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Anil’s ambivalent identity in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost

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Michael Ondaatje, as the author of post-colonialism novel, tries to portray the condition of post-colonialism that happens to the colonized immigrant in the colonizer countries. In his novel, Anil?s Ghost, he tells that the main character was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in Western and came back to the Sri Lanka again. From that condition, I find out that Anil, as the main character, faces the problem of identity. That?s how I am interested to analyze her ambivalent identity and the reasons of her ambivalence. To analyze it, I try to consult some post-colonialism concepts such as identity, memory, nation-nationalism, and ambivalence. From the analysis, I try to explain about the ambivalent identity of Anil and the reason why she has ambivalent identity including the reasons of abandonment and the reasons of preservation. I find that there are two reasons why she tries to abandon her Ceylonese identity: first, she has painful memories that impose her to omit her original identity; second, she is influenced by her Western friends that seem more attractive to her. Furthermore, there are also two reasons why she maintains her Ceylonese identity: first, her nice memories on Sri Lanka emerge when she got to this country; and second, indirectly her Sri Lanka friends influence her in rising up her nationalism that has been buried. Finally, the effects of post-colonialism cause Anil to face any difficulty in finding her true identity.

Keyword : post-colonialism, identity, memory, mimicry, nations-nationalism, ambivalence

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Rancangan desain komunikasi visual corporate identity restoran Victoria Malang

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Victoria adalah sebuah restoran yang menjual berbagai macam chinesse food. Victoria sebagai sebuah perusahaan harus mempunyai identitas perusahaan yang dapat membedakannya dengan perusahaan yang lain. Perancangan logo yang dilakukan harus dapat mengkomunikasikan ciri khas dan identitas perusahaan di kalangan masyarakat. Dalam hal ini, sasaran utama Restoran Victoria adalah masyarakat dari kalangan menengah ke atas. Logo yang sudah ada tidak dapat mencerminkan perkembangan yang sudah dicapai maupun positioningnya dalam masyarakat.

Keyword : corporate, identity, restaurant, chinesse food, advertising, commersial art, graphic design, signboards, visual communication

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The Language and identity of a Banjarese man in Surabaya

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This study is a qualitative study of the language and identity of a Banjarese man who lives in Surabaya. This study was conducted in order to reveal the connection of the language use with the identity as a Banjarese who lives in Surabaya. To reach the research objectives, some findings from previous studies with similar topic were used as references. From my study I found that language choice, the straight forwardness, the persistence in defending principles can be considered as characterizing his identity as a Banjarese while the use of Javanese and Jakartanese the changing in the language of politeness characterized his changes of identity to become more Javanese.

Keyword : language, identity, banjarese

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