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A Study of the ironocal ways of life seen through the two central characters, the priest and the lieutenant of police in green’s the power and the glory

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The two leading characters of The Power and the Glory, the priest and the lieutenant are built upon the contrast to each other. It is because in describing the deficiencies of one man, Graham Greene also creates the virtues of the other. Yet, this thesis is a study on the two major characters? way of life to show that the differences of their ways of life are ironical for each suggests what the other should be. In doing the analysis the writer will do a literary approach by applying theory of characterization and irony. Thereupon, the writer finds out that as the final representative of God in a province cleared of priests, the priest does not show a good Christian character. He does his priest duty without deep feeling. He is also a drunken `whiskey? priest and a fornicator who has fathered a child. On the other hand, the lieutenant is endowed by moral characters for he is without sympathy to the weaknesses of `flesh?. He devotes his life to the governor he served and he also feels the responsibility to the poor and helpless people around him. Finally, in spite of the fact that he is an atheist, he needs God to fill the feeling of emptiness in his heart. Hence, the ways of life of the two central characters are ironical because their ways of life are reversed to what they are expected and the ways they lead their life suggest one to another.

Keyword : english, fiction, the power and the glory, study, teaching

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An Investigation of opening expressions produced by 19-22 years old female and male students of the Faculty of Letters English Department in Petra Christian University

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The way to express the opening expression has become a kind of important expression in people?s interaction. It is because in everyday conversation, almost all people produce the opening expressions toward their interlocutors before they start to talk about the main topic. Also, the opening expression may indicate that we admit the existence of others or we concern to others. Thus, I am interested in studying more about the use of opening expressions from the students? point of view, In this study, I analyze the use of opening expression in terms of topic, types of opening expressions, the types of sentences. After that, I analyze the similar and different ways of producing the opening expressions between females and males. The data are collected from females? and males? utterances based on the observation. In conducting this research, I use the qualitative approach to get holistic picture about opening expressions. In analyzing the data, I present the data into tables in order to find the similarities and/or differences of the opening expressions in terms of topic, types of opening expressions, the types of sentences produced by females and males students. In findings, mostly, females talk about free time and entertainment and relation with others. Meanwhile, males talk about education and future career. Both females and males produce the opening expressions in the forms of sentences or more than one word and say them in interrogative forms and simple sentences.

Keyword : linguistics, study, teaching, english, language, discourse analysis, social, female, male, student, english department, petra christian university

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Luling’s disharmonious realationship with her daughter, Ruth, as a result of Luling’s stressful life events as seen in amy Tan’s the bonesetter’s daughter

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Many people often do not realize that inother daughter relationship is a very complicated one. Although a mother and her daughter do not quarrel with each other but it does not mean that they have a harmonious relationship. Sometimes each of them does not understand why her mother or her daughter is very difficult. Thus, the study of Amy Tan?s The Bonesetter?s Daughter is aimed to analyze the mother?s disharmonious relationship with her daughter. Basically, the disharmonious relationship is caused by the mother?s awful characteristics as a result of the mother?s terrible and upset life or named Stressful Life Events. It is described that the impact of the mother?s Stressful Life Events makes the mother become annoying, full of anger, and apprehensive and these characteristics lead the mother to have a disharmonious relationship with her own daughter. Actually, the mother?s characteristics are caused by her Stressful Life Events, such as, the death of her mother, her first and second husband, the changing of living condition, and the leaving of her friends. Unfortunately, the mother seems to hide most of her Stressful Life Events from her daughter. As a result, the disharmonious relationship goes on and on.

Keyword : american fiction, study, teaching, bonesetter’s daughter

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Alienation in frost’s north of Boston

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North of Boston is Frost?s second volume of poetry that remarks Frost career as a poet. It has been widely praised by both American and English critics. However, they also give their critics and comments; and many try to observe deeper into the poems in it. W. G. O?Donnell, one of the critics, said that North of Boston reveals the theme of alienation, of man?s isolation from his fellow man. This is quite a surprise for North of Boston that has the power to bring individuals together, contains the theme of alienation. Using literary approach and library research the writer finds that “Mending Wall”, “Home Burial”, “The Black Cottage”, and “A Servant to Servants”, which are the major poems in North of Boston, reveal the theme of alienation. The theme of alienation appears from the diction and setting that Frost used in his poems. In addition, two types of alienation, which are social alienation and self-alienation, are found in the four poems.

Keyword : american, poetry, study, teaching, frost. robert, north of boston

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A study of the revelation of themes in Anthony torllope’s the last chronicle of barset

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Anthony Trollope was the third major mid -century writer who was also known as a moralist writer of the nineteenth century. He gained his reputation because of the quality of his writing was amazing. He wrote fifty novels and among all, The Last Chronicle of Barset is the finest novel that was written by Anthony Trollope. This novel is the last sequel of the Barsethire series. In this fabulous novel, Trollope poured out his own youth experience into the four stories of the novel. The world admits that this novel is a masterpiece. There are six prominent themes that can be found out in this fabulous novel, they are: love, pride, power, disgrace, obedience, and honesty. The study to reveal the theme is very much interesting because the moral value that the author put on it can also be seen. Hence, the analysis on this novel through the study of the themes of the four stories is very significant in order to find out how the six themes can be revealed. In answering to the problem of this thesis, the purpose of doing this study is to reveal the themes by using the help of two literary devices, which are: characterization and conflict. Furthermore, these six themes are the themes that unify the four stories into a novel. These two literary devices are indeed two appropriate tools to discover the six themes because in every major characters? attitude throughout the stories reveal the six themes of the novel, also their conflict whether inner or outer are also very helpful in analyzing the themes of love, pride, power, disgrace, obedience, and honesty.

Keyword : english, fiction, study, teaching, trollope, anthony, the last chronicle of barset

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Sekolah playgroup, TK, SD untuk anak-anak di Surabaya dengan sistem pengajaran yang kreatif

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Sekolah Playgroup, TK, SD untuk Anak-Anak di Surabaya dengan Sistem Pengajaran yang Kreatif merupakan proyek milik yayasan swasta yang bergerak di bidang pendidikan. Fasilitas yang direncanakan meliputi ruang kelas, ruang penunjang, perpustakaan, ruang administrasi, ruang pameran, auditorium, ruang olah raga, multi purpose. Sesuai dengan sifat dari anak-anak yang merupakan individu yang kompleks serta beraneka ragam, maka konsep perancangannya mengacu pada “moving behavior”. Oleh karena itu dalam perancangannya direncanakan bangunan yang terdiri dari bermacam-macam bentuk massa, seperti: lingkaran, bujur sangkar, persegi panjang yang dikomposisikan sedemikian rupa sehingga dinamis tetapi masih memiliki satu pergerakan keteraturan.

Keyword : playgroup, kindergarten, elementary school, teaching, learnings ystem, facilities, design concept

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A study of conflicting values in the divers matrimony which lead them to a marriage disintegration in Scott Fitzgerald’s tender is the night

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The main discussion of this thesis attempts to focus on the key relationship involves a unity into harmony, at least for a time, of two figures who reflect basically opposed value systems and styles of life. The main characters Dick Diver and Nicole Warren, stand for Fitzgerald?s effort as a writer to reconcile the ideal with the real, in the marriage institution. Nevertheless, after conjoining in the bond of matrimony, the two main characters, Dick and Nicole undergo conflicting values in their marital life. Due to the lasting matrimonial frictions, both of them suffer the consequences. The objective of the study is to trace what cause Dick and Nicole have conflicting values and how the Divers? conflicting values influence their marriage. The thesis writer aims to reveal what cause Dick and Nicole experience conflicting values, as well as to examine the effects of the conflicting values in the Divers? matrimonial life. With the help of psychological theory of marriage, literary devices of characterization, conflict and literary criticism on the subject, the thesis writer tries to analyze the subject on her discussion. The analysis clarifies that the conflicting values originally derive from their different familial, economical and educational backgrounds which simultaneously also shape their distinguishing values. Significantly, the failure of values adjustment and life-style adaptation between the spouse cause them to endure prolonged turnmoil. They inevitably begin resisting one another and pulling apart until the glowing world created from their union has been split in two. A disintegrated marital stage results at final.

Keyword : american, fiction, study, teaching, scott, fitzgerald’s, tender is the night

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A study on quentin’s martial failure in Arthur Miller’s after the fall

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After the Fall is a play by Arthur Miller in which the main character, Quentin, has experienced failure in his two marriages. These failures bring him pain and trauma to have commitment with others again. For this reason, I am encouraged to find out the cause of the main character?s failure in his two marriages and also how he deals with his failure. Related to this, I will analyze the causes of his failures. In analyzing the topic, I use literary approach. The literary theory that I am going to use is the theory of conflict. Besides, I also use the definition of failure and the explanation about the differences between men and women. By using this theory and definitions I analyze that the causes of Quentin?s failure in his two marriages are his own confusion of what he should be and of how he should relate to his wives. He fails because he is not sure about himself and does not understand himself. And to understand himself, he tries to find out the meaning of his past and its meaning for his future as he reviews his marriages and other major experiences in his life until he is able to decide that he wants to have commitment again. In conclusion, failure is normal because everybody will experience it. It depends on how each person determines to overcome the failure itself.

Keyword : american, drama, study, teaching, arthur miller’s after the fall

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The Theme of loneliness as seen through the characters: Oliver Twist, Fagin and Nancy in dickens’ Oliver Twist

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Considering one?s nature as social being, a person needs others to socialize. Finding oneself among the other fellow beings is the most scaring thing in life. However, one should be careful since the problem of loneliness arises in the world. Loneliness becomes a serious problem since some people do not know how to handle it and they take the negative ways to overcome it. This study attempts to analyze the problem of loneliness, which is presented in Charles Dickens? Oliver Twist. In this novel, loneliness is an important subject to discuss. Three characters: Oliver, Fagin and Nancy are chosen to represent the lonely figures in their loneliness is the purpose of this study. The thesis writer uses library research to concept of characterization as the literary device to find how the characters become lonely. To analyze how they deal with their loneliness, the thesis writer will use the psychological theory on loneliness, and finally the thesis writer will find out the outcome of their efforts in conquering their loneliness. Finally she finds out that only Oliver Twist could deal with his loneliness so that in the end he lives happily.

Keyword : english, fiction, study, teaching, oliver twist

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Pusat studi kebudayaan Jepang di Surabaya

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Laporan perancangan tugas akhir ini memberikan penjelasan mengenai proyek yang dipilih sebagai tugas akhir yaitu Pusat Studi Kebudayaan Jepang di Surabaya. Proyek ini dipilih dengan latar belakang bahwa dalam rangka menuju era globalisasi, Indonesia perlu meningkatkan kualitas hubungan dengan negara-negara yang menjadi model masa depan yang diantaranya adalah Jepang. Pusat studi kebudayaan mutlak dibutuhkan sebagai media informasi dan fasilitas pendidikan dalam mengetahui dan memahami akar-akar budaya Jepang termasuk cara berhubungan orang-orang Jepang, sebagai prasyarat dalam dalam peningkatan kualitas hubungan dengan Jepang. Oleh karena itu, proyek ini dirancang berdasarkan sistem hubungan dalam budaya Jepang yang sangat erat antara individu yang sifatnya partikular dengan masyarakat yang sifatnya kolektif. Penjelasan tentang proyek ini mencakup latar belakang pemilihan proyek, tujuan, manfaat serta sasaran proyek bagi masyarakat. Pada laporan ini juga dicantumkan lokasi proyek, konsep perencanaan tapak, konsep perancangan bangunan dengan disertai gambar-gambar hasil perancangan.

Keyword : japan, civilitation, teaching, building, design, school, surabaya

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