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Taboo words produced by male and female characters in the movie boys don’t cry

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Generally, taboo words are words which were ‘not only considered inappropriate for certain context, but were also forbidden in most communicative events’ (Trudgill, 1974:29-3 1 ) However, regardless the fact that taboo words were condemned to use, their presence was undeniable, and it did, in fact, exist in our community. The traditional conception said that females were forbidden to use it for any reasons, while males had their freedom because of the context of masculinity involved. Since the condition became more flexible toward males and females, the pressure got more relaxed. Therefore, the writer was curious to know the kinds of taboo words that males and females used, their tabooed subjects, and their primary purpose to use it. The data was taken from the movie Boys don?t cry, and the approach used was a qualitative-descriptive approach. On the other hand, the theories used to analyze the data were divided into two main theories and one supporting theory. The main theories were taken from the combination between Liedlich and Wardhaugh?s theory about the classification of taboo words and Liedlich?s theory of the purpose. Meanwhile, Hymes? theory about the factors exist in communicative events was also taken to support the analysis of the user?s purpose in using taboo words. The final result of this study was that the taboo word that was often used by both males and females was fuck, and they shared the same tabooed subject, which was Sex. The purpose was quite different. While males used taboo words for the purpose of identification, females used them to provide catharsis.

Keyword : english, language, social aspects, linguistics, slang, taboo, male, female, movie

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Grammatical errors produced by students of the English department at Petra Christian University in their writing

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This study is about grammatical errors that are produced by “writing 2” students of English Department at Petra Christian University in their mid term exam. The writer realizes that understanding the rules of grammar is very important in order to write well. She is interested in grammatical errors topic because many students still get confused to use the right grammar. In her study, she wants to know what type of errors that the students usually produce and what type of error which is mostly produced by students. The writer limits her research on grammatical errors only, so she does not investigate other errors, such as phonological errors, spelling errors, vocabulary, punctuation and organization. She takes mid term paper of ‘writing 2’ for her data. In analyzing the data, she uses Jack C. Richards?s classification of grammatical errors theory. After doing the analysis, she finds that the types of grammatical errors that are usually produced by ?writing 2? students are Errors in the Production of Verb Groups, especially the use of tense form, Miscellaneous Errors, especially the use of singular form and Errors in the use of Prepositions, especially the use of ?of?. Errors in the Production of Verb Groups is the type of grammatical errors that is mostly produced by the ?writing 2? students of English Department.

Keyword : english, language, grammar, petra christian university, writing, students

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The Process of background knowledge on the language in Walt Disney Comics

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Walt Disney has a unique structure in its story. It only consists of a few utterances in the balloons and the pictures of event. Because of that phenomenon, the purpose of this thesis is analyzing the coherence of a Walt Disney comic book. The writer simplifies his problem into investigating the process of background knowledge in binding utterances in that comic book. The theory will be based on coherence theory by Brown and Yule as his main theory and the principle of comic strip as his supporting theory. Based on Brown and Yule?s theory, the writer will only takes Schemata theory to analyze the data. In classification of data, the writer takes the verbal part in the form of utterancess with the support of the non-verbal part in the form of pictures. Then the process of analysis will present the analysis of utterances in the boxes based on Schemata theory. In the finding, he finds that schemata help him to relate each box in the form of a coherent story. In the conclusion, the writer can state that schemata relates his experience in the past time to the particular event in the present time.

Keyword : english, language, walt, disney, comics

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Stylistics features in the utterances of the “radio presenter” and the callers of the “english around the world” show by EBS radio station 101.25 FM Surabaya

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Author : HUANG, FIE

This thesis is an analysis of Stylistics features in the utterances of Retha as the “Radio Jockey” and the callers in the “English around the world” show by EBS radio station. The writer chooses this topic because she would like to research the language styles by Retha and the callers in the conversation of each fragment and also she would like to know what kinds of feature occurred in the utterances since English has been an important language today and everything has been dealing to English. Moreover; this show, played by EBS required and obligated the callers to speak English if they were interested in speaking and practicing English. In analyzing the data, the writer uses the basic understanding theory of Functional Stylistics by Jan and Jiri. The writer used qualitative descriptive approach in analyzing the data and she generalized for the finding. After analyzing the data, the writer found that the language styles in each fragment are short, repetitive, substandard form, informal and code-mixing feature. The writer assumed that these features might be influenced by the limitation of time, the psychological pressure, the economical factors, and many others.

Keyword : applied, liguistics, language, english, semiotics. style, ebs, surabaya, radio, presenter

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A Study on communication strategies used by speaking IIIE students of English Department in Petra Christian University in conversation

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This study is about the communication strategies used by the students of speaking IIIE in Faculty of Letters. The writer analyses the types of communication strategies used by the students, and also the types of communication strategies used most by the students. The writer does this study based on the theory of communication strateges by William Littlewood. Littlewood said that when the people find difficulties in expressing their ideas, they use utterance called communication strategies. The writer does this study by observing the class and recording the entire sentence produced by the students. The data with communication strategies wiIl be analysed based on the types and characteristics of communication strategies. The result of this study reveals that the students did almost all the types communication strategies, except paraphrasing. The writer found that most communication strategies used by the students are using approximation strategies, and the combination of switching to native language strategy and seeking help strategy

Keyword : english, language, speaking, student, conversation

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Acquisition of Indonesian affixes produced by a three-year-old Indonesian girl and a three-year-old Indonesian boy

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This study is about the acquisition of Indonesian affixes produced by a three-year-old Indonesian girl and a three-year-old Indonesian boy. The Indonesian affixes discussed here is dealing with the acquisition of Indonesian affixes, particularly prefix, sufffix and combination of prefix and suffix. The writer tries to find what Indonesian affixes produced by both subjects within the four-month-period of observation. The writer is encouraged to do the comparison between Indonesian grammatical acquisition produced by a three-year-old Indonesian girl and a three-year-old Indonesian boy for the reason that there is assumption that girls are `smarter? or faster than boys in language development. By doing so, thus the writer tries to find whether there are any differences or not on their acquisition on Indonesian affixes. The result of this study reveals that during the four-month-period of observation, there are some differences on their acquisition on Indonesian affixes as only the female subject who can acquire more complex affixes, or combination of prefix and suffix such as affix (di-i), (di-kan), and (ke-an).

Keyword : language, acquisition, indonesian, girl, boy, affixes

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The change of diction in the language spoken by Eliza in Bernard shaw’s pygmalion

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The writer uses George Bernard Shaw?s Pygmalion as the object of her study in this thesis. George Bernard Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1926 and Pygmalion is one of his most popular plays. In this play, he showed that accent and speech provides a way to social advancement. The writer finds that at the beginning of the play the major character, Eliza Doolittle, often uses non-appropriate words as the diction of her language use. Then, by reforming the choice of words (diction) of Eliza, Professor Higgins, transformed Eliza into a lady and her language especially her choice of words show the change at the end of the play. This fact attracts the attention of the writer to find out what kinds of changes occur in Eliza?s choice of words and to analyze what factors influence the change of her diction. In carrying out her study, she uses Mc Crimmon?s theory of diction as the main theory and Dell Hyme?s Ethnography of Communication as the supporting theory. This study is conducted through content analysis. The data for the analysis covers the diction which is used by Eliza Doolittle in the play. Then the Writer analyzes the diction especially on the appropriateness act by act and compares them later to determine the factors that causes of the changes of diction in the language spoken by Eliza.

Keyword : english, language, social, sociolinguistics, pygmalion, speaking

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A case study on the Indonesian language description in the language acquisition of a two-year old child’s utterances

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The writer of this research is curious to know the Indonesian language description of a two-year old child?s utterances, and intends to find out what kinds of functions that she produces, kinds of utterances, how the subject uses her utterances. The writer of this research uses the theory of Language acquisition, in this case language development by Brown (1973). To identify the functions of the utterances that are produced by the subject, the writer uses the theory from Halliday; while the theory by Tarigan is used for classifying the kinds of utterances produced by the subject of this research. To show the development of the pattern from two-word to three-word utterances of the subject, the writer uses the theory of semantic relation discussed by Purwo (1990). Since this research is a case study, the writer uses a qualitative approach, and it is considered as a descriptive study. While the data is taken from fourteen-day observation of a two-year old child. The result shows that the theory of language acquisition development by Brown and the functions of language by Halliday, are in line with the subject?s utterance development. According to Brown?s theory, the two-year old child produces one-word to two-word utterances as the dominant structure, but it is possible for the child to produce longer than two-word utterances. This process also happens in the subject?s utterances. Whereas the functions of utterances produced by the subject are instrumental, regulatory, interactions, heuristic, representational, and imaginative. Besides, the kinds of utterances produced by the subject are imperative, interrogative, negative, request, complains, greeting, call, and exclamation.

Keyword : language, acquisition, indonesian. children, utterances

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A Study of cohesion in the essays of students of writing IV, of the Faculty of Letters, Petra Christian University

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This thesis is an analysis of cohesion in the essays of Writing IV Faculty of Letters? students. The researcher thinks that the ability to write well is very important for the students, for example in making their thesis. So, it is necessary for the students to know about cohesion. That is why the researcher decided to analyze Writing IV essays. She chose Writing IV essays because although the students already have enough experience in writing, the researcher still find mistakes in their essays. This reason also motivates her in analyzing Writing IV essays. In her thesis, she wants to find out the types of cohesion which are correctly and incorrectly used by the students. She hopes that the result of her research will be useful for the students of Faculty of Letters who major in Linguistics and who is interested in cohesion. In her analysis, the main theory that is used by the researcher is the theory of cohesion by Halliday and Hasan (1976). The theory talks about grammatical cohesion, which can be conveyed through Reference, Substitution, Ellipsis, and Conjunction; and lexical cohesion through Reiteration and Collocation. She applies this theory to analyze the data. She collects the data by photocopying the students? writing essays and she analyzes the essays thoroughly to find the cohesion types that occur in the essays. From the research, she finds that in all cohesion types, the correctly used types have higher number of occurrences than the incorrectly used ones. The fulfillment mostly happens in Conjunction and the mistake mostly occurs in Reference. In her analysis, the researcher also finds avoidance effect happens in certain cohesion types and mostly in Ellipsis. So, from the whole research, the researcher concludes that the students can apply cohesion well.

Keyword : english, language, linguistic, writing, petra, christian, university

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Language code varietes used by some students from Kupang of the year 2000 in Petra Christian University: a case study

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Indonesia is a multilingual speech community with two main groups of languages, Standard Indonesian and ethnic languages. Thus, there are still many ethnic groups who maintain the use of their ethnic languages. This situation can also be observed in Petra Christian University (PCU) that in respect to multi-ethnicity and multi-cultural, can be regarded as Indonesia in a much smaller scale. One of the ethnic groups in PCU who still maintain the use of ethnic language is students from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Hence, those Kupang students still use Kupang Malay (KM) as their ethnic language. KM itself has deep functions for Kupang people as regional pride, regional identity, and as a tool of communication. Thus, the writer used Holmes?s theory of sociolinguistics (1992) as her main theory in order to accomplish her research about language code varieties used by some students from Kupang of the year 2000 in PCU. Furthermore, the writer explained about the theory of code choices in relating to code mixing and code switching, theory of domain from Fishman?s work, about the standard languages and she also explained about the theory of KM itself After that, in analysing the data, she used a qualitative descriptive approach combining with a very limited of quantitative approach. Because of that, some Kupang students have the important role as her sources in gathering the data. Thus, their language repertoires were necessary, when she, as the main instrument, collected the data by observing or even by interviewing them. From the analysis, she found out that those Kupang students made some code choices in communicating with people, as the result of some social factors that influenced them to use those codes. Here, the social factors are the participants, the topic of conversation, the function of their speech, educational effect, and the setting in case of with whom they are living. Moreover, in using those codes varieties, they often mixed and switched their languages in order to convey meanings. On the other hand, those Kupang students used KM as the most dominant code or variety of language because of their feelings of belonging, and their feelings of longing while they used their mother tongue in non-native speakers of KM area. After all, the writer concludes that those Kupang students of the year 2000 used their mother tongue or first language dominantly in order to maintain KM as a local language, which functions as a symbol of regional pride, a symbol of regional identity, and as a means of communication. Thus, they maintain KM in order to show their loyalty to their ethnic language although they live in the area/region of non-native speaker of KM.

Keyword : indonesian, language, sociolinguistics, student, kupang

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