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How to improve the image of Indonesia in order to ensure The Netherlands tourists that Indonesia is still eligible for leisure attraction

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Indonesian tourism was chosen to be the topic that could be interesting to be analyzed as in the late years; the country image has been decreasing due to bombing issues, terrorism issues and economic crisis. Besides, based on the data that the writer had obtained, the numbers of Dutch tourists were decreasing slightly higher than the other European countries. Some research, including primary and secondary research, had been done to reach the most accurate result. The aim of the research is to show whether or not any relation between the decrease on numbers of Dutch tourists and the negative issues towards Indonesia. The result showed that most of the respondents who had never been to Indonesia were less interested to visit Indonesia due to the negative image that the country possessed. Realizing this finding, the writer had some suggestions which were related to building new positioning and renewing marketing strategy to establish positive image and attract more Dutch tourist or even international tourist visiting Indonesia in future years.

Keyword : image management, customer satisfaction, segmenting, targeting, positioning, customer loyalty

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Strategic marketing of Surya Mas Co: penetrating the handicrafts market in the Netherlands

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Surya Mas Co. is a growing handicraft producer that has become a major supplier for other Indonesian handicraft exporter. After 5 years working in the local market, Surya Mas Co. has now dedicated to learn the potential of entering the International market through the Netherlands market, which is the most important transportation hub in Europe. This dissertation is structured into three main parts, which are the analysis, the decision making and the recommendation. On the analysis part, the writer will analyze both the company?s internal condition to understand the company?s readiness on entering international market, and the external analysis, to understand the Netherlands market condition for gifts and decorative article (handicraft). Through this analysis, the writer will then match the strengths and weaknesses of the company with the opportunities and threats in the market, in order to give basic marketing decision for the company, such determining the target market and business scope. Afterwards, 4 B?s marketing mix tool will be used to recommend product, price, place, and promotion strategy for Surya Mas to market the product to the targeted market.

Keyword : marketing mix, handicraft, target market, segmenting, competitive analysis

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Sport footwear market: is NIKE is untouchable by its competitors?-marketing perspective

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In sport footwear global market, NIKE, Reebok, and Adidas are the biggest player with NIKE as the markand leader. This dissertation report would like to analyze the competition among those three giants. As the basis of comparison, the writer uses “9 core elements of marketing ” theory from Hermawan Kertajaya. Deep comparison will be conducted to analyze the key success factor of NIKE in which able to leave Reebok and Adidas by significant gap. From those elements, this dissertation would give analysis in which section NIKE is doing better over others and vice versa. The comparison would be supported by the relevant data and findings. In the last chapter, this dissertation report would answer the research problem Its NIKE untouchable by its competitors?- with several possible actions that may facilitate Reebok and Adidas to be able to catch up with NIKE.

Keyword : marketing mix, sport shoes, target market, segmenting, competitive analysis, positioning

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Pengembangan merek “Surabaya as a city business” (segmenting, targeting and positioning)

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Pengembangan merek yang dilakukan adalah untuk Kota Surabaya . Tidak dapat dipungkiri bahwa Kota Surabaya adalah kota kedua setelah Kota Jakarta ; namun , bukan tidak mungkin dengan potensi yang dimilikinya, Kota Surabaya mampu menunjukkan eksistensi, terutama di bidang bisnis, sehingga mampu menjadi kota yang memiliki ciri sebagai kota bisnis. Oleh karena itu , tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk menjadikan Kota Surabaya sebagai kota yang berkualitas dan berkompetensi , terutama di bidang bisnis yang dilandasi oleh nilai semangat tinggi.Dengan penelitian lebih dalam pada segmentasi, target pasar dan posisi Kota Surabaya.

Keyword : surabaya city, segmenting, targeting, positioning

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Marketing strategy: developing a positioning strategy to boost branded Indonesian tea sales in the Netherlands

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This research is meant to develop positioning strategies to help Indonesian tea manufacturers to expand to the Netherlands market. The theoretical framework that is expected to be used in general is the segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) strategy by Philip Kotler (2003), complemented with other theories such as positioning by Al Ries and Jack Trout (2001). Data and other information are expected to be collected using qualitative approach that is inductive, with survey and case studies. The research is introduced in further details in Chapter 1 Introduction. Next, critical review on various related theories on STP is done in Chapter 2 Theoretical Framework. They are, then put into the context of tea market in the Netherlands in Chapter 3 Application on Tea Market. Finally, the research is closed with Chapter 4 Limitations and Suggestions for Further Research. In short, the research found that there are still some opportunities available, that using Indonesian country image is very important. The four proposed positioning statements are: 1. To conservative and caring people, our (Brand name) is Indonesian black tea blend that is exotic, caring and of high quality 2. To females, our (Brand name) is Indonesian health tea that is exotic and of high quality 3. To active people, our (Brand name) is Indonesian wake-up tea that is exotic, refreshingly strong and of high quality 4. To conservative people, our (Brand name) is Indonesian herbal tea that is exotic, refreshingly healthy and of high quality

Keyword : tea, segmenting, targeting, positioning, stp, netherlands, qualitative research, indepth interview, marketing, sales

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