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A Study of Komako’s process of growing from immaturity to maturity as seen in Yasunary Kawabata’s Snow Country

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This thesis is about Komako?s process of growth from an immature to mature woman in Yasunari Kawabata?s Snow Country. The thesis writer chooses the topic because she is interested in the way Komako?s character, who is at first first self centered, emotionally unstable, and also incapable of facing problem and conquering them, but at the end of the story, she becomes a mature woman. The analysis is about the way Komako reaches her maturity through a process that can be found in the problems and conflicts that she faces in life. The scope of this thesis is the ways Komako finds her maturity and the analysis is limited only to the main female character, Komako. The thesis writer uses literary approach and employs as tools the theories of characterization and conflict. As the thesis writer?s concerns are on psychological matters, she needs also the psychological concepts of immaturity and maturity to support the analysis. From the analysis, the thesis writer concludes that Komako has grown up from an immature to mature woman after experiencing and solving some problems and conflicts. The thesis writer finally finds out that the process happening in Komako?s life is hard and not easy. However, to become a mature is a must to anyone who wants to live fully and happily.

Keyword : maturity, immaturity, process

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A Study on Jani’s process of findings her true love as seen in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God is a novel by Zora Neale Hurston that tells about the journey of an African-American woman into womanhood and accomplishment of love. The main character of the novel, Janie Mae Crawford experiences character development from the process of findings her true love through the four persons in her life. Thus, I am curious to know how Janie finds her true love through the four important persons in her life. Through the analysis, I want to reveal Janie?s former characters as a young girl and the ways Janie finds her true love through the four important persons in her life. In the analysis, I use literary approach and employ literary tools of characterization and conflicts. As a result, I find that Janie?s search of true love has made a great ending to her love life. Moreover, Janie learns to open up herself and be courageous while searching for her true love. She also becomes a mature woman with intelligence and independence. In addition, Janie learns to love and appreciate herself as a whole person. I conclude that Janie?s character traits develop because she has found her true love. Love heals. Therefore, I am sure that building positive love relationship can make everybody change into a better person.

Keyword : true love, process, maturity, independence

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The Customer?s evaluation toward Honda?s exhibition

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In this research, the most important thing is the factors which support the customer?s evaluation toward Honda?s exhibition so that Honda can improve their performance in the future and know what changes happen to the customer nowadays because there are some changes in the consumer behaviour where the emotional feeling is more dominant than the functional benefit. The writer uses quantitative approach where the primary data derived from the distribution of the questionnaires and the secondary data collection had been used a lot in this research to support the primary data. The writer uses factor analysis and from the research that had been analyzed, the writer concluded that there are some factors which actually support Honda?s exhibition, such as product, price, promotion program, attitude of salesperson, service of salesperson, and physical layout. The most important aspect on the strategy is by creating emotional benefit given to the exhibition to gain more customers.

Keyword : consumer behaviour, emotional benefit, product, price, place, promotion, people, process, physical layout

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A Psychological study of the process of Rebekka’s suicide in Henrik Ibsen’s Rosmerholm

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This thesis paper carries psychological study of the process of suicide committed by one dynamic main character, Rebekka West, in the play of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen- Rosmersholm. Rebekka West in Rosmersholm is an example of a woman who if measured by usual human standards would have much to atone for. She arrived at the Rosmersholm mansion under false pretences to meet her secret goal to win Rosmer after first getting his barren wife Beata out of the way. The outcome of her presence at the mansion is partly Beata’s suicide, and the rest is that she has managed to get a place in the mansion. However, surprisingly, after all her relentless efforts and her strong will to possess Rosmer, Rebekka has to end everything by committing a suicide. In a sense, her suicide becomes a tragic ending for her. This discussion of her suicide I choose as the topic for my thesis. Specifically, I am very interested in finding out what is the process that leads her to the suicide. Therefore, the analysis of this thesis paper is expected to answer (to reveal) the process of Rebekka?s suicide. In order to probe into the process itself, I am going to use psychological approach and utilize Freudian psychoanalytic theories as the most fundamental theories. For an addition, I am also going to use other necessary psychological concepts during analyzing the problem. Altogether, these theories and concepts are going to be very useful in assisting me to detect the issue of inequilibrium state of Rebekka?s personality inflicted by the corruption of id (in terms of its sexual and aggressive Electra complex impulse and its death instincts) towards Rebekka?s weak ego and her superego respectively. Apparently, this corruption of id has taken place for the entire lifetime of Rebekka. In the beginning, essentially the id corrupts and compels the ego to gratify its sex instinct- the Electra complex desire. After the ego fails and stops to fulfill this desire, this condition alternately stimulates the transformation of instincts to take place. Rebekka?s sex instinct (as part of the life instinct) is taken over by the death instinct resides within the id. Once again the id is being corruptive but this time, it alternately corrupts and uses Rebekka?s superego to channel its demanding urge (of death instinct). To fulfill this urge, the superego forces Rebekka?s ego to `grab and stab the dagger? into herself. Ultimately, all those phases play role and contribute as one psychological process, whose result or final product is Rebekka?s suicide. At the same time, I perceive the concluding suicide as an awakening, which signifies the presence of eternal and irresolvable conflicts within Rebekka.

Keyword : psychological study, process, suicide

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Pengaruh proses pemberian insentif, proses pemenuhan kebutuhan dan proses pemahaman produk terhadap motivasi kerja para distributor MLM Oriflame di Surabaya


Multi Level Marketing adalah sebuah sistem pemasaran baru yang digunakan oleh Oriflame. Sistem pemasaran ini dilakukan oleh seorang distributor. Sistem pemasaran MLM mampu menarik minat sebagian besar masyarakat untuk menjadi distributor. Banyak faktor yang menarik minat masyarakat untuk bergabung menjadi anggota distributor, dalam hal ini penulis mengambil 3 faktor dalam proses me motivasi kerja distributor yaitu proses pemberian insentif, proses pemenuhan kebutuhan dan proses pemahaman produk di dalam MLM Oriflame. Dari hasil analisis penulis menyimpulkan bahwa proses pemberian insentif, proses pemenuhan kebutuhan dan proses pemahaman produk memiliki pengaruh yang kuat terhadap motivasi kerja distributor MLM Oriflame di Surabaya.

Keyword : marketing system, oriflame, gift incentive process, fulfillment needs, process, comprehension product process, work motivation

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Eksplorasi faktor-faktor yang menjelaskan pilihan konsumen menggunakan jasa bus patas jurusan Surabaya – Malang

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Jasa transportasi bus adalah merupakan kebutuhan yang sangat vital bagi masyarakat luas khususnya golongan bawah untuk kebutuhan transportasi di dalam kota khususnya dan di luar Surabaya pada umumnya. Persaingan di perusahaan jasa angkutan terutama bus Patas yang semakin ketat ini menyebabkan pihak perusahaan tersebut terus membenahi diri dalam meningkatkan kualitas layanan agar dapat memenangkan persaingan. Usaha-usaha pemasaran produk jasa dengan memperhatikan masalah faktor-faktor produk, harga, orang, dan proses adalah terkait dengan pertimbangan dari pihak perusahaan terhadap analisis perubahan perilaku membeli konsumen setiap saat yang perlu untuk diwaspadai dampaknya terhadap perkembangan kehidupan perusahaan. Selain itu, peneliti ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut faktor-faktor apa yang dapat menjadi pilihan konsumen pemakai jasa transportasi bus Patas jurusan Surabaya ? Malang. Jumlah faktor yang terbentuk dalam penelitian ini adalah 4 faktor yang mencerminkan faktor-faktor yang menjadi pilihan konsumen menggunakan jasa bus Patas Jurusan Surabaya Malang. Urutan faktor adalah sebagai berikut: a. Faktor pertama yaitu tempat duduk yang nyaman di dalam bus, keamanan di dalam bus terjamin, kondisi di dalam bus bersih, dan sikap sopir yang berhati-hati dalam mengendarai bus. b. Faktor kedua yaitu jumlah penumpang sesuai dengan kapasitas tempat duduk, jaminan pergantian bus lain apabila bus mengalami kerusakan mesin, kondisi mesin bus stabil, dan harga tiket bus Patas Surabaya-Malang yang sesuai dengan ketentuan pemerintah. c. Faktor ketiga yaitu penetapan harga bus Patas sesuai dengan fasilitas yang diberikan, sikap kondektur/sopir bus Patas ramah dalam melayani penumpang dan kedatangan maupun keberangkatan bus tepat waktu. d. Faktor keempat yaitu bus Patas menyediakan fasilitas seperti TV, dan AC yang berfungsi dengan baik, penampilan kondektur/sopir bus Patas yang selalu berseragam, dan proses naik dan turunnya penumpang pada bus Patas sesuai pos-pos pemberhentian dan pemberangkatan bus Patas.

Keyword : product, price, people, process

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Pengaruh antara sikap bukti fisik, proses dan karyawan terhadap loyalitas konsumen melalui kepuasan, kepercayaan dan komitmen dalam merawat salon mobil di Absolute automotive Surabaya

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Pelanggan yang menggunakan jasa Salon Mobil di “Absolute” Automotive Surabaya, memiliki persepsi yang berbeda terhadap layanan yang diberikan, kenyataannya tidak sepenuhnya dirasakan baik oleh konsumen. Konsumen yang tidak terpuaskan oleh pelayanan yang telah diberikan ditandai dengan memburuknya pelayanan jasa, sehingga kualitas layanan yang sudah ada dan dirasa cukup baik oleh pihak perusahaan memang perlu untuk ditingkatkan dan diperbaiki kembali. Dalam menganalisa pengaruh layanan terhadap loyalitas konsumen melalui kepuasan, kepercayaan dan komitmen, maka digunakan sebuah pemodelan SEM yang ditujukan untuk mengkonfirmasikan faktor berdasarkan indikator-indikator empirisnya. Berdasarkan hasil analisis didapatkan disimpulkan layanan berpengaruh terhadap kepuasan, kepercayaan dan komitmen pelanggan yang selanjutnya berpengaruh terhadap loyalitas.

Keyword : physics evidence, process, employee, satisfy, believes, commitment and consumer loyalty

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Desain input proses output beserta Pengendaliannya pada transaksi penjualan di PT. X

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Penelitian ini dilakukan di PT. Perindo Inti Pratama yang bergerak dalam distribusi bibit minyak wangi. Sistem akuntansi pada perusahaan ini masih dilakukan secara manual dan belum efektif dan efisien sehingga banyak terjadi kesalahan dan keterlambatan laporan. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mendesain input, proses, dan output sistem informasi berbasis komputer pada transaksi penjualan yang nantinya dapat membantu perusahaan dalam menjalankan segala aktivitas penjualan. Laporan yang akan dihasilkan untuk menunjang keputusan manajemen adalah laporan penjualan berdasarkan barang dan laporan daftar umur piutang. Dengan adanya sistem transaksi penjualan yang terkomputerisasi diharapkan kesalahan akibat human error dapat dikurangi dan laporan yang dibutuhkan dapat dihasilkan tepat waktu dan akurat sehingga sistem transaksi penjualan dapat dilakukan secara efektif dan efisien

Keyword : revenue cycle, sales, order, shipping, billing, input, process, output, accounting

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A Study on main character’s maturity process as seen in Jane Austen’s sense and sensibility

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This thesis is about Marianne?s maturity process in Jane Austen?s Sense and Sensibility. I choose this topic because I am interested in Marianne who is in the beginning immature; however, at the end of the story, she becomes a mature woman. The purpose of the thesis is to reveal the process by which Marianne achieves her maturity. The scope of this thesis is the process of Marianne?s maturity and the analysis is limited only on the main female character, Marianne. I will use literary approach and employ as tools the theories of characterization and conflict. I will use the psychological concepts of immaturity and maturity to support my analysis. From the analysis, I find out that Marianne changes from unwise to become wise, from narrow-minded to become broad-minded, from irresponsible to become responsible and from self-centered to become socio-centered. I find out that Marianne is changing from an immature woman to become a mature woman after experiencing and facing conflicts. I finally conclude that the process happening in Marianne?s life is hard and not easy.

Keyword : maturity, immaturity, process

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A Study on the process of the main character’s becoming a fatalists as seen in Franz Kafka’s the trial

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This thesis deals with the process of the main character?s becoming a fatalist as seen in Franz Kafka?s The Trial. As the tool to help me conduct the analysis, I use the theory of fatalism exercising its elements namely powerlessness and submissiveness. In general, fatalism is a doctrine, a system of philosophy, or a belief that says everything is determined by fate. Basically, the elements explain the stages or process man has to experience in living his destiny. This situation happens to Joseph K. who cannot free himself from the Court. First of all, the Court tries to make him realize that he is powerless through the work of its emissaries and intermediaries. Despite the pressures he gets from the Court, K. at first, tries to defend himself and struggle to win the case by searching for help. Nevertheless, K.?s efforts always meet a dead end and his case gets even worse. Therefore, despite all his attempts to defend himself, K. is forced to realize that he is powerless against the Court. In the end, it finally dawns on him that he cannot escape his destiny, and, thus, submits himself entirely into the hands of the Court. In this stage, K. totally becomes submissive in facing the Court until he is killed `like a dog?.

Keyword : process, fatalist, powerlessness, submissiveness

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