hence, the ways of life of the two central characters are ironical because their ways of life are reversed to what they are expected and the ways they lead their life suggest one to another.

Keyword : english, fiction, the power and the glory, study, teaching

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The Failure of the marriage between Dorothea Brooke and Edward Casaubon in George Eliot’s middlemarch

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This paper deals with marriage failure found in George Eliot?s novel Middlemarch, seen through Dorothea Brooke and Edward Casaubon. The thesis writer is interested in finding the factors that cause their marriage to fail. She assumes that the failure is caused by both Dorothea and Mr. Casaubon. Therefore, the thesis writer needs to divide the factors into two groups; the factors that cause the failure of the marriage from Dorothea?s side as well as from Mr. Casaubon?s side. From the author?s characterization, which reveals Dorothea and Mr. Casaubon?s attitudes, the thesis writer finds out the causes of the failure. Besides, the description of Victorian women and marriage helps the thesis writer understand the causes of the failure. The thesis writer concludes that Dorothea and Mr. Casaubon fail in their marriage because of some factors such their character traits, the absence of love and the difference of age. The fact that Dorothea has been disillusioned about her husband and marriage makes her unhappy with her marriage.

Keyword : eliot, george, english, fiction, middlemarch, marriage,

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An analysis of the efforts of Karim and Haroon in their search for identities in Hanif Kureishi’s the Budha of Suburbia

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In The Budha of Suburbia, Hanif Kureishi, one of the post-colonial authors, raises a problem that is encountered by most ex-colonized people after the colonial period. Confusion and need for identity are experienced by these ex-colonized people as the effect of colonialism either in the ex-colonized country or the mother country. In this novel, Haroon and Karim, the main male characters, are used by Kureishi to describe the condition of a person who faces identity crisis for his being `hybrid?. Haroon, an Indian comes to England to get higher education, undergoes a crisis of identity as a result of the colonial education he got during his childhood. He becomes a person with the physical look of an Indian and the manner, the taste and the thought of an Englishman. While his son, Karim, faces crisis identity as a result of his condition as a ?hybrid?. This agony leads both Karim and Haroon to search for identity. Identity becomes a key word in this work. Therefore, the thesis writer wants to analyze the efforts of both Karim and Haroon in searching for identity. Since this work talks about the problems dealing with the search for identity of the ex-colonized in contemporary Britain, the thesis writer analyzes the efforts of Karim and Haroon in the form of cultural approach using post-colonial theories which are also supported by historical fact especially the history of colonial education and the history of immigrant and the discrimination in Britain. After analyzing the efforts, it can be seen that although Karim and Haroon are both `hybrid?, they have different efforts in searching for their identities. In addition, it is only through a long process of searching for identity that both Karim and Haroon are able to find identity they desire. Finally, it can be concluded that searching for identity is a typical post-colonial problem because one?s identity is shaped by colonization that always produces a ?hybrid`.

Keyword : english, fiction, kureishi, hanif, budha, suburbia

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A study on the construction of the meaning of the sea and meanings of the land in Rudyard Kipling’s captains courageous

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Rudyard Kipling who is known for his skillful ability of writing most successfully for children and also for his great British Nationalism wrote a simple novel, Captains Courageous which conveys the America?s atmosphere and characters. Yet, I see Captains Courageous is not simply a children classic as it has significant underlying meanings projected in the two settings of the novel, the sea and the land. Adhering to this fact, my analysis upon this novel focuses in finding out the construction of meanings of the sea and the meanings of the land as I see them portrayed throughout the story. In doing so, I apply the use of semiotics, the study of signs, in which I perceive these two settings, the sea and the land, as signs that possess certain signified meanings in each of them. Besides the application of semiotics in my analysis, I will also apply other supporting theories such as certain theories of sociolinguistics and Alfred Adler?s theory of superiority complex. These theories are very helpful for me in revealing and proving analytically that the construction of the meanings of the sea and the meanings of the land displayed in binary oppositions are: the sea/the land being unsophisticated/sophisticated, genuine/pretentious, intimate/distant, and broad minded/narrow-minded. The binary oppositions performed in this analysis, exposing the contrast between its two constituents, show that the emphasis is put on the meanings of the sea rather than those of the land. Still, although the qualities of the sea seemingly towers above the qualities of the land, it is worth observing that actually the emphasis is put more on the meanings of the land than those of the sea.

Keyword : english, fiction, kipling, rudyard, construction

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The Class antagonism between the javanese feudalist and the Dutch capitalist at the end of the 19 th century in the characters buildings of minke, out of which he becomes the main petty bourgeois …

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This study, through historical materialism theory, attempts to prove the existence of the class antagonism between the Javanese feudalist and the Dutch capitalist in the character building Minke, the main character of Pramoedya Ananta Toer?s This Earth of Mankind, out of which he becomes a petty bourgeois character. It firstly traces the existence of the two classes: the Javanese feudalist, as represented by his family, and the Dutch capitalist, as depicted by his European education. in the novel. The second is to prove the existence of the class antagonisin between the two classes in his character building. As similar as the class antagonism between the Javanese feudalist and the Dutch bourgeoisie at the end of the 19th century, the Javanese tried t o perpetuate its descendant in its path while the Dutch intended to uproot him from his feudal origin. Unfortunately, since the battlefield is directed to his personality., the conflict between the capitalist against the feudalist shift in his character building as a young inexperienced man. Minke himself must struggle against both of the two class representatives, since he has potentiality to defend or stand in both of the two sides concerning the influence that he receives from both of the two classes. Finally, the last task is to demonstrate how Minke develops to be a petty bourgeois character who is fluctuating in the midst of two classes. This young student?s possession of capital and production means make his position and consciousness identical with the bourgeoisie, but he is bound to the proletariat in his social position and his consciousness as well. To conclude, it is finally proven that the class conflict between the Javanese Feudalist and the Dutch Capitalist truly present in Minke?s character building and it is found out that he turns out to be a petty bourgeois character; to be the main petty bourgeois character in This Earth of Mankind

Keyword : indonesian, fiction, toer, pramoedya, ananta, this earth of mankind

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Comparative study on the main female characters’ ideas about would-be spouses in Thomas Hardy’s under the greenwood tree and Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana’s dian yang tak kunjung padam …

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In her thesis, the writer determines IO analyze Thomas Hardy?s Under the Greenwood Tree and Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana’s Dian yang tak kunjung padam (A Candle that never Dies) since she wants to compare and contrast both novels in order to analyze and to prove that the main female characters’ ideas about would-be spouses in both novels are the same. By doing this comparative study, the writer wants to show that actually the matter of choosing would be spouses could be universal in some ways Then, by analyzing both novels, she wants to reveal both main female characters’ shared ideas of the ideal would-be spouses and their actions in handling the problem. Moreover, the writer discusses the consequences that they get from their actions. In both novels, the main female characters face the same conflicts which are the disapprovals to marry their lovers because of the social status. Their parents think that they have to marry men who have higher or at least the same social class as they do. In analyzing both novels, the writer uses the theory of literature especially characterization. She analyzes the main female and male characters’ conducts, feelings. attitudes. and speeches so that she can esplain clearly why the main female characters choose the main male characters as their would-be spouses, how they act when they art’ involved i n conflicts. and what consequences that they get from their action in opposing their parents’ disapproval. Because the conducts of the main male characters show that they arc caring. the main female characters feel that they arc appropriate to be their spouses. Then when the main female characters face the disapproval from their parents to marry their lovers, their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes are shown clearly througly their actions and speeches Then, they get different consequences of their different action in opposing their parents’ disapproval.

Keyword : alisyahbana, sutan, takdir, hardy, thomas, indonesian, fiction, character, female, english, fiction

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The hypocrisy as seen in the main character of Sinclair Lewis’s elmer gantry

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This thesis deals with the hypocrisy that is dominantly seen through the main character, Elmer Gantry, in Sinclair Lewis?s Elmer Gantry. Sinclair Lewis is a satirist of the American life and the first American who is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Moreover, his works are done by researches in the reality. The novel, Elmer Gantry, satirizes the condition of religion in America at that time which is full of hypocrisy. Through this thesis, the thesis writer wants to show that there are some internal factors, which are Elmer Gantry?s character trait and his ambitions, and some external factors, which are his mother?s influence and the strict regulation of the church where he works as a preacher that make him to be a hypocrite. Here, the thesis writer uses the definition of hypocrisy and hypocrite and related literary theories of characterization and conflict to analyze the problem. From the analysis, she finds that his worldly habits, his arrogance, and his weak character; his ambitions of being a popular and rich man; his mother?s stronger influence; and the church?s strict regulation which is not suitable to his real self have caused him to be a hypocrite. He pretends to be a good and religious person in front of the people when he becomes a preacher although he keeps doing his preference. Moreover, Elmer Gantry could be said to be not fully aware of his hypocrisy.

Keyword : american, fiction, lewis, harry, sinclair, hypocrisy, elmer, gantry

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Raskolnikov’s wrong implementations of Nietzschean Overman theory which make him fail to be the Overman in Dostoevsky’s crime and punisment

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Author : DWI, ARIE

This study is about the idea of ‘Superman’, an extraordinary individual, who sets apart from most other men. Me has the right to commit any crime and to transgress the law in any way because he is extraordinary. This idea becomes one of the reflections of human?s life that has been portrayed in a literary work. One of the literary works that reflects this idea is Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The main character in this novel, Raskolnikov, tries to apply an overman concept towards several aspects in his life. However, he has wrong implementations over it. This study tries to prove how raskolnikov?s wrong implementations cause him to fail to be an overman. Through the literary approach and Nietzschean overman theory, this study tries to show which character traits of Raskolnikov that make him fail to be an overman. Finally, this study showa that it is difficult to apply the overman theory into this life, which as an overman he must be able to stand alone that makes him alienated from the rest of the society.

Keyword : dostoevsky, fyodor, mikhailovich, russin, fiction, raskolnikov, nietzschean, overman

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A study of the revelation of themes in Anthony torllope’s the last chronicle of barset

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Anthony Trollope was the third major mid -century writer who was also known as a moralist writer of the nineteenth century. He gained his reputation because of the quality of his writing was amazing. He wrote fifty novels and among all, The Last Chronicle of Barset is the finest novel that was written by Anthony Trollope. This novel is the last sequel of the Barsethire series. In this fabulous novel, Trollope poured out his own youth experience into the four stories of the novel. The world admits that this novel is a masterpiece. There are six prominent themes that can be found out in this fabulous novel, they are: love, pride, power, disgrace, obedience, and honesty. The study to reveal the theme is very much interesting because the moral value that the author put on it can also be seen. Hence, the analysis on this novel through the study of the themes of the four stories is very significant in order to find out how the six themes can be revealed. In answering to the problem of this thesis, the purpose of doing this study is to reveal the themes by using the help of two literary devices, which are: characterization and conflict. Furthermore, these six themes are the themes that unify the four stories into a novel. These two literary devices are indeed two appropriate tools to discover the six themes because in every major characters? attitude throughout the stories reveal the six themes of the novel, also their conflict whether inner or outer are also very helpful in analyzing the themes of love, pride, power, disgrace, obedience, and honesty.

Keyword : english, fiction, study, teaching, trollope, anthony, the last chronicle of barset

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A Study of power’s dilemma in choosing the right person as her husband in Thomas Hardy’s A Laodicean

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A Laodicean is one of Thomas Hardy?s novels that tell about a competition between George Somerset and Captain De Stancy to gain Paula Power?s love. The writer has one problem to analyze, that is, what is the dilemma faced by Paula Power to come to the decision of marrying either one of the gentlemen? Through her analysis the writer wants to find out the dilemma faced by Paula Power to come to the decision of marrying either one of the gentlemen. To be able to understand Paula Power and her dilemma, the writer conducts library research in order to get data and criticism about the novel and analyze the novel. The writer uses the theories of characterization and conflict to analyze the dilemma faced by Paula Power. Through her analysis in chapter III, the writer finds out the dilemma faced by Paula Power. Paula Power faces two gentlemen who fall in love with her; both gentlemen have their own superiorities which influence Paula Power to come to the decision. The good personality – clever, generous and honest -of George Somerset and their constant meetings nurture their feeling so that they fall in love each other. Yet the appearance of Captain De Stancy who also falls in love toward her makes her face dilemma because Captain De Stancy has a noble title that Paula Power expects to have, though he is surrounded by some bad people of bad conducts. Captain De Stancy and Paula Power are once close to marry; finally, true love wins, she prefers George Somerset to Captain De Stancy.

Keyword : english, fiction, hardy, thomas, laodicean

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