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Peranan iklan bagi surat kabar Mandarin Guo Ji Ri Bao

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Guo Ji Ri Bao merupakan surat kabar harian berbahasa mandarin di wilayah Surabaya yang berarti International Daily News. International Daily News adalah surat kabar harian mandarin yang lahir dari sebuah keinginan untuk membuka cakrawala baru bagi masyarakat Tionghoa di Indonesia, sehingga dalam perkembangannya bergabung dengan Jawa Pos Group. Rekomendasi yang penulis anjurkan adalah dengan memperkuat image dan brand perusahaan sebagai surat kabar harian berbahasa mandarin yang terbesar di Indonesia. Dengan peranan iklan sebagai salah satu sarana penunjang perkembangan surat kabar harian Guo JI Ri Bao.

Keyword : society, tionghoa, advertisement, role

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A Study of the figures of speech in the language of body care advertisements for adults in Cosmpolitan and Men’s Health Magazines

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This thesis is an analysis of figures of speech used in the body care advertisements. The writer chooses this topic because as the reader, the writer sees body care advertisements which use figures of speech in their language and that advertisements arise the readers? curiosity to buy the product. Almost all body care advertisements use figurative language as a way to attract the people to buy or believe in the product. Besides that, both of the advertisers and the readers are expacted to have the same interpretation on the message of advertisement. That is why the writer also analysis the literal and figurative meaning in the advertisement so that the readers may not misinterpret or misunderstand about the idea or the message of the advertisements. In this analysis, the writer wants to know how are figures of speech used in language of body care advertisements for adults in Cosmopolitan and Men?s Health magazines. The writer uses Perrine?s theory to analyze the figures of speech. Moreover, she uses Linda?s thesis about An Analysis of The figures of Speech Used in Language of Body Care Advertisements on Television Programes as the review of related studies. The approach of this research was qualitative descriptive. The data took the form of words and the researcher was the main instrument. The data for this research are taken from body care advertisements in several editions of Cosmopolitan (October 2003 until April 2004) and Men?s Health ( Desember 2003 until April 2004) magazines that are using Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian edition). The writer collects twenty body care advertisements randomly (ten advertisements from Cosmopolitan and ten advertisements from Men?s Health) because there were several editions of magazine put the same advertisements and there were few number of body care advertisements in Men?s Health magazine in one edition. From the data analysis, the writer found that body care advertisements in Cosmopolitan and Men?s Health magazines use several figures of speech. They are metaphor, simile, personification, metonymy, and hyperbole. Among those figures of speech, the most often used figures of speech is hyperbole because hyperbole gives intensifying devices by exaggerating the language of the advertisement in advertising the product to attract the reader?s attention. Besides that, in the advertisement, hyperbole refers to the quality of the product by intensifying the quality of the product in a bigger way so that it can arise the curiosity of the reader to buy the product.

Keyword : body care, cosmopolitan, advertisement, men’s health, magazine

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The Figure of speech and its figurative meaning used in the language of cosmetics advertisements in Cleo Magazine

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Advertisements have become important media for people?s lives today, which are used to disseminate information about the newest products. However, the most important thing of the advertisements is the language. Language used in the advertisements must be stylish and persuasive, because it is aimed to persuade the consumers to buy the products. Therefore, the advertisers use figures of speech in their advertisement?s language in order to be persuasive. The writer sees almost all cosmetics advertisements use figures of speech in order to attract people?s attention and arouse the reader?s curiosity to buy the product. Hence, it encourages the writer in conducting a study about figure of speech and its figurative meaning used in the language of cosmetics advertisements in Cleo magazine (February 2006 and March 2006). Here, the writer applies the theory of figure of speech by Perrine and the theory of connotation meaning by Jackson in order to help her in doing this research. Furthermore, she uses descriptive approach in analyzing the data. The data is in the form of written text, and the writer provides a description of the types of figure of speech and their figurative meaning in the language used in cosmetics advertisements in Cleo magazine. After doing the analysis, the writer finds the type of figure of speech mostly used is personification. It is most often used in the language of cosmetics advertisements in order to give a clue so that the audiences or readers can easily capture and understand the message of the advertisement. Last but not least, she finds out that the extensive use of figure of speech in cosmetics advertisements in Cleo magazine is used to promote the interactive communication between the advertiser and the audiences or consumers, so it can easily be understood.

Keyword : advertisement, stylistics, figure of speech

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A Study of diction used in jewelry advertisement slogans in cosmopolitan magazine

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Since advertising has become a crucial activity in economic growth today, people are familiar with its promotional appeals through diction. One of the vast business fields today that is very significant in people?s daily life is jewelry. People may wear it in order to mark out their identity and attractiveness within a community, to be bought both as a gift and as an investment for the future. Hence, it triggers the writer?s curiosity in conducting a study of diction used in jewelry advertisement slogans in Cosmopolitan magazine. The writer applies several theories such as Stylistics, Diction, Pragmatics, and Discourse in helping her in reconstructing the intended meanings of the slogans. She also covers supporting theories such as Advertisement as Part of Communication, Advertisement: Persuasion or Propaganda, and principles of Slogan in Advertisement to support the main theories. Furthermore, she uses both qualitative and quantitative approach in analyzing the data. First, she analyzed the data descriptively and then she distributed questionnaires to 50 chosen respondents to who are generally wealthy, well educated, and interested in jewels. Finally, the writer finds out that the use of diction in jewelry advertisement slogans in Cosmopolitan magazine is effective in attracting the potential buyers? attentions, in transmitting its intended meanings, and in persuading the potential buyers to purchase the products offered.

Keyword : advertisement, slogan, stylistics, diction, denotation, connotation, imagery

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A Syntactical analysis on heads and modifiers used in product and service advertisement of Time Magazine

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This research was conducted within the scope of syntax as a branch of grammar, which deals with the ways words are arranged to show connections of parts or components within the phrase level. The research was focusing on analysing heads and modifiers in product and service advertisement of Time magazine. In order to specify the scope of the research, the writer generated two problem statements: what parts of speech occurred and mostly found in heads and modifiers and what are the similarities and differences in structure of modification in product and service advertisement. The writer used quantitative descriptive method in the research. By used this method, the writer counted the data and described the reason of the application and combinations of heads and modifiers in product and service advertisement. The writer limited the modifiers on phrase level. Finally, the writer found that in the parts of speech application, noun functioned as head were the most frequently found in both product and service advertisement. Moreover, she also found that in the parts of speech application, adjective functioned as single modifier was the most frequently found both in product and service advertisement, while multiple modifiers was dominated with noun and adjective. In addition, combinations of heads and modifiers that mostly occured in product and service advertisement was noun-adjective. The similarities were also representing the results of most frequently occurrence both in product and service advertisement, while the difference was only found in the usage of verb functioned as head in service advertisement. These results represented the characteristics of language used in advertisement.

Keyword : advertisement, structure of modification, a head, a modifier

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Perbedaan content dan penerimaan pesan competitive dan educative advertising pada iklan sabun Dove terhadap keputusan pembelian ditinjau dari media televisi, media cetak dan media radio di Surabaya

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Fungsi iklan adalah alat komunikasi dari proses pemasaran. Sebagai teknik komunikasi, iklan dapat memaparkan sejumlah uraian dengan tujuan dan sasarannya masing- masing. Tanpa iklan badan usaha tidak akan dapat membawa produk-produk baru untuk mendapatkan perhatian konsumen yang cukup banyak. Dalam waktu yang singkat badan usaha mengeluarkan biaya yang sangat besar untuk menciptakan, mengembangkan, memproduksi, dan mendistribusikan. Promosi dalam bentuk berbagai media memiliki dampak yang sangat besar pengaruhnya terhadap pola konsumsi serta perubahan keputusan dari konsumen. Pada dasarnya fungsi iklan adalah untuk menarik minat konsumen dalam membeli produk. Berbagai cara dilakukan digunakan untuk menciptakan iklan yang menarik konsumen. Bila diperhatikan ada 2 macam iklan yaitu iklan yang saling menjatuhkan produk pesaingnya (bersifat kompetitif) secara langsung dan iklan yang bersifat edukasi (mendidik konsumen). Pada kedua iklan yang berbeda konsep tersebut, yaitu competitive advertising dan educative advertising, penulis ingin meneliti isi iklan dan dampaknya terhadap pengaruh pengambilan keputusan membeli sabun Dove. Dengan menggunakan kuesioner, peneliti menyebarkan 360 kuesioner untuk mendapatkan data minimal 349 sampel yang diperlukan. Data diolah dengan menggunakan analisa deskriptif dan ANOVA. Diperoleh kesimpulan dari analisa adalah iklan yang paling mempengaruhi minat pembelian adalah iklan edukatif karena memiliki nilai determinasi lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan nilai korelasi pada iklan kompetitif. Pada media televisi, cetak dan radio, penerimaan pesan iklan sabun Dove lebih mempengaruhi minat pembelian daripada content iklan sabun Dove pada ketiga media. Dari kesimpulan, penelitian ini masih memiliki beberapa kelemahan serta peneliti memberikan saran untuk manajemen sabun Dove, yaitu mempertahankan brand image dari produk sabun Dove yang terbaik yaitu mengandung pH yang seimbang, meningkatkan frekuensi penayangan iklan baik di media cetak maupun di media radio, lebih baik menampilkan iklan edukatif yang memiliki pengaruh lebih besar terhadap minat beli daripada iklan kompetitif dan meningkatkan content dari iklan sabun Dove.

Keyword : advertisement, educative advertising, competitive advertising, interest of consumer

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/2649/

Persepsi pendengar radio Bethany FM terhadap spot kesaksian doa di Radio Bethany FM Surabaya

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Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengetahui persepsi pendengar terhadap Spot Kesaksian Doa Di Radio Bethany FM Surabaya. Penelitian ini melibatkan 393 responden yang merupakan pendengar yang pernah mengirimkan SMS dukungan acara Spot Kesaksian Doa. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan menggunakan kuesioner hasil statistik deskriptif menunjukkan bahwa mayoritas responden menyatakan setuju dan sangat setuju pada setiap pernyataan yang mendukung Spot Kesaksian Doa. Dengan demikian, dapat dikatakan bahwa persepsi pendengar adalah positif, dimana persepsi tersebut menyatakan bahwa Spot Kesaksian Doa menguatkan pendengar untuk berdoa, memberi motivasi untuk berdoa, dan memberi pelajaran kepada pendengar bahwa semua permasalahan pasti ada jawabannya. Temuan lain dalam penelitian ini adalah bahwa elemen Spot Kesaksian Doa memiliki hubungan ketergantungan dengan persepsi pendengar.

Keyword : perception, selection, attention, interpretation, advertisement, radio, advertisement component

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Perancangan animasi iklan otomotif Mitsubishi

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mengenai proses pembuatan iklan animasi menggunakan permodelan 3 dimensi dengan obyek utama mobil mulai dari awal hingga akhir. Permasalahan dari perancangan ini adalah bagaimana membuat iklan otomotif yang menarik. Yang bertujuan untuk membantu memberikan sebuah alternatif bagi Mitsubishi dalam melakukan komunikasi periklanan. Pembahasan dalam perancangan ini tidak membahas secara mendalam mengenai analisis iklan secara ekonomis dan beberapa bidang ilmu yang terkait. Pada perancangan animasi ini lebih dititik-beratkan kepada perancangan animasi yang meliputi teknis-teknis yang digunakan dan penampilan visual. Kesimpulan akhir dari Perancangan ini adalah tampilan visual yang menarik harus disesuaikan dengan konsep awal dan untuk iklan otomotif bertenaga besar harus ditampilkan secara cepat.

Keyword : animation design, advertisement, animation technique

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Proses komunikasi iklan “IM3 Raja Voucher” terhadap pembentukan citra perusahaan

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Skripsi ini meneliti permasalahan tentang bagaimana proses komunikasi iklan “IM3 Raja Voucher” terhadap pembentukan citra PT. Indosat, tbk. Sedangkan tujuannya adalah untuk mengetahui permasalahan tersebut. Penelitian ini dilakukan karena iklan tersebut sangat menarik dengan adanya keseragaman nama antara iklan tersebut dengan endorser yang digunakan, yaitu band Radja. Untuk mengetahui permasalahan dan tujuan tersebut, peneliti melakukan penelitian kuantitatif yang bersifat eksplanasi dengan cara membagikan kuesioner kepada masyarakat Surabaya yang mengetahui iklan “IM3 Raja Voucher”. Untuk menganalisa hasil kuesioner, peneliti memakai teknik Non-probability Sampling dengan Judgment Sampling. Kemudian dapat ditarik kesimpulan bahwa proses komunikasi iklan “M3 Raja Voucher” cukup mempengaruhi citra PT. Indosat, tbk.

Keyword : communication process, advertisement, corporate image

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Kebijakan penjualan properti di Ketintang regency khususnya di Kebonsari Regency melalui upaya promosi penjualan dan periklanan

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Ketintang Regency dan Kebonsari Regency merupakan kegiatan usaha di bidang real estate yang dikembangkan oleh PT.Graha Agung Kencana di Surabaya. Pengembang dari kedua proyek properti tersebut yaitu Bapak Nurhadi. Proyek properti Ketintang Regency tersebut dipasarkan sejak September 2006, sedangkan proyek properti di Kebonsari Regency dipasarkan sejak April 2004. Properti Ketintang Regency dan Kebonsari Regency tersebut dirancang dengan konsep desain bebas dan dipasarkan melalui para pemasar penjualan. Dari kenyataan di atas, rancangan usaha ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan penjualan properti di Ketintang Regency dan khususnya di Kebonsari Regency melalui upaya promosi penjualan dan periklanan.

Keyword : selling, sales promotion, advertisement

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