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The Competition of PT. XYZ toward PT. Sritex?s and China?s products

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Competition among textile industry becomes tougher and tougher. Textiles companies are in a very tight competition in order for them to keep survive. Recently, more and more textile companies going bankrupt because of the tough competition. The writer uses primarily data analyses which are observation and interview in making this report. Based on the analysis, writer finds that PT. XYZ should compete with China?s products which enjoy government subsidies and PT. Sritex?s products which already have a brand image in overseas market, especially in military products. There are some points to be noted by PT. XYZ to win the competition. First, PT. XYZ should tend to be the different. Second, be optimistic. Third, know the competitor?s strength and weakness. Fourth, get into customers mind. PT. XYZ should always try to maximize their strength and reduce their weakness and learn from strength and weakness of the competitors as their experiences to be better.

Keyword : PT XYZ, competition, PT Sritex?s products, China’s products

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