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A study on the reasons and teh results of eustacia vye’s strong desires in lief in Thomas Hardy’s the return of the native

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This thesis is a study of Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native. It focuses on the reasons and the results of Eustacia Vye’s strong desires in life. The writer feels challenged to analyze the reasons why Eustacia finally has two strong desires in her life and also the results of Eustacia’s strong desires. In order to achieve the goal of the thesis, the writer uses the theories of literature, namely characterization and setting. Besides, she also uses psychological concepts of depression, frustration, and suicide. The writer uses these psychological concepts because Eustacia undergoes depression, frustration, and finally she commits suicide. The writer finds out that there are two reasons why Eustacia finally has two strong desires in her life. The first reason is because she has t o move from Budmouth to Egdon. The different setting between Egdon and Budmouth causes her to have two strong desires: to live in the glamorous life and ‘to be loved to madness’. The second reason is because she loses her parents’ love and affection. The writer also finds out that Eustacia’s strong desires cause some results to appear. Her strong desires cause her to live in illusions. They also cause her to use all means to reach her desires. In this case, she uses Wildeve and Clym. She finally gets married with Clym because she thinks that through him, she can reach her strong desires. In fact, Clym cannot fulfill her desires. This causes her to be disappointed of her marriage. Her disappointment of her marriage finally leads her to have a love affair with her former lover, Wildeve. At last, her strong desires cause her to commit suicide. She commits suicide because she sees no hope anymore to reach her strong desires. Her strong desires have led her to her downfall. As a conclusion, how Eustacia’s desires lead her to her downfall shows that it is dangerous to have strong desires in life without being able to accept the failures that may appear.

Keyword : english, fiction, hardy, thomas, eustacia vye

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A Study of jasper’s obsession that leads him to his tragedy, in charles dickens’ the mystery of Edwin Drood

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Charles Dickens has long been recognized as the most popular English novelist of the Victorian Age. The mystery of Edwin Drood, is the great mystery novel he ever wrote before he died . The thesis is a study of John Jasper’s obsession towards Rosa that leads him to his tragedy. Due to this reason, the thesis writeris triggered to know what is the tragedy Jasper has to meet due to his obsession. In order to achieve the main goal of the thesis , the thesis writer uses literary devices, namely characterization and conflict . The conflictwith Edwin Drood, Neville Landless and within himself and also the sly ways to achieve his aim to possess Rosa cause Jasper to meet his tragedy. The thesis write ruses characterization as the tool to support her analysis on Jasper and th e theory of conflict , to analyse the inner conflict and outer conflict of Jasper. Finally, from her analysis , the thesis writer find sout that Jasper creates his own tragedy in gaining his obsession. He never realizes that his obsession to get Rosa leads him to lose everything even his own life .

Keyword : english, fiction, dickens, charles, the mystery of edwin drood

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A study of the effects of Bella’s mercenary attitude and her change in Charles Dickens’s our mutual friend

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This thesis is a study of the Effects of Bella?s Mercenary Attitude arid Her Change in Charles Dickens Our mutual friend Bella, the main character, is obsessed by wealth and luxurious life. Therefore, she wants to marry a man that she has never met before. First, I show what kind of attitude Bella has toward money and luxurious life. Then, I show how Bella changes in her attitude. I want to discuss Bclla?s attitude towards money before and after her change and to analyze the process of her change. I apply literary approach in doing the analysis. I use characterization, conflict, and setting as the literary devices, and I emphasize the knowledge of Victorian society, particularly on the social class and pcople?s way in valuing money as background knowledge. In the analysis, I find out that the main character, Bella Wilfer, has ndergone a big change after she witnesses that money can change a kind person into a rude one. Before the change she loves money and luxury very much and after the change she is no longer obsessed by money and luxurious life. Finally, she can value the bad and good sites of money.

Keyword : charles, dickens, english, fiction, bella

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Silas lapham’s entanglement in greed and pride and the rise of his morality as seen through William Dean Howells’s, the rise of silas lapham

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Author : , TERESIA

This tnesis is about Silas Lapham’s Entanglement in Greed and Pride and the Rise of His Morality as Seen Through William Dean Howells’, The Rise of Silas Lapham. The Rise of Silas Lapham is the most important novel William Dean Howells had ever written and this novel is his masterpiece. In writing the novel, Howells shows a true picture of good and evil, foolish and wise, strong and weak, or in other words it represent a true American life. In order to accomplish the objective of this thesis, the thesis writer analyzes Silas Lapham’s entanglement in greed and pride, the factors that make Silas Lapham entangled in greed and pride and how he later rises in his morality. Using library research and literary approach such as characterization and conflict to help her in her analysis, the thesis writer finds out that, at the end, bankruptcy can cause people to become greedy and proud which cause decadence in morality. But Silas realizes his m i s t a k e and leaves behind his greed and pride and rises in his morality.

Keyword : american, fiction, howells. dean, william, silas, lapham

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The study of the impacts of racism on Roxana and her son as seen in Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson

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This thesis is the study of the impacts of racism on Roxana and her son in Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson. The racism can be found in every place in the world. Although people say that we should respect other person fairly and treat them nicely, people still sometimes feel that a particular race is much better than any other. This kind of attitude will cause bad effects on certain people’s lives. Due to this fact, the thesis writer is curious to know whether there are any impacts of racism on the lives of Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson protagonists, Roxana and her son, and if there are, the thesis writer also wants to know what the impacts are. ‘The purpose of this thesis is to show that there are certain impacts of racism on Roxana and her s o n that bring both of them to sorrow and destruction. To achieve her goal, the thesis writer will use literary approach such as theory of characterization, theory of conflict, theory of setting. The analysis reveals the impacts of racism on Roxana and her son. It is proved that actually the problem about racism can only be solved if people can accept the reality of who they are and can respect each other.

Keyword : american, fiction, twain, mark, impacts, racism

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A Study of the ironocal ways of life seen through the two central characters, the priest and the lieutenant of police in green’s the power and the glory

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The two leading characters of The Power and the Glory, the priest and the lieutenant are built upon the contrast to each other. It is because in describing the deficiencies of one man, Graham Greene also creates the virtues of the other. Yet, this thesis is a study on the two major characters? way of life to show that the differences of their ways of life are ironical for each suggests what the other should be. In doing the analysis the writer will do a literary approach by applying theory of characterization and irony. Thereupon, the writer finds out that as the final representative of God in a province cleared of priests, the priest does not show a good Christian character. He does his priest duty without deep feeling. He is also a drunken `whiskey? priest and a fornicator who has fathered a child. On the other hand, the lieutenant is endowed by moral characters for he is without sympathy to the weaknesses of `flesh?. He devotes his life to the governor he served and he also feels the responsibility to the poor and helpless people around him. Finally, in spite of the fact that he is an atheist, he needs God to fill the feeling of emptiness in his heart. Hence, the ways of life of the two central characters are ironical because their ways of life are reversed to what they are expected and the ways they lead their life suggest one to another.

Keyword : english, fiction, the power and the glory, study, teaching

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The Failure of the marriage between Dorothea Brooke and Edward Casaubon in George Eliot’s middlemarch

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This paper deals with marriage failure found in George Eliot?s novel Middlemarch, seen through Dorothea Brooke and Edward Casaubon. The thesis writer is interested in finding the factors that cause their marriage to fail. She assumes that the failure is caused by both Dorothea and Mr. Casaubon. Therefore, the thesis writer needs to divide the factors into two groups; the factors that cause the failure of the marriage from Dorothea?s side as well as from Mr. Casaubon?s side. From the author?s characterization, which reveals Dorothea and Mr. Casaubon?s attitudes, the thesis writer finds out the causes of the failure. Besides, the description of Victorian women and marriage helps the thesis writer understand the causes of the failure. The thesis writer concludes that Dorothea and Mr. Casaubon fail in their marriage because of some factors such their character traits, the absence of love and the difference of age. The fact that Dorothea has been disillusioned about her husband and marriage makes her unhappy with her marriage.

Keyword : eliot, george, english, fiction, middlemarch, marriage,

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An analysis of the efforts of Karim and Haroon in their search for identities in Hanif Kureishi’s the Budha of Suburbia

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In The Budha of Suburbia, Hanif Kureishi, one of the post-colonial authors, raises a problem that is encountered by most ex-colonized people after the colonial period. Confusion and need for identity are experienced by these ex-colonized people as the effect of colonialism either in the ex-colonized country or the mother country. In this novel, Haroon and Karim, the main male characters, are used by Kureishi to describe the condition of a person who faces identity crisis for his being `hybrid?. Haroon, an Indian comes to England to get higher education, undergoes a crisis of identity as a result of the colonial education he got during his childhood. He becomes a person with the physical look of an Indian and the manner, the taste and the thought of an Englishman. While his son, Karim, faces crisis identity as a result of his condition as a ?hybrid?. This agony leads both Karim and Haroon to search for identity. Identity becomes a key word in this work. Therefore, the thesis writer wants to analyze the efforts of both Karim and Haroon in searching for identity. Since this work talks about the problems dealing with the search for identity of the ex-colonized in contemporary Britain, the thesis writer analyzes the efforts of Karim and Haroon in the form of cultural approach using post-colonial theories which are also supported by historical fact especially the history of colonial education and the history of immigrant and the discrimination in Britain. After analyzing the efforts, it can be seen that although Karim and Haroon are both `hybrid?, they have different efforts in searching for their identities. In addition, it is only through a long process of searching for identity that both Karim and Haroon are able to find identity they desire. Finally, it can be concluded that searching for identity is a typical post-colonial problem because one?s identity is shaped by colonization that always produces a ?hybrid`.

Keyword : english, fiction, kureishi, hanif, budha, suburbia

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A study on the construction of the meaning of the sea and meanings of the land in Rudyard Kipling’s captains courageous

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Rudyard Kipling who is known for his skillful ability of writing most successfully for children and also for his great British Nationalism wrote a simple novel, Captains Courageous which conveys the America?s atmosphere and characters. Yet, I see Captains Courageous is not simply a children classic as it has significant underlying meanings projected in the two settings of the novel, the sea and the land. Adhering to this fact, my analysis upon this novel focuses in finding out the construction of meanings of the sea and the meanings of the land as I see them portrayed throughout the story. In doing so, I apply the use of semiotics, the study of signs, in which I perceive these two settings, the sea and the land, as signs that possess certain signified meanings in each of them. Besides the application of semiotics in my analysis, I will also apply other supporting theories such as certain theories of sociolinguistics and Alfred Adler?s theory of superiority complex. These theories are very helpful for me in revealing and proving analytically that the construction of the meanings of the sea and the meanings of the land displayed in binary oppositions are: the sea/the land being unsophisticated/sophisticated, genuine/pretentious, intimate/distant, and broad minded/narrow-minded. The binary oppositions performed in this analysis, exposing the contrast between its two constituents, show that the emphasis is put on the meanings of the sea rather than those of the land. Still, although the qualities of the sea seemingly towers above the qualities of the land, it is worth observing that actually the emphasis is put more on the meanings of the land than those of the sea.

Keyword : english, fiction, kipling, rudyard, construction

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The Class antagonism between the javanese feudalist and the Dutch capitalist at the end of the 19 th century in the characters buildings of minke, out of which he becomes the main petty bourgeois …

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This study, through historical materialism theory, attempts to prove the existence of the class antagonism between the Javanese feudalist and the Dutch capitalist in the character building Minke, the main character of Pramoedya Ananta Toer?s This Earth of Mankind, out of which he becomes a petty bourgeois character. It firstly traces the existence of the two classes: the Javanese feudalist, as represented by his family, and the Dutch capitalist, as depicted by his European education. in the novel. The second is to prove the existence of the class antagonisin between the two classes in his character building. As similar as the class antagonism between the Javanese feudalist and the Dutch bourgeoisie at the end of the 19th century, the Javanese tried t o perpetuate its descendant in its path while the Dutch intended to uproot him from his feudal origin. Unfortunately, since the battlefield is directed to his personality., the conflict between the capitalist against the feudalist shift in his character building as a young inexperienced man. Minke himself must struggle against both of the two class representatives, since he has potentiality to defend or stand in both of the two sides concerning the influence that he receives from both of the two classes. Finally, the last task is to demonstrate how Minke develops to be a petty bourgeois character who is fluctuating in the midst of two classes. This young student?s possession of capital and production means make his position and consciousness identical with the bourgeoisie, but he is bound to the proletariat in his social position and his consciousness as well. To conclude, it is finally proven that the class conflict between the Javanese Feudalist and the Dutch Capitalist truly present in Minke?s character building and it is found out that he turns out to be a petty bourgeois character; to be the main petty bourgeois character in This Earth of Mankind

Keyword : indonesian, fiction, toer, pramoedya, ananta, this earth of mankind

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