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The Effect of host government policies that give direct impact to international real estate investment in Vietnam

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Author : ERIC, TEDDY;

Government policies is one of the factors that are must be considered by every company that willing to expand its business at other countries. The government policies are varies and every company should observe the related each of the policies that might affect its business. ABC Company set up the project in Vietnam through joint venture with local partners, the company should pay attention to several of government policies such as land law, labor regulation, tax regulation and FDI policy. All of these policies might generate attractiveness and problems that will be discussed in this paper. The writers use secondary data analysis as the research method in this report. The writers find that the example attractiveness such as lower tax rate for foreign investor compare to Vietnamese, while the example of problems is the low skilled labors, restriction in gender role, land ownership, zoning for real estate, the type of entry modes allowed, the proportion of ownership in the project and the limitation of period of the project. All of those factors are giving significant impacts on ABC Company. ABC Company should handle and resolve the problems in the project adjusted with the company condition and local condition also utilize the favorable factors offered

Keyword : FDI, real estate, taxation, labor, land, entry mode

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A study of code switching in video jockeys’ utterances on Anteve program “MTV Land”

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Nowadays, it is usual that people use more than one language in communicating with others and they tend to switch the language even in a television program. In this case, the writer is interested in analyzing the code switching in the Video Jockeys? utterances on “MTV Land”. This music program has provided code-switching. Therefore, this study analyzes the language used, the reasons, and the types of code-switching in the subjects? utterances. The data were obtained through recording the five episodes of the program. Then, the data were analyzed and classified according to Hudson?s, Wardhaugh?s and Gumperz theories of the code switching. The findings show that the Video Jockeys used E-J code switching more frequently than E-I code switching. Besides, the writer found that there were four functions of code switching on that program. Finally, it is found that Conversational Code Switching is used more frequently since the Video Jockeys only entertained the audience in informal way.

Keyword : discourse, analysis, english, language, social, sosiolinguistic, video, jockeys, anteve, mtv, land

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