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Politeness strategies produced by Mary and Ted in “There’s something about Mary”

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This study is about Politeness Strategies; strategies that are used to avoid or minimize the threat on the interlocutor?s face. The writer is interested in doing this research because Politeness Strategies are very important in social interaction or daily conversation. In her study, she is curious to find out the Politeness Strategies used by Mary and Ted when they are talking to both male and female interlocutors in the movie There?s Something About Mary. Besides, she also wants to know about the kinds of Politeness Strategies used the most by them. In analyzing the data, she uses the theory of Brown and Levinson. The writer uses the transcriptions of the movie as her data. To analyze the data, the Writer uses descriptive-qualitative approach. After analyzing the data, the writer finds out that both Mary and Ted use all kinds of Politeness Strategies as suggested by Brown and Levinson and they also use Positive Politeness the most to both male and female interlocutors. It shows that both of them try to maintain the close relationships that they have with their friends, male and female. However, Ted uses Positive Politeness more that Mary does. After getting the findings, the writer surprisingly found that the stereotype that women tend to be more polite than men is not true. From the analysis, it can be seen that both Mary and Ted, male and female characters in this movie, use the same numbers of occurrence of Negative Politeness strategies, that is, 14 times to both male and female interlocutors. It means that the occurrence of Negative Politeness that they use is the same. Because Negative Politeness is a formality-oriented and it is used to satisfy the negative face of the hearer, both male and female characters in this movie can be considered as polite; and their degree of politeness is the same.

Keyword : english, language, sosiolinguistics, linguistics, politeness

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The Language and identity of a Banjarese man in Surabaya

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This study is a qualitative study of the language and identity of a Banjarese man who lives in Surabaya. This study was conducted in order to reveal the connection of the language use with the identity as a Banjarese who lives in Surabaya. To reach the research objectives, some findings from previous studies with similar topic were used as references. From my study I found that language choice, the straight forwardness, the persistence in defending principles can be considered as characterizing his identity as a Banjarese while the use of Javanese and Jakartanese the changing in the language of politeness characterized his changes of identity to become more Javanese.

Keyword : language, identity, banjarese

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A Study of asking for permision expressions produced by the Chinese and Javanese students of SMU Kristen Petra 3, Surabaya

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The way to ask for permission from others is one of the speech acts that has some unique aspects to be investigated, It is because the expression of asking for permission is differently expressed by different people in different situations. Different gender between the interlocutors may influence the way one asks for permission because men and women are different in using language. The way people ask for permission, to a greater extent, is affected by the situation in which the asking permission is expressed Different cultural background of the speakers may be responsible for producing different ways of asking for permission because each ethnic has different opinion about what politeness is. Therefore, I would like to know whether there might be some similarities and differences between the expressions of asking for permission produced by the Chinese students and the ones produced by the Javanese students. This study investigates the utterances expressed by the Chinese and Javanese students of SMU Krisyen Petra 3 in asking for permission to find out the similarities and / or differences on the way they ask for permission for taking leave. To determine which language function reveals mostly, at first I as the main instrument list the data collected from 12 respondents ( 3 Chinese female, 3 Chinese male, 3 Javanese female, and 3 Javanese ,male ) through the questionnaire. Then, those utterances classified into tables by following Van Ek`s ( 1976 ) classification of the language functions in order to know what the speaker actually intends to say / to do. reveals in the asking for permission expressions is Having analyzed the data, I find out that the predominant function that seeking permission. Then, it is followed by apologizing function that is used to show that they are in the lower position and reporting function that is used to convince the authority. Next, it can be seen that there is only a slight difference among the frequency number of language functions in terms of respondents? ethic and gender difference. In a similar way, in terms of addressees? ethnic difference, there is only a slight difference, too. On the contrary, based on the addressees? gender difference, there is a big difference between the frequency number of language function reveal in the permission utterances, as well as in terms of addressees? social status difference and situation difference. Finally, it can be concluded that in order to make a polite permission that make it is granted by the authority, the addressers should pay attention to the use of certain language functions. There are 4 language functions that never occur in the permission utterances expressed to the teacher as the superior, they are suggesting a course of action, requesting others to do something, advising others to do something, and instructing/ directing others to do something. In this way, by understanding the use of language function, it is possible to create a permission which will not be assumed as sarcasm, joking, or even rudeness.

Keyword : indonesian, language, dialects, linguistics, chinese, javanese, student

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English grammatical errors found in the writing assigment of the basic I level student at Kelt

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Grammar is an essential requirement toward a successful result in learning any language, including English. The grammatical error in speaking is tolerable since people focus more on the message. On the contrary, people have to pay more attention both to what they want to say (substance) and also how they are going to express their ideas (medium) in writing. The grammatical errors in writing may/will distort and disturb the coherence of the piece of writing By using correct grammatical rules, it will ensure good writing. It is for this reason that, I am eager to analyze the grammatical errors in the writing assignment of the basic I level students at KELT (Key English Language Learning). I use qualitative method since I will identify and classify the type of grammar errors and find the frequency of the occurrence of the errors made by the students of KELT. While doing this, I will also provide the correct forms for the errors. In this research, I am not concerned with the reasons why they produce grammatical those errors. As soon as a grammar rules is broken, an error has been committed. In conducting the thesis, I use the theory of Jack. C. Richards based on his book, ?Error analysis Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition?. He classifies the grammatical errors into 6 categories. They are Errors in the Production of Verb Groups, Errors in the Distribution of Verb Groups, Miscellaneous Errors, Errors in the Use of Prepositions, Errors in the Use of Articles, and Errors in the Use of Questions. After analyzing the data, the writer only finds 4 kinds of errors, namely, errors in the Production of Verb Groups, miscellaneous Errors, errors in the use of prepositions and errors in the use of articles. Most students tend to make errors in the production of verb group, especially in the agreement of verb with subject and tenses. Finally, l recommend that the teacher and students pay more attention on the internalization of grammatical rules. I hope that this thesis will give the teachers and students a better understanding about grammar.

Keyword : grammar, english, language, student, kelt, writing

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The Analysis of transition signals in the English Departement students writing 3 at Petra Christian University

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Students at the English Department are supposed to master English language since the Department uses English as the medium of teaching and learning to study English literature. Therefore, they are also supposed to be competence in communicating ideas well through written language. In communicating ideas through an essay, the students should make the writing coherence so that the message conveyed is transferred well to the readers. For that reason, being coherent is important for students of writing in producing their essay. One of the techniques used to achieve coherence in writing is applying transition signals. While, according to Coffey in Communication Through Writing transition signals are important since they will give the readers to comprehend the core of the text. This present study emphasizes on the use of transition signals that leads to text comprehension. The problem which the writer investigates is how the students use the transition signals to maintain the writing coherence in the essays writing of the Students Writing III at the English Department of Petra Christian University. In her research, she uses theory of Margaret Pogemiller Coffey about transition signals and the theory about coherence by Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue, Moreover, she uses Fransica’s thesis about An Analysis of the Coherence on Classified Advertisement in Jakarta Post, and Amelia?s thesis which dealt with A Study of Cohesion in Lateral-Quarterly PBE Magazine. The approach of this study is qualitative descriptive because the data is in the form of words rather than numbers. Furthermore, the writer collects the data from the assignment produced by the students of Writing III at the English Department of Petra Christian University. The data are obtained by collecting 5 essays in one occasion, randomly, in order to avoid subjectivity. After that, the Writer investigating those data based on the research questions. From the data analysis, the writer finds that there are 10 types of transition signals which are used in the essays of Writing III?s students. There is 1 type which is not used by the student. Furthermore, the writer finds that most of the use of transition signals in the students? essay is correct. It takes 93.19% which is correct and 6.81% is not correct.

Keyword : english, language, rhetoric, transition, writing

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Local and global errors in the journals writen by the first writing class students

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This research is written to reveal local and global errors produced by the first writing class students in their journals. The study of local and global errors is the study on the communicative effect classification. It focuses on distinguishing between errors that seem to cause miscommunication (global) and those that do not (local). This study is conducted with the hope of giving a contribution to second language learners in the process of their second language acquisition. By evaluating the errors produced, this thesis is hoped to be able to help learners to learn when they correct the errors. Students and teachers here are expected to have a better understanding on the importance of making errors. This is a descriptive-qualitative study, as the writer describes and explores the errors without making any generalization from the findings. Here, the writer acts as the key instrument to collect the data. The errors in this study are identified and examined based on standard English grammar by Quirk and Greenbaum. The major theory applied was Politzer and Ramirez’s linguistic category taxonomy to classify the local errors into categories and subcategories, while Dulay and Hurt’s and Hurt and Kiparsky?s classifications of global errors were used to classify and explain the global errors. He found that most errors found in this study were considered local. Only three cases out of 311 errors found in this study were global. The students made almost all the subcategories of local error found in the Politzer and Ramirez’s linguistic category taxonomy. Noun phrase deviation was the most common error. For global errors, the students used wrong sentence connector and missing cues to signal obligatory exceptions of syntactic rules.

Keyword : applied, linguistics, english, language, errors, writing, student, journals

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Taboo words produced by male and female characters in the movie boys don’t cry

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Generally, taboo words are words which were ‘not only considered inappropriate for certain context, but were also forbidden in most communicative events’ (Trudgill, 1974:29-3 1 ) However, regardless the fact that taboo words were condemned to use, their presence was undeniable, and it did, in fact, exist in our community. The traditional conception said that females were forbidden to use it for any reasons, while males had their freedom because of the context of masculinity involved. Since the condition became more flexible toward males and females, the pressure got more relaxed. Therefore, the writer was curious to know the kinds of taboo words that males and females used, their tabooed subjects, and their primary purpose to use it. The data was taken from the movie Boys don?t cry, and the approach used was a qualitative-descriptive approach. On the other hand, the theories used to analyze the data were divided into two main theories and one supporting theory. The main theories were taken from the combination between Liedlich and Wardhaugh?s theory about the classification of taboo words and Liedlich?s theory of the purpose. Meanwhile, Hymes? theory about the factors exist in communicative events was also taken to support the analysis of the user?s purpose in using taboo words. The final result of this study was that the taboo word that was often used by both males and females was fuck, and they shared the same tabooed subject, which was Sex. The purpose was quite different. While males used taboo words for the purpose of identification, females used them to provide catharsis.

Keyword : english, language, social aspects, linguistics, slang, taboo, male, female, movie

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Grammatical errors produced by students of the English department at Petra Christian University in their writing

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This study is about grammatical errors that are produced by “writing 2” students of English Department at Petra Christian University in their mid term exam. The writer realizes that understanding the rules of grammar is very important in order to write well. She is interested in grammatical errors topic because many students still get confused to use the right grammar. In her study, she wants to know what type of errors that the students usually produce and what type of error which is mostly produced by students. The writer limits her research on grammatical errors only, so she does not investigate other errors, such as phonological errors, spelling errors, vocabulary, punctuation and organization. She takes mid term paper of ‘writing 2’ for her data. In analyzing the data, she uses Jack C. Richards?s classification of grammatical errors theory. After doing the analysis, she finds that the types of grammatical errors that are usually produced by ?writing 2? students are Errors in the Production of Verb Groups, especially the use of tense form, Miscellaneous Errors, especially the use of singular form and Errors in the use of Prepositions, especially the use of ?of?. Errors in the Production of Verb Groups is the type of grammatical errors that is mostly produced by the ?writing 2? students of English Department.

Keyword : english, language, grammar, petra christian university, writing, students

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The Process of background knowledge on the language in Walt Disney Comics

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Walt Disney has a unique structure in its story. It only consists of a few utterances in the balloons and the pictures of event. Because of that phenomenon, the purpose of this thesis is analyzing the coherence of a Walt Disney comic book. The writer simplifies his problem into investigating the process of background knowledge in binding utterances in that comic book. The theory will be based on coherence theory by Brown and Yule as his main theory and the principle of comic strip as his supporting theory. Based on Brown and Yule?s theory, the writer will only takes Schemata theory to analyze the data. In classification of data, the writer takes the verbal part in the form of utterancess with the support of the non-verbal part in the form of pictures. Then the process of analysis will present the analysis of utterances in the boxes based on Schemata theory. In the finding, he finds that schemata help him to relate each box in the form of a coherent story. In the conclusion, the writer can state that schemata relates his experience in the past time to the particular event in the present time.

Keyword : english, language, walt, disney, comics

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Stylistics features in the utterances of the “radio presenter” and the callers of the “english around the world” show by EBS radio station 101.25 FM Surabaya

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Author : HUANG, FIE

This thesis is an analysis of Stylistics features in the utterances of Retha as the “Radio Jockey” and the callers in the “English around the world” show by EBS radio station. The writer chooses this topic because she would like to research the language styles by Retha and the callers in the conversation of each fragment and also she would like to know what kinds of feature occurred in the utterances since English has been an important language today and everything has been dealing to English. Moreover; this show, played by EBS required and obligated the callers to speak English if they were interested in speaking and practicing English. In analyzing the data, the writer uses the basic understanding theory of Functional Stylistics by Jan and Jiri. The writer used qualitative descriptive approach in analyzing the data and she generalized for the finding. After analyzing the data, the writer found that the language styles in each fragment are short, repetitive, substandard form, informal and code-mixing feature. The writer assumed that these features might be influenced by the limitation of time, the psychological pressure, the economical factors, and many others.

Keyword : applied, liguistics, language, english, semiotics. style, ebs, surabaya, radio, presenter

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