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Film dan poligami: gambaran poligami dalam film “Berbagi Suami”

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Film “Berbagi Suami” adalah sebuah film yang mengangkat tema poligami dari sudut pandang perempuan Indonesia. Film yang bercerita tentang poligami ini berpusat pada tiga perempuan dari latar belakang kelas sosial, status ekonomi, dan etnis yang berbeda. Menggunakan metode semiotika televisi John Fiske dengan level ideologi dan unit analisis setting, karakter, dialog dan konflik, peneliti ingin mengetahui bagaimana poligami digambarkan dalam film “Berbagi Suami”. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa poligami dapat terjadi pada perempuan manapun dengan latar belakang dan status sosial ekonomi yang beragam. Karakter perempuan, peran dan kedudukan perempuan, seksualitas menggambarkan bahwa poligami adalah praktik pernikahan dimana laki-laki adalah yang `mendominasi?, `berkuasa?, dan “harus dipuaskan”, sementara perempuan sebaliknya. Pada akhirnya perempuan terpaksa menerima praktik poligami, terutama ketika diatasnamakan agama. Poligami merupakan bentuk praktik ideologi patriarki yang terdapat dimasyarakat. Patriarki menyentuh pada seluruh praktik kehidupan manusia tanpa membedakan agama, etnis, status sosial ekonomi dan pendidikan. Patriarki yang terbentuk dalam masyarakat bermula dari pola pendidikan dalam ruang lingkup masyarakat terkecil yaitu keluarga, yang pada akhirnya memposisikan perempuan sebagai subordinat dan laki-laki sebagai superior.

Keyword : film, women, portrayal, polygamy, patriarchy

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The Study of the ways patriarchy oppresses grace and her struggles as seen in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace

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Patriarchy is an ideology which refers to men?s dominance in all spheres of life. In my study I trace it through family life in which the father holds the authority of the family, and later from the work place and the life of female criminals in prison. In this novel these institutions are proven to perform the patriarchal ideology and they oppress women, especially Grace. Therefore, in this thesis I want to reveal how the patriarchal system oppresses Grace and how she struggles to liberate herself. In order to analyze this work I choose cultural approach utilizing feminist concepts with the concepts of patriarchal ideology in family and society. My finding is that patriarchal ideology uses family, work place and prison to oppress Grace. Moreover, the unequal power division between man and woman may be the source of female oppression. Finally, Grace struggles to fight back the oppression and has made a great contribution toward her own life. Therefore, I conclude that patriarchal oppression is unavoidable but in order to fight back, self-awareness is firstly important and after that taking the action. To be free and not to be submissive I think are the keys of Grace?s success; she is not afraid of those who oppress her and she also has self-protection from anybody that might harm her.

Keyword : patriarchy, women, oppression, struggle, submissive

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A Study of Offered’s strategies of survival in the patriachal society as seen in Margaret Atwood’s the handmaid’s tale

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The main character in this novel, Offred, has to choose to be a handmaiden when she finds out that the society, the circumstances where she lives has totally changed. Yet, inside the Republic of Gilead, she gets many negative views from the society for being a handmaiden. She thinks that the best way to be afar from death is pressing her own desire to run away from the Republic of Gilead and behaving as what the society requires her to behave. Here, the writer has found that Offred is using some strategies of survival to survive inside the Republic of Gilead. Therefore, the writer wants to know what strategies of survival are used by Offred in order to survive in the Republic of Gilead. To analyze this, the writer uses some sources on feminism that she gets from internet and library research. Considering the feminist issue, the writer uses the cultural approach, especially the concept of patriarchy and the feminine traits. The writer finds out that the main character, Offred, succeeds in surviving from the society?s pressure by using her feminine traits. The use of her feminine traits has brought her freedom the other women in the Republic of Gilead would never get. Yet, Offred will never be successful in achieving her freedom without the helps of other characters. By opening chances for other people to help her and encouraging herself to keep patient and strong, Offred has fulfilled her desire in escaping from the Republic of Gilead. Furthermore, Offred?s self-control, awareness, and rational thinking have brought her away from the Republic of Gilead.

Keyword : strategies of survival, patriarchy, feminine traits

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A Study on men’s oppression and its effect toward Firdaus which leads to her search for self-esteem in Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero

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This thesis mainly deals with men?s oppression and its effect toward Firdaus which leads her to her search for self-esteem in Nawal El Saadawi?s Woman at Point Zero. I find out that Firdaus, the main female character in the novel, has experienced unbearable suffering in her life which leads her to hate men and the hatred makes her wants to find her own self-esteem in order to be respected. Therefore, this study aims to reveal the ways of the male characters? oppression toward Firdaus and how the oppression affects Firdaus in her way to find her self-esteem. To reach the purpose of this study, I use cultural approach, mainly the ideology of patriarchy, in order to help me to recognize the oppression that men use which makes Firdaus suffer and begin to look for her self-esteem. Through the topic which I present in this thesis, I see that the men in Firdaus? life make her suffer in their own way, especially through their sexual desires that need to be fulfilled. Not only that they force Firdaus with their desires, but they also try to persuade her and make up the situation as if she wants to do it by her own free will and give them the pleasure for free. This kind of treatment of men is considered as oppression toward Firdaus and this oppression makes Firdaus suffer and the suffering little by little make Firdaus realize that actually every human being has a price and she wants to have it too. She wants to be respected by others and that need of being respected has made her try to find her self-esteem, no matter what it takes, she wants to have it. Therefore, I find out that women, especially in rural world like Egypt, have to go through a lot of oppressions. However they should have courage to find their own dignity and overcome their fears in facing those oppressions and also defense their right as women.

Keyword : oppression, patriarchy, self-esteem

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The Study women’s struggles against patriarchal system as seen in Caryl Churchill’s top girls

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Author : BIE, YAP

Women?s movement in 1960s to 1980s brought changes in women?s life throughout the world and influenced many aspects of women?s lives. This movement also influenced theatrical world and created a period when women?s plays flourished. One of the plays from this period is Caryl Churchill?s Top Girls. This play talks about Marlene?s struggle, plus several other women?s from different period of time, in surviving inside the patriarchal system. In their struggles, they use different strategies. Therefore, I am curious to know what strategies that they use in their struggles in relation to the message of postmodern feminism reflected in the play. I choose to analyze only three characters-Marlene, Joan, and Patient Griselda because the three characters are very dominant. To analyze the play, I use cultural approach utilizing feminist theories, especially postmodern feminist theories, and psychological theories on gender roles and gender stereotypes. The characters in the play try to survive inside the system in different ways but mainly the ways can be categorized into two ways- ighting back the male domination by using power or traits believed to be masculine and resisting the domination by making use of the feminine traits possessed by women. However, all of their different strategies lead them to almost the same ending-they are all unhappy, miserable and lonely. In the end of the analysis, readers can see that the patriarchal system is very strong and unbreakable. It is so strong that the three female characters? achievements are measured by using male?s parameter. Their struggles are not efficient enough for they fail to deconstruct the social system. They are still trapped in the system constructed by the patriarchy. As for the postmodem feminist message, this play advises women to seek for new original way to gain equality and to view men and women simply as equal human beings.

Keyword : churchill, caryl, top, girl, english, drama, patriarchy, woman, struggle

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Wacana perempuan yang menjalani hidup poligami dalam film “Berbagi Suami”

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Poligami adalah ikatan perkawinan yang salah satu pihak (suami) mengawini beberapa (lebih dari satu) istri dalam waktu bersamaan. Film “Berbagi Suami” adalah film Indonesia yang bertema poligami yang melihat dari perspektif perempuan. Oleh karena itu, peneliti ingin mengetahui bagaimana wacana perempuan yang menjalani hidup poligami disampaikan dalam film “Berbagi Suami”. Untuk mengetahui bagaimana wacana perempuan yang menjalani hidup poligami disampaikan dalam film “Berbagi Suami”, peneliti menggunakan metode analisa wacana dengan teori Teun A van Dijk. Elemen-elemen yang digunakan adalah strukutur makro, superstruktur dan struktur mikro. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa film “Berbagi Suami” ingin menyampaikan bahwa kehidupan poligami adalah hal tidak diinginkan oleh perempuan (istri).

Keyword : woman, patriarchy, polygamy

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